Why major networks will lose the battle to the internet

Over the past several years networks and studios have reworked the idea of asset management to the point where it's become an absolute nickel and dime business. Even cable companies executives have grown tired of the leveraging lesser popular wares at higher scales than they are worth solely because of one popular asset. It's almost like networks believe that one popular kid makes all his friends popular by default. When the fact remains that many of the major networks transmit live overfree air, government approved frequencies that anyone with half a brain would realize they are very very fortunate to be able to use, and early enough did so for absolutely no cost except the requirement of having two informational shows per day (the news). The cable giants pay the networks an insane amount of money monthly, an exact fee per subscriber whether you watch the channel or not, now imagine if HBO or Starz spun off a primetime lineup of original content. How many of you would really bother watching formulaic comedies that are barely digestable on fox, cbs, nbc, etc? I can tell you I wouldn't be one of them and therein lays the problem. Networks have leveraged themselves into corners that they will not be able to fight their way out of. Want cable giants to pay retransmission fees for what is offered freely? Good luck with that, it'll only last so long before they look to replace you by investing in others creating content without your limitations of pleasing advertisers and sponsors. PBS in many ways has laid a prototype of this new era, with the absolute success of shows like "Downton Abbey" you have imported goods brought in cheaply and not tainted by the go-to formula that networks have adapted. The ire of the public is something the networks have also invoked for almost a decade now, shows cancelled half way into a season that by other measures could be considered successes. This is one scenario in which NBC is both an example and protagonist, parks and recreation lacks a huge televised audience but has a huge online cult like following yet it hasn't been cancelled. Who knows perhaps someone at NBC has realized to not piss off when the sky rains gifts. Fox's executives have brought back countless shows after petitions and sales spiked after cancellations. The reality is setting in, you need the audience more than they need you. With Amazon, Netflix, and every other media giant creating content instead of just licensing we will have a war of the fittest soon enough, while yes basic broadcast is still a juggernaut I dare any executive to show me one show on any basic level that can even remotely touch Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Dexter which their network is making.

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