Why 'Eureka' is still missed

Syfy's golden goose Eureka had a run of five great seasons that sadly came to an end due to budget issues. It seems Eureka's cost of production versus it's profitability presented issues to the network and its creators. While it can be argued that this show was hands down Syfy's best show flat out it seems that SYFY is more interested in low cost production with healthy profit margins. That's all fine and well but when it comes at the expense of arguably the best thing you've ever done it some people are going to seriously be pissed off. The reality is that Eureka was not a ratings juggernaut but it was the most discussed show on Syfy's entire lineup, the free promotion these discussions provided was priceless and immeasurable. Testament to the importance and public love for this show is evidenced by it's run on streaming services such as netflix where it still remains one of the most popular shows service wide.

Eureka offered an interesting dynamic of comedy and science, something that is rarely achieved with a good enough balance to carry a show through five years. Each episode of Eureka taught it's viewers something new about science in a way where it was tied into the story line so it didn't really feel like a lesson but yet the lesson was there. One would imagine that Syfy could've bit the bullet and continued to fund this show and found it's profit margins elsewhere, such as the digital licensing for this show which i'm pretty sure isn't a light one, even licensing out earlier seasons to other networks. When Syfy was purchased by a new parent company sadly nobody seemed to sit down and come up with additional ways of monetizing Eureka a show which had plenty of room for brand marketing. From tablets, to phones, to cars, and beyond this show could've aired a few more seasons while having it's episode budget covered by brands such as apple, samsung, etc. There were product placements in the show such as degree but i mean come on....deodorant?

As long as Eureka is available to stream via services like Netflix we fans will continue to watch because honestly what else out there matches the degree of this shows potential. Here's hoping some other brand decides to pick up the rights to the show and do right by it. Most of the cast is still devoid of recurring roles that would prevent them from signing back up, but at least we can enjoy Colin Ferguson as the new Maytag man.

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