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  • Alec Baldwin' stalker off to prison for the next 6 months

    A Canadian actress was sentenced Thursday to six months in jail by a judge who found her guilty of stalking Alec Baldwin in New York. Genevieve Sabourin, 41, who already faced 30 days in jail for repeatedly disrupting court proceedings during her trial, was well-behaved but defiant after the verdict was announced. "I haven't done anything wrong. I'm innocent," she told Judge Robert Mandelbaum. "You're doing a mistake right now." The judge found Sabourin guilty of stalking, attempted aggravated harassment, harassment and attempted contempt of court, saying she had no right to pursue contact she knew to be unwanted.

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  • Thor to take the top spot for a second week in a row

    “Thor: The Dark World” is set to again rule the box office as most studios sit out the sesh in anticipation of next week’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Only Universal is essaying a wide opening, with seasonal dramedy “The Best Man Holiday” bowing 15 years after Michael D. Lee’s “The Best Man” became a cult classic in the African-American community. The Uni sequel is expected to land in second place, somewhere in the high teens. Disney-Marvel’s holdover “Thor: The Dark World” bowed to $86 million last weekend and should gross in the high $30 millions, with a weekend-to-weekend drop between 55%-60%. Internationally, “The Dark World” is pushing $275 million in just two weeks; pic’s domestic cume stands at $105 million through Wednesday.

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  • Tom Hardy is now a "Rocketman" joins Elton John Biopic

    Tom Hardy really is crossing over, the beloved actor has been a hit with the masses while amazingly cross jumping actor categories. From soldier, gay tough guy, to comic book villain and now he leads the way for the biopic on Sir Elton John's biography. Hardy will be led by none other than Michael Gracey, who both will work on telling the masses the stor of Elton's life from rockbottom to superstardom. Elton John who has a notoriously known party past is sure to allow creative writing for the script to detail vividly many otherwise private moments of his life. Elton is said to be in the studio recording fresh and slightly altered versions of a few songs so that they fit better into the film than their original versions. The film will be distributed by Elton's own RocketFilms.


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  • Jamie Dornan set to play Christian Grey in '50 shades of grey' film

    Well it seems like Jamie Dornan has either hit the big time or has just set himself up for failure, depends on who you ask amongst the rabid critics of the enormously successful book franchise. Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam had been on board to take play the lead role but abandoned the project after creative conflicts and stories of a whopping $150k payday to the actor. This film while having major expectations is banking on up and coming stars to carry it to critical love and box office success. Let's hope Jamie didn't jump aboard a sinking ship because its failures of highly anticipated movies that have notoriously destroyed promising careers. Jamie Dornan is best known for his role in "Once upon a time" and Soffia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette", he will star opposite of Dakota Johnson with Sam Taylor-Johnson set to direct the film. Let's hope they can finally start really filming this time around.


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  • The lasting effects of "Breaking Bad"

    Last weekend Breaking Bad's creator Vince Gilligan stated "We always want to outlive our work. Rod Sterling is a perfect example of that." That quote itself should give you an insight into how this critically acclaimed series was approached. Breaking Bad was the story of a terminally ill man finally having enough and snapping. The path Gilligan and his team of writers drove us down was one that defied the formula of modern day TV. Walter White was a character of many layers, a repressed genius who missed his chance at fame and fortune by choosing teaching over corporate science. A suburban dad of a disabled son and a bored wife, a man just following routine and the butt of most jokes told by his DEA brother in law. It was a risky show, one the actors believed in more than the suits, it wasn't until well into the middle of the first season that true promotion began and even then it wasn't what you would expect for a show that would have such an incredible impact of it's audience. The way Gilligan and company weaved the story of such a dull man into one of the greatest crime dramas ever is just amazing. They found a way of giving you an answer to a question while setting up a question resulting from that. To take us through the emotions of kind and sweet to sinister and volatile are remarkable. Just when you start disliking someone they introduce someone you dislike more or an instance that changes how you view certain characters. You cared whether this guy was ok or that guy would survive. Would Hank catch on? Will Walt's wife leave? It became an experience that educated it's audience regarding what made each character tick. Breaking Bad has received many awards, nominations, and it's healthy dose of praise but not nearly enough. Proof of that will be the statistics now after the show came to it's conclusion. The the audience for Breaking Bad via services like Netflix and other streaming services will continue to explode much like Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone continues to dominate streaming services. The dvd, digital sales, and bluray sales have already been insane and record setting and television will again open up the belief that shows who don't stick to the he,he,ha,ha formula are worth investing in.

