The walking dead (Episode recap): Rick gets gangsta and takes over a prison..

So folks we got five new survivors, a peeping tom and carol going to medical school on a much to cover..yet so few lines to do it.

Tonight's episode introduced fans to the series a hard boiled Rick who early on establishes the change in nature during an exchange with Lori.

Lori: What will you do?
Rick: If I have to I will kill em

This was in reference to the newly discovered prisoners at the very end of last weeks episode. Tomas who is well documented in the books makes an appearance and stands as the leader of the 5 prisoner pack that survived due to the generosity of a prison guard who secured them in the cafeteria while also leaving a revolver for them to protect themselves with. From the opening you can tell Tomas is going to be an issue for Rick, the alpha male hormones are roaring on all cylinders. After much back and forth the prisoners are a given an option of picking a cell block wing for themselves or to leave the prison altogether, they choose to stay. In exchange Rick demands half of the food they have left which is more food than he and his group have seen in a while. Herschel is barely hanging on at this point and his daughters are dealing with the emotions of possibly losing a father, Maggie shares a tender moment with her ill fated father in which she utters the words "It's ok you don't have to fight anymore" signaling her readiness for his passing. Carol who has done a phenomenal job in keeping Herschel along decides to confess to Glenn that she needs to practice cutting a stomach in order to help Lori deliver her baby when the time comes, pretty gross. Carl discovers an infirmary but is chastised by his mother for wandering off on his own, which leads to an emotional confrontation with mother and son. This is an example of the disconnect between her and Rick's perception of Carl's role in their survival. Rick is encouraging he become more self reliant while Lori still feels the urge to protect him. Rick, Darryl, and T-Dog decide to assist the prisoners with clearing out a wing for themselves which leads to the first and only comical moment in The walking dead series. Rick advises the prisoners on how to attack the zombies to which they become dismissive, as they two wandering zombies Rick counts down from three and the five men descend upon the zombies in full prison riot form, the looks on the three survivors face is absolutely priceless. After another coaching on how to kill zombies they open passage towards a group of the dead, while they hack and stab away one of the prisoners big tiny breaks the ranks and gets cut by a zombie. While the survivors wonder what to do Tomas takes matters into his hands and bashes Big Tiny over the head to the point no head remained. Oh oh we have a problem the three men realize but now it's too late to turn back so they forge ahead. Near the end point of their prison cleansing Tomas opens a door leading to waves of zombies, he attempts to attack Rick and plays it off as if it's nothing. Rick lets the first one pass, when Tomas launches a zombie onto Rick that Darryl has to kill you recognize the awkward moment. Rick starts to walk away only to turn around and split Tomas' head with a machete, Big Tiny's friend and fellow prisoner (His lover in the books) takes off running and Rick pursues him down some halls and out of a door..the door lead to a closed off prison section full of Zombies when the prisoner tries to get back Rick slams a gate in his face and lets him die. Rick is now officially hard boiled. The remaining two prisoners one known as a meth addict named Axel in the books pleads for his life, and the other surviving prisoner "unidentified" prefers to take a stand and not plead for his life. In the end Rick spares them and leads them to their new home. Herschel stops breathing, Lori attempts CPR only to have Herschel start attempting to chew her mouth off but no wait..he's got a pulse again...what??!!?? Herschel breaths!! After a few more moments of characters gathering in the cell he's being treated at, Herschel opens his eyes and greats everyone in the room...while Carol remains outside practicing medicine we see what seems to be someone checking out the prison...could the Governor be next?
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