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  • Looking back on Rome 8 years later and why the show is still amazing

    I admit that I didn't catch on the hbo's Rome til years it had ended, it was one of those shows I discovered by mistake and just couldn't get enough of. The show was split between the story of the two Caesar's Julius and Octavian each getting a focal point in each of the shows two seasons. Julius played by Ciarán Hinds set the tone from the opening scene of the show that this was not some half attempt to tell the story of  one of the most tumultuous periods in Roman history. One of the best parts of this show is that every character on the show had a supporting character, Julius had his wing man Mark Antony phenomenally portrayed by James Purefoy who set the two of a batman and robin sort of relationship. Lucius Vorenus played by Kevin McKidd had Titus Pullo played by Ray Stevenson who mixed well as complete opposites in every regard beyond the similar love for their republic. This formula of matching two great characters kept the show from becoming too bland as other roman period pieces tend to suffer. The show was well paced for the first season in a fashion that you looked forward to each episode with the same excitement you shared watching the one that just ended. Watching Julius' rise to prominence in his battle with Pompey was beautifully arced and filmed in a way that showed each man's strengthens and weaknesses. Spending time between Julius, Mark, Lucius, and Julius' niece Atia of the Julii kept the show fresh and engaging. Each characters actions seeping their way into the outcome of each others fate.


    Rome Season 1 - Trailer

    The show did a great deal to teach us just how cutthroat the senate of Rome truly was and did an even better job showing us just how bad slaves and servants had it an era where class was everything. Between the debauchery, politics, war, and chasing of power the show did a great deal of weaving in and out of each topic with relative ease. Sadly the cost of the show made it hard to keep going on HBO's end so we got a second season post Julius that seemed to dash for the finish line at a dizzying pace. Personally I wish they had extended Julius' story beyond the first season, Hinds delivered an air that fit the role unbelievably well and had the pace for his story been drawn out a bit more some of the crucial lesser known details of how Julius defeated Pompey could've been better told. The journey into Egypt was a lengthy one for Julius and the show summed it up in a matter of two or so episodes only addressing minimal detail of Egypt's own climate at the time. The focus was on establishing the story line of Cleopatra that then ties into that of Mark Antony but failed to deliver the power Julius had to enforce in Egypt to make this happen. Outside of those few hiccups the show was fantastic and it's why I have rewatched the seasons countless times. For me the relationship of Pullo and Vorenus is what steals the show, two characters who you never expected to evolve as they did carry it well throughout both seasons and create our biggest emotional attachment to any of the characters of the show. Vorenus a brooding legionnaire who lives his life by the book and chases victory for the republic at all costs and Pullo a soldier who loves the drink, the brothels, and not living by the rules. It still shocks me how they wrote these characters to be so enjoyable and so complicated without making the act boring. 

    The second season of Rome is post Julius' demise on the floor of the senate and the rise of his heir Octavian who seeks revenge for his fallen uncle and to destroy those who stand in his way. Sadly Octavian's long story is summed up into one season as well, he ruled Rome longer than the story lets on and gave birth to one of Rome's greatest periods. His iron will is caught well on film but it also presents him as a man disconnected from normal emotions in pursuit of glory. Octavian plays the role of sympathetic horribly which is realistic to the story of the man and the actor who plays him has a dead pan expression pretty much all the way through that lends heavily to this fact. All in all the show is one of the best pieces HBO has ever put out and I could drone on and on about it but the reality is that you should watch it yourself and see for yourself why 8 years later this show still holds up exceptionally well.



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  • Jennifer Lopez to rejoin AI, "The Butler" wins the box office,Tina Fey returns to TV

    Yesterday Jennifer Lopez' boy toy Casper Smart was engaged in an interview for his upcoming show (Rolls eyes) when he was asked about J-Lo's plans for the future and whether she'd be returning to television. Casper being Casper let the cat out of the bag by answering "YES" even though his beau's P.R. team was not ready to make the announcement. As you know most A-listers have timed P.R. campaign which Mr. Not so smart seems to have forgotten at the time of answering the question. This now makes the second confirmation for AI's judges,the show which has lost some steam the last few years is looking to revive it's claim as America's most watched show. This is Lopez' second run on American Idol. All of the original judges have now officially left the show with Randy Jackson taking to HSN to hock his music intrument line packages.



