The cynicism of celebrity life in the 21st century

The internet has been in an uproar because Kanye West nearly split his head open on a parking sign and then went wild on a photographer. The problem is that people forget these same celebrities are often themselves calling the paparazzi to set up these "encounters". Living in New York City I hear of it all the time, so and so is at the Soho Grand. The call just went out and every rag magazine picture shoving photographer is doing the dash cross town to get the first shot. Do photographers often cross the line? Yes. They actually do put people in danger in the hot pursuit of taking the big shot everyone is going to want to see. We the consumers can barely ever get enough of it. "Oh my god! He cheated on his wife" or "Oh my god!! She's high again!" while lining the pockets of people who turn around and complain that you are too interested in their lives. Frankly as time goes on you notice the patterns of these paparazzi run ins. Someone needs to get hot again, confront a camera guy. I have an album coming out, find me a photographer I can have an awkward moment with and get a buzz from. The fame whoring has gone viral as well, with tons of people trying to become famous duck facing it up across all of our beloved social networks. The endless "watch my video" links across twitter, the ceaseless barrage of witless rappers pandering "free mixtapes" because they are the next big thing, and the ever eye gouging experience of the fake confrontation to lead you to check out some music video. Fame hungry has reached all new heights the point people start fake fights to get talked about. I've largely abandoned most social network interaction due to the posting of gossip related media, the overindulgence of reading about others people's boring moments they so desire to keep posting about, and have given up all hope that we ever escape the high school "Cool Kids" syndrome.




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