Six never before seen scenes from Breaking Bad now in Bluray set

The equivalent of tomes have already been written on the virtues of AMC's "Breaking Bad," so with the June 3 release of the epic Blu-ray box set of the entire series, it seems appropriate to focus less on what we already know -- that, duh, the show's good -- and more on what goodies can be plundered in the set's extensive special features.While each episode has a commentary track to accompany it, there's also a bonus disc specifically geared toward the lead-up to the second half of Season Five, also known as the Final Eight. Here are a few of the highlights:-"Shocking Moments": As viewers we love to endlessly discuss and debate the moments from our favorite shows that completely broadsided us. But it's easy to forget that the cast from these shows undergoes a double-take when confronted with a first glimpse of upcoming episode scripts. Here everyone from Bryan Cranston, »


- Beth Hanna


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