(Spoilers) Big Brother 13 Week 2 eviction nominations

So Jordan and Jeff elected to put up Adam and Dominic for eviction in week 2.  So it seems the new players have finally grasped the fact they will be dispatched one at a time in order. Porsche who betrayed her team in week 1 still seems to continue to live under the imagination that she is somehow safe in the long run because of her golden key gained in the elimination of Keith. Cassie seems to have take the noobs by the horns and is leading the charge to start getting the veterans out of the game by offering to line herself up with whomever is willing to get rid of team brenchel and team jojeff and the word has spread around the house to reach the ears of the veterans via one of their converts. What will be interesting to see is whether Shelly and Kahlia wake up long enough to realize that if any of their players go home this week they are pretty much done for the following week.

We will keep you updated as developments happen.
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