The walking dead: Who is this governor guy? (Discussion)

The governor on the show is similar to the one that can be found in the comic book series, a few differences aside for tv purposes (It is cable but it's not premium cable afterall) and while fans of the show are now all too curious about this new handsome yet sadistic character many questions remain. So who really is the governor? Where is he from? How'd he manage to establish a community such as woodbury? Why are these people following this lone man? Why do clearly badasses follow him with so much respect? These questions are what make the governor such an interesting and complex character for a television series full of emotional up and downs. The governor presents the difference in levels of evil, the closing scene of last night's episode demonstrated that under the commando and charming exterior of the man hides an inner demon that exceeds even the fear one would experience from walkers/biters. The glaring first example of this was Merle's reaction to him, if Merle fears this man..well I think that explains the kind of man we are dealing with. So fans of the show tell us..what do you think of the governor and what would you out in the wild amongst the dead or in woodbury?
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