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  • Fran Drescher gets das boot from Tv Land, Happily Divorced axed

    Fran Drescher best known for her role on the nanny bounced back with her own Tv Land series "Happily Divorced". The show centered around Fran a divorcee , the show drew criticisms because it centered around her divorce because her husband came out as gay but elects to live with him out of financial necessity. The show found some success in its first season and Tv Land hoped it would gain some traction during season 2 but unfortunately it didn't connect with audiences. Tv Land which has become a home to actors developing their own shows did stick with it for two seasons so expect to see it on a streaming service soon enough. Who knows maybe Lifetime or another network may pick up the project.


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  • Alec Baldwin and Wife Hilaria welcome baby girl

    Congratulations are due to Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria who welcomed to the world a baby girl. Alec who has expressed being overjoyed and reinvigorated by the birth of his latest child. This makes the first for Hilaria and the second for Alec. Alec thanked the world and his fans via his twitter handle.

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  • Jennifer Lopez to rejoin AI, "The Butler" wins the box office,Tina Fey returns to TV

    Yesterday Jennifer Lopez' boy toy Casper Smart was engaged in an interview for his upcoming show (Rolls eyes) when he was asked about J-Lo's plans for the future and whether she'd be returning to television. Casper being Casper let the cat out of the bag by answering "YES" even though his beau's P.R. team was not ready to make the announcement. As you know most A-listers have timed P.R. campaign which Mr. Not so smart seems to have forgotten at the time of answering the question. This now makes the second confirmation for AI's judges,the show which has lost some steam the last few years is looking to revive it's claim as America's most watched show. This is Lopez' second run on American Idol. All of the original judges have now officially left the show with Randy Jackson taking to HSN to hock his music intrument line packages.



    Oprah's "The Butler" starring Forest Whittaker has claimed this weeks Box of Office crown. The film had an opening week of $25.8 million dollars domestically. The film which was loved by the critics led to a toss up of speculation as to how it would be received by the public. The movie surrounded by Oscar buzz is the return of Winfrey's strength to the media world. Winfrey who owns the "O" network is hoping this is the start of her studios claim to a piece of the film industry. Kick-Ass ties for 3rd place, and last weeks #1 movie Elyssium slides to a respectable #2 position this week.







    Tina Fey just can't leave the television world alone. Tina best known for her roles in SNL and 30 Rock is rumored to not have just sold one but two new series to two separate networks the same week. That's quite a feat is you ask us but let's hope Tina stays true to her comedic roots because we already have an abundance of shows that take themselves just a bit too seriously. She has teamed up with former 30 Rock showrunner Robert Carlock and producer Matt Hubbard for her two shows. One centers around an all Women's College that has start accepting male enrollment, the other centers around "females in the workplace'. No word on when the shows will start airing.




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  • Breaking Bad debuts to 5.9 million viewers

    I will say this if Breaking Bad was on any of the major networks 5.9 million viewers for it's final half debut would've been likely ten times more but 5.9 million on their network is nothing to sneeze at. The final half of the show which finally debuted was expected to be a number masher. The debut is 102% higher than that of last year which is a whopping increase considering the show is entering it's last run. Expect a spinoff or two to spawn from this show, I doubt the network is ready to do away with the Breaking Bad audience. Currently Breaking Bad only sits behind The Walking Dead in terms of pure numbers on premium cable within a demographic of 18 to 49 years of age which just goes to show that the show few believed in has become a behemoth in it's on right. Bryan Cranston and company have been making the media rounds the past month and a half, they've expressed that fans are in for one wacky ending to the show which has sent the internet into a guessing game frenzy. Earlier this year a script was stolen out of Cranston's vehicle but never managed to show up anywhere on the internet which is a first. As you can well imagine hardcore fans of the show would love to get any sort of glimpse towards what direction they plan to take Walt over these last few episodes.


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  • Former BB contestant Janelle Pierzina gives birth to baby boy, Eydie Gormé passes away at 84

    Janelle Pierzina, 33 who became the favorite of many of Big Brother's deep fanbase over her various appearances on the hit reality show has just given birth to a baby boy. This makes baby number two for Janelle, Lincoln joins his older sister Violet. Janelle who still remains very involved with the audience via social media has continued to update the fans and discuss the going on's of the show.







    Eydie Gormé best known for her 1963 hit single "Blame it on the Bossa Nova"  passed away this Saturday in Las Vegas. Eydie who was a solo artist and a duo with her husband Steve Lawrence. Eydie was 84 at the time of her death.



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  • Harrison Ford joins The Expendables, Amber Tamblyn joins Two and Half men

    It's been a very interesting day in the entertainment world. Sylvester Stallone throws jabs at Bruce Willis and hits him with a two piece. Ole Sylvester hit social media to slam Bruce Willis calling him "Lazy and Greedy" over rumored financial demands from Willis. This led to Willis being replaced by Harrison Ford, yes the Harrison Ford of such loved films as "Indiana Jones", "Star Wars", and most recently "42". What role he will play has yet to surface but it makes for an interesting change. The series of films has now brought in multiple former top action fiilm actors. Many who in their heyday commanded the attention of their audience and in ways have attempted to redefine what male actors in their 50's, 60's, and even 70's are still capable of. Let's just hope they don't spare a dime getting a proper script together.



    Amber Tamblyn is officially joining Two and Half men in what i'm sure will be a ludicrously expensive contract. Tamblyn loved in other roles is expected to raise the ratings for the show which had sluggish ups and downs this past season. Amblyn steps in as Charlie Harper's (Charie Sheen's) long lost illegitimate lesbian daughter. The show still reeling from the loss of it's original star and issues within the cast. Will she be the only new cast member? Likely not but this show is near its end anyway. Perhaps it would be best to put it to pasture, while i'm sure some of it's lesser paid actors know this is likely their last big run cash out while you can.



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  • Magic City gets the axe, Poltergeist reboot?

    Seems like Magic City had its run cut short. Word came down that Magic City would not be returning for a third season despite its much ado internet adoration the show failed to grip audience and drug them to the story. Magic City had plenty of promise but it's cancellation is testament to flaws within the show. While Friday will be the shows season finale, expect fans of the Starz show to start the Netflix pick this up chant. Not a bad idea by any stretch but only if they recast and restructure those involved with the show.











    Poltergeist is getting a makeover, a pat on the back and reboot. Word is spreading of possible castings for the franchise reboot. Sam Rockwell is rumored to be the studios preference but it's move biz so who knows. Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are on deck to produce the film.













    A few weeks ago rapper 50cent took to twitter to joke about how he wasn't in jail despite rumors of a domestic violence dispute. Well today the artist Curtis Jackson (37) pleaded not guilty quickly before the judge set a date and informed the entertainer that he is to stay away from the complainant. Jackson is rumored to also have a child with the woman pressing charges. She states that he trashed her place and she feared for her safety so she locked herself up in the bathroom. According to her 'He kicked his way through the door and even kicked me'. Police reports indicate evidence of damaged property (Chandeliers, TV's, Doors). Jackson has a 16 year old son from a previous relationship.









    Could Johnny Depp be committing career suicide after recently accusing critics for The lone ranger's lack of success at the box office. The film which was heavily promoted failed to bring in the audiences and spelled the first major flop in recent history for the actor. Depp who had found a second life in acting by playing awkward characters may need to start sending out flower bouquets far and wide.






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  • Happy Birthday Tony Bennett, 87 today

    Tony Bennett, 87 today continues the show the same way he has for nearly 52 years. Mr. Bennett has made appearances in dozens of movies and television shows. He still continues touring with his daughter and performing as often as men 1/3 his age. Currently on tour Mr. Bennett sang "Who Cares?" just last night.

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  • We are building an audio book section on Cinema Haven

    Rejoice members of Cinema Haven, in addition to being able to share, bookmark, and watch videos you will now be able to do the same for audio books. There are many great resources on the internet for free audio books and public domain works that we hope you help to preserve. The new audio book section is slowly starting to take shape, many of our members have already submitted dozens of books and we hope you join them as well.

