Movies capital review (The Hulu/Netflix killer)

MoviesCapital serves to legally distribute movie titles online, both for direct downloading and online streaming methods. Memberships are a one-time non-recurring payment, and there are no monthly billing charges. The only payment you will ever make is for your initial account setup when registering as one of the site's valued members.Upon registering, you will have access to a universe of movie titles. You can search through a vast DVD movies archive for all of your favorite movies, and download them with no per download fees. You can download or stream directly from the site's servers 24/7. Just pick the movies you wish to download and start downloading right away. 

There is no time limit on the movies that you have downloaded. You may keep these movies for as long as you like, or even burn them to a CD or DVD and create a big collection of your downloaded movies. The site will provide you with the tools to burn your movie downloads to CD or DVD so that you can play them on your stand alone DVD player. You will be able to play your downloaded movies on your computer, home theater, or television.You can download movies of any genre, including action, horror, comedy romance, suspense, cartoons, and so much more. As a member of the site, you will also gain access to download directly from their servers full DVD releases.Movies Capital not only has a large collection of movie files online, but it also has a good selection of TV shows and MP3s, and a very impressive user interface. The site provides good online tutorials and user manuals, and lots and lots of high-quality free bundled software.

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