    Oprah's "The Butler" starring Forest Whittaker has claimed this weeks Box of Office crown. The film had an opening week of $25.8 million dollars domestically. The film which was loved by the critics led to a toss up of speculation as to how it would be received by the public. The movie surrounded by Oscar buzz is the return of Winfrey's strength to the media world. Winfrey who owns the "O" network is hoping this is the start of her studios claim to a piece of the film industry. Kick-Ass ties for 3rd place, and last weeks #1 movie Elyssium slides to a respectable #2 position this week.







    Tina Fey just can't leave the television world alone. Tina best known for her roles in SNL and 30 Rock is rumored to not have just sold one but two new series to two separate networks the same week. That's quite a feat is you ask us but let's hope Tina stays true to her comedic roots because we already have an abundance of shows that take themselves just a bit too seriously. She has teamed up with former 30 Rock showrunner Robert Carlock and producer Matt Hubbard for her two shows. One centers around an all Women's College that has start accepting male enrollment, the other centers around "females in the workplace'. No word on when the shows will start airing.




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  • Cinema Haven: Mobile division compatible with Iphone, Ipad, HMTL5 (Testers needed)

    We've just about 60 free videos to a category named mobile currently this category has three sub categories. Animation, movies, and television shows. If you own an ipad, iphone, itouch, or any html5 enabled device please visit this category and help us test how much of a strain it puts on our server. If at all possible please tell your friends and spread the world across the web with us.

    Most of the content spans from the 50's - 80's we will be adding more current content over the next few days.

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  • Better Call Saul' Billboards start popping up around Albuquerque

    There may be a minor delay in the arrival of Better Call Saul, but the Breaking Bad spinoff is already being quite generous with its built-in fan base. An Instagram user in Albuquerque, N.M., kindly pointed out Wednesday that the AMC series has erected a billboard for its fake title lawyer, going by his given name of James M. McGill when the events of the series pick up before the Breaking Bad timeline. Photos Inside THR's Emmy Drama Showrunner Roundtable The billboard is being used in an episode of the series, which recently started taping in Breaking Bad's

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    - Michael O'Connell


    See full article at The Hollywood Reporter


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  • The Wire: The harsh reality of Baltimore's urban communities (a look back)

    *I'm going to try and write this with as few spoilers as possible. That is no easy task because this show was so full of detail that skating around them has been rather hard. For those who have watched I would love some feedback on who your favorite characters and/or scenes were.*

    When HBO's The Wire was at it's height somewhere along the second season where most of America caught on to this show I had the fortune of working with a Baltimore transplant who introduced me to the show via his weekly animated discussion with other co-workers who were into the show. Having access to him gave me the opportunity to ask him many questions after binge watching the first season. Surely this show was simply going for a shock value and couldn't possibly reflect what life in urban Baltimore was like. It was genuine, he vouched for it and he himself had spent parts of his childhood on many of the streets seen on the show. He had lost his father to the game and had a brother serving time in prison for it, his move to New York was to escape it. It was then that I realized this was more than just a show, it was the story of Baltimore's many faces plastered on the canvas provided by HBO. Having grown up in Harlem I was familiar with the environment of drug trade and the lore of drug dealers who ran it all, looking back now I realize that I had it easier than those who spent their childhood in Bodymore.

