'Z Nation' great possibilities but will it ever live up to it?

'Z Nation' is the latest Zombie show to hit the airwaves in a long line of miserable failures in this genre, anyone watched Amazon's "Zombieland" series? Z Nation is the story of survivors of a world overrun by Zombies much in the same vein as The Walking Dead, minus the budget and great cast. While Z Nation takes a different approach at times, its cast is so horrible that it makes it difficult to watch. Citizen Z is a military man on a remote icy army base who is attempting to help to guide survivors to the coast of California. Amongst the survivors there is one who carries the cure to the virus that leads the dead to rise. Citizen Z is about the only character on this show worth paying any actual attention to, the man with the cure is horribly cast and written as a complete and utter coward who values his life over showing any camaraderie with those trying to keep him alive.

It seems the writers for Z Nation decided to take the worst cliches of every bad zombie project and squeeze them into their script leaving very little to like about the characters and even less to make the audience relate to them. This show is more of a kick ass and take names sort of approach yet the ass kicking is about as lame as one can imagine. In order to salvage this show the network will have to seriously invest in it's budget, bring back guys like Harold Perrineau (Michael from Lost) and add some seasoned actors who aren't going to chew up the scene and make us feel like we should be watching this show. Killing off characters on this hot mess should be fairly simple, it is a zombie show after all and adding new characters should be simple enough to write into the story. That and perhaps dumping some more money into this budget to reinvigorate it's direction. Oh and please fire the entire or the vast majority of the writing team behind the show because it seems they have no idea what makes a great sci-fi show work.

Let's hope someone at the network is seeing this as the public is and gives this show another chance to get itself going because at the rate it's going we are already expecting a cancellation of it after one season.

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