Why Samsung won me over

For years now weve heard plenty about Samsung gaining ground on Apples line of popular devices. As a long time ipod, macbook, iphone,ipad adopter i doubted this highly. Funny how in the span of a year my life could be powered by Samsung. I used to spend tons of money to be on top of the tech curb, it was fun but foolish. These days im a bit more consevative but just as hungry to enjoy new tech. Enter Android, i dont mean Android stock the operating system that comes with your device. I mean Andoid Roms carefully tweaked to lengthen the life of your device. What do I mean? Well how many times have you been told you must buy a new device to upgrade its software? If you own an Ipad im pretty sure you have. Well I own a Samsung Exhibit 4G which was renamed the Samsung Galaxy 4G. The phone is old, I mean 2.3 Android old and today its running 4.4.2 Android. If this phone was a second generation Iphone even the greatest Jailbreak wouldnt get me to IOS 7. This isnt about a company war its about product with long term value. I can buy a brand new version of this phone for under one hundred bucks. On the tablet end, i still have several ipads around the house, within arms reach but my ipad 1 for browsing? Hell no. Its a crash fest everytime. Why? Ask Apple, I wont bother to. Yet i can buy any old android tablet and not have that issue, why? Software and available tweaks. Right now im playing on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7inch system which ran about $159 at Best Buy. Unmodified it is just amazing and i can buy two for the price of tbe ipad mini without worrying that in a year my device will be rendered useless because its maker said so.

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