    David Simon the shows creator and lead writer teamed up with former police officers, drug dealers, and some of the brightest writers to deliver one of the most realistic experiences someone unfamiliar with this world will ever have. What they captured was a realistic and troublesome representation with alarming accuracy what politics, policing, and street life can do to a generation. Most of the cast of the wire was a melting pot of non-actors who simply had a connection to the area, from retired drug dealers who had survived the late sixties and seventies to those who had spent decades in the system. Most of the shows authenticity comes from those elements, unlike other shows where they cheat their way through a narrative the wire took you deep into the emotional roller coaster that is the life of an addict, a police officer, a drug dealer, and a politician. They also did a great job of sprinkling other vultures who prey on these situations to make their mark in the world, the real estate developers on the show as well as the money launderers. The show was so realistic that law enforcement actually had to step in and request that some details of their procedures be removed from the show altogether because they feared actual criminals watching the show could use this to their advantage. Things such as surveillance and devices to track phones caused issues between the creators and law enforcement, most of this made it's way  into the show because many of the consultants on the show were retired Baltimore detectives. The reality is that the wire wasn't supposed to survive, it's straight in your face approach wasn't supposed to pull you in according to television standards at the time, what became of it has been a shock to many in the industry and given birth to creative freedoms networks would otherwise not be willing to take on otherwise. It's five season run is owed to it's authenticity and the attachment viewers experienced watching as the scales of power constantly shifted.

    One of the things that pulled me into the show was how they transitioned from the drug riddled streets into the seat of a police officer, from a police officer to the drug dealer with each having a tie to the others fate. The complexities of a Jimmy McNulty, the hunger and arrogance of Avon Barksdale, the thin line that Idris Elba played as Stringer Bell. Idris in my opinion gave the show balance because he was written for in a way that showed he loved the game but also wanted more out of life, he was more of a centralized force that seemed to hold everything in place. His desire to transition into more than just a drug dealer but his oath to bringing his brother with him and the price he ultimately paid for it all. Characters like Bunk and Bodie offset the pace of the show by showing one a good detective trying to do right and the latter a young man trying to follow footsteps of men he considered his role models. Bubbles was the character that I would imagine most developed an attachment to because his was the most emotional role of all, from drug addicted fiend, to puppet for both criminals and police, to the guilt of his own actions he's the one character that stays true to the show throughout every single season. Over the course of the shows run we see one generation thin out giving passage to those who would follow in their footsteps, this was the focal point for one entire season itself and with good reason. You see the spawn of these drug dealers either follow suit or simply find themselves incapable of filling the shoes of the guys who "have the game by the balls", within this group you will find one of the saddest moments of the show one that has spawned an meme and hashtag of it's own, you'll know which one it is. Friends will have to choose sides and let's just say the first time around the result is not easy to digest. It doesn't stop there though characters like Clay Davis cause you to loathe those elected to power more than you find yourself hating the criminals themselves at time, it's a great portrayal of the vultures I mentioned earlier. Those who help make laws to seem strongly against crime to the voting public but are just as dirty as the criminals they swear to put away in private.

    If you haven't seen The Wire yet you've been missing out on a great piece of television history and I really hope you go ahead and give it a try. It wasn't as heavily criticized for no reason, sometimes people can't handle the reality that they've let things spiral entirely to out of control and would rather live in denial. The shows success has helped transform Baltimore in many ways, it has brought new money to the area via tour groups that bring fans of the show to locations where the show was shot. It has helped former criminals at crossroads tell their story and has given retired police the honor of telling their story in the struggle to save a generation from itself. I wish I could get into a deeper conversation about many other aspects of this show but it would end up ruining it for those who may not have been of age when it was on the air or those who just entirely missed out on it's run for any number of reasons. I do believe even then the justice it deserves couldn't be captured within a few thousand words and somethings have to be experienced rather than read.


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  • wants your twitch stream channel!!!

    Here at we love to bring our users new content as soon as we possibly can. Games make up a great source of steadily updated content. We are looking to partner up with gamers who stream on Twitch constantly and want to increase their viewers. We are looking for reliable streamers in any game category they chose. If you stream every day between 8-9 pm that's perfect, we know you stream at that time consistently and thus can help promote you better as well as alert our users when you go live. We stream too! So we know how tough it can be to expose your channel to the millions of users who have literally thousands of channels already available to view. We plan to keep our stream count to just under 1,000 vastly improving your chances of being spotted and joined. Cinema Haven serves over 2 million unique viewers a year on average over it's 7 year existence. We aren't going anywhere. If you are interested in having your channel added and/or featured on this site please email us at [email protected]

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  • Is Ip Man 3 really necessary or is this a flat out cash out?

    The first two Ip Man films were cult like classics that expanded beyond it's martial arts genre into the watch list of fans of time pieces and general underdog story narratives. Donