Worst Dressed at 2014 Oscars: Lady Gaga, Sally Hawkins, Anne Hathaway & More!

We saw some breathtaking gowns during the Oscars Sunday night (we're looking at you, Lupita Nyong'o!), but there were a handful of getups that had us scratching our heads. Now, let us just say right off the bat that there weren't any major disasters this year. A lot of stars played it safe, which means less potential for things to really go wrong. There were, however, a few that left us wanting more. Or in some cases, wanting less. Lady Gaga, for example, sadly wasn't her usual out-of-the-box self. Instead she opted for a fairly snoozy strapless gown that left us yawning instead of gasping. And we could have done without that superfluous chiffon scarf. And we adore English actress »



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