True Blood Recap: Underground Roller-Coaster

For those of us last remaining True Blood loyalists, season seven has felt like nothing so much as sneaking into an amusement park after hours. It's dark, it's scary, and it'd be nice if we had more friends here, but man, has this all-night joyride been exhilarating. This dark park is Ours, and we should maybe feel bad for anyone who got back on the charter bus too soon, you know? Because "Death Is Not the End" was probably the best True Blood episode of the entire series so far. I realize these are bold words, but just go ahead and deal with it, hater. This episode was apex True Blood. And that's without male nudity.Okay, I guess I should at least attempt to defend my argument here. First off, no season of True Blood has been more consistently coherent than this one.  Season seven has basically thrown its »


- Price Peterson


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