Will Grand Theft Auto 5 change how we experience gaming?

Rockstar Games delayed their fifth installment of the largely popular "Grand Theft Auto" series by a year to add what they describes as enhancements. The recently released trifecta of trailers each showcasing the main characters has brought to mind the question, will Rockstar Games set the gaming world on its head again? The likely answer is....YES!! A game that carries three separate main character storylines that go deep into back history and establishing current history..ahh one can foam at the mouth. Now include the fact that you have a map five times larger than anything they've ever done including it's own uniquely designed grid personality and we have a recipe for a truly unique experience in gaming.

So here is the lay of the land:

3 Characters.

3 completely difference experiences that can be interchanged.

1 Gigantic map with air, ground and aquatic interactions.

Artificial Intelligence designed in great variation.

Neighborhoods with their own flavor.


You can count on it that we haven't heard even 10% of what this game will include. We do know customizations of both vehicles and characters is back. We know that the world features its own ambient music soundtrack. I believe we will see scuba challenges, sporting challenges, night life elements and I expect a huge change to the wanted system. It is likely the days of gunning your car smashing a few other vehicles into blocking the road hitting a hard right and flooring it to get away are over. Expect a more challenging system that will require longer timed intervals of being a wanted criminal based on the star system. A good change that came from Grand Theft Auto 4 was the DLC offerings. The Ballad Of Gay Tony was a huge success for Rockstar Games and brought in players who previously ignored the franchise. I can attest to several people who didn't play the franchise wanting to check out the fabulousness of Tony and his enforcer Luis Lopez. Can we expect DLC with this installation? Yes. It's pretty much assured. How much DLC? One can hope that Rockstar Games plans on increasing it's offerings this time with enough add-on content to sustain us closer into their next installment. The ability to use an existing world grid makes the DLC aspect more of a cosmetic and storyline inclusion which leads us to an unlimited amount in the possibilities of what they can offer. Could we see an older C.J. in this game? Possible, we've seen Los Santos in the trailers and many have theorized the woman in the trailer could very well be CJ's nephew. Perhaps we'll see an older Vercetti running an empire. Maybe Luis Lopez decided to leave the east coast. Who knows but the reality is that many players have indicated they want older characters included in this installation. Let's hope Rockstar Games listens and realizes the unique opportunity they have before them. Gamers want to spend spend spend on this game and I am amongst them. Over the next few months as more details emerge we will cover them and offer them to you via our articles.

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