Sony's Mike Deluca firing up franchise returns? Yes indeed...Bad Boys 3 coming soon

Seems like the new man in Charge at Sony will be firing off on all cylinders by teaming up Martin Lawrence and Will Smith to do a third installment of "Bad Boys". The franchise which has been box office gold has been long rumored to be in negotiations but with no final confirmation. Well it seems Deluca is going to make it happen and it should be believed that it won't just end with the this franchise reintroduction to the masses. Expect to see the water stirring soon enough with more rumors of boot ups, it's not a bad idea as long as the direction of the projects live up to their standards of the past, a failure with Bad Boys 3 may kill the return of other planned franchise entries. Smith most recently seen in a scifi catastrophe could use a box office smash and Lawrence who has re-emerged in public as of late could use a spark to get his career hot again.

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