Xbox One and why it will stomp sony in the end

The console wars have been well underway for sometime now and while many consider the battle a tight one they couldnt be more wrong. Much has been made about the specs of each system with some selective minds stating it makes the xbox one seem inferior. To those I internally laugh...why? Because the reality is that specs wont change but the softwares of both will continue to evolve.


Many sources have ignored the facts of variable application capable via the xb1 and while im a long time fan of sony their environment of adaptation is limited, very limited. The best arguments ive heard are in relation to Microsofts higher priced system is that somehow it is inferior and not made for gaming primarily. Well perhaps these people havent bothered to look at the primary function of that system. The reality is that its a gaming system that if permitted and worked could literally find application around your entire home not just your place of watching tv. The xbox one in theory could be paired up with outlets, security systems, and virtually anything that is powered by bluetooth, wifi, or electricity.


The other reality is that at a five hundred dollar base price it is the most cost effective priced entry into smart home technology. Companies like twc and verizon have invested millions into this same of technology, microsoft offers them the ability to deploy their technology into a device already in millions of homes. So yes, the console wars have just begun but microsft leads it.

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