Presidential debate results: Did mitt make his case? Did Obama stumble?

First let me state that this debate was a mess from the start, I do believe the moderator should take a firm stance on time limits and rebuttals. Jim Lehrer legitimately allowed himself to be steamrolled tonight.

From the opening moments of tonight's debate we knew one guy came to fight and the other guy came to defend. Guns blazing Mitt came out with his gloves off and launching hail makers every chance he got early on getting past the pleasantries and going after his opponent. Mitt let the charge accusing the president of taxing the wrng people and denying his own cost to the middle class. Mitts biggest criticisms of the president centered around Obamacare, which he categorically denied is similar to his own plan instituted in Massachusetts. The fact checkers were salivating at the following line "under Obamacare millions will lose thei coverage. (fact check: not true, as has been stated by economists under Obamacare will provide health care for 43 million MORE Americans). His second attack was that Obama was cutting $716 billion from medicare. Which of course affects Medicare greatly amongst retired and those soon to join that club. His best moment of the night was his point in crossing the isle as Governor with an 86% democratic incumbent base and being capable of passing legislation under those circumstances.

Obama spent most of the debate taken aback by many of Romney's answers, even going as far as accusing him of boldly lying to the public. "He's run on a tax cut plan that costs 5 trillion dollars for the past 18 months while campaign but tonight he's not?". Obama did come around and hit Romeny where it hurt the most. "my pans are online, on a website. You can see how we plan to spend and how we plan to cut. At some point he has to says what his plan really is" he stated while landing other shots "does Mitt believe his plan is so amazing he has to keep it a secret so it won't be stolen?" he added while going after the undecided voters who have patiently waited for team Romney to publicly state an actual plan for the country and the deficit. Obama's finest moment came when discussing his transition into the white house and the necessity to spend in order to save our economy. This is an area where voters who support the GOP often stand that he was spending because he could and wanted to. In th end I think he elegantly informed the public of the truth that it was transitional spending incurred by the previous administration which he had to back. This was a sequence led by Mitt Romney launching a plethora of incorrect numbers. (Note: on his first day of presidency Obama was handed 1.2 trillion in debt promised and back by the outgoing president, at the end of fiscal year 2009 the total was 1.4 trillion, this means the president only added 2 billion to it, no 2 trillion as candidate Romeny stated.

Grades: overall this was a win-win for team Romney, he defended his plans even though he missed another 12 opportunities to actually state what they are. Once the fact checks come in the discussion will have moved on so whether he was on the money or not wont matter. For Obama this wasn't much of anything, more of what we know..these are my plans and here is why they will work. All over the Internet many are stating Romeny won, well on the topic of being a presence, yeah he won that but on the issues he did not and that's what the race will come down to. Those who think he won because he stuck to facts and less story telling, well yes but he lost it in the sense of perhaps not responding with aggression and leaving many opportunities on the table to dismantle his opponenent on those facts.

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