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  • The cynicism of celebrity life in the 21st century

    The internet has been in an uproar because Kanye West nearly split his head open on a parking sign and then went wild on a photographer. The problem is that people forget these same celebrities are often themselves calling the paparazzi to set up these "encounters". Living in New York City I hear of it all the time, so and so is at the Soho Grand. The call just went out and every rag magazine picture shoving photographer is doing the dash cross town to get the first shot. Do photographers often cross the line? Yes. They actually do put people in danger in the hot pursuit of taking the big shot everyone is going to want to see. We the consumers can barely ever get enough of it. "Oh my god! He cheated on his wife" or "Oh my god!! She's high again!" while lining the pockets of people who turn around and complain that you are too interested in their lives. Frankly as time goes on you notice the patterns of these paparazzi run ins. Someone needs to get hot again, confront a camera guy. I have an album coming out, find me a photographer I can have an awkward moment with and get a buzz from. The fame whoring has gone viral as well, with tons of people trying to become famous duck facing it up across all of our beloved social networks. The endless "watch my video" links across twitter, the ceaseless barrage of witless rappers pandering "free mixtapes" because they are the next big thing, and the ever eye gouging experience of the fake confrontation to lead you to check out some music video. Fame hungry has reached all new heights the point people start fake fights to get talked about. I've largely abandoned most social network interaction due to the posting of gossip related media, the overindulgence of reading about others people's boring moments they so desire to keep posting about, and have given up all hope that we ever escape the high school "Cool Kids" syndrome.




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  • 'Zero Dark Thirty,' 'Skyfall' share an Oscar after tie

    There hasn't been a tie at the Academy Awards since 1994, when two films shared the award for Best Live Action Short. That dry spell was broken tonight in the biggest surprise of tonight's Academy Awards so far, as "Skyfall" and "Zero Dark Thirty" split the difference for Best Sound Editing.  This category was widely seen as one of the night’s toughest awards to call. “Skyfall” won the top prize at the Motion Picture Sound Editors’ Golden Reel Awards last week, but “Life of Pi” won two lesser awards from the same group.


    See full article at Hitfix

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  • 85th Academy Awards review: Big Winners, losers, Seth didn't suck

    This morning the internet is abuzz with reviews, reports, and all sorts of input regardling last night's 85th annual Academy Awards. The glamour, the jokes, who fell, who was drunk, who won? This year the award show was hosted by the comedic Seth McFarlane who I must say was thrown to the wolves from the moment it was announced he would be hosting the shindig. Even if the funnyman's brand of humor isn't your own one thing cannot be denied, he didn't stink up the place. Heck I expected a train wreck when William Shatner set the tone for Seth to hop into a song and dance number, the fact I came rushing back into the tv room because I couldn't believe it was Seth singing that well was shocking itself. This set the tone for the rest of the evening, much ado about Seth's jabs and voice. This year's award show also included a tribute to 50 years of bond, going as bringing out Halle Berry to present the tribute which concluded with a rendition of 'Goldfinger's theme" by it's original singer.  Charlize Theron and Channum Tating did a dance duet while Seth sang, Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon Levitt joined seth for another song and dance, and the cast of Les Miserables sang its heart out while Russell Crowe made us all wish someone would kindly ask him back to his seat. Argo won big, Life of PI won big, Lincoln won big, Flight was virtually snubbed, Silver Linings playbook had a decent showing earning Jennifer Lawrence best actress, the shock of the night was Christoph Waltz winning for Django Unchained.

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  • Lou "Mr. Gaines" Myers from A different world passes away

    Character actor Lou Myers, best known for his role as the feisty Mr. Gaines on the NBC sitcom A Different World, has died. A spokesperson for Myers’ nonprofit Global Business Incubation tells The Associated Press Myers died Tuesday night at a hospital in West Virginia. He was 76. Myers appeared in several TV shows including NYPD Blue, ER, Touched By An Angel and The Cosby Show, but it was his role on The Cosby Show-spinoff A Different World that he is best remembered. He appeared on the show for five seasons, until it ended in 1993. Myers also had supporting roles in several films including, Tin Cup, How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Wedding Planner. He also appeared on Broadway in Oprah Winfrey’s production of The Color Purple and won an NAACP Image award for best actor for his role in August Wilson’s play King Hedley II.

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  • Happy Holidays from Cinema Haven

    We want to wish all of our users and their extended families a very merry christmas and a happy holiday. To those of you getting new devices such as the Ipad, Iphone, Android tablet/Phones, Nook, etc we invite you to enjoy them to the maximum of their potentia via our website. We offer unheralded streaming comparable by no other online entity and as always our service remains free of charge. May you all find yourselves in the best of spirits and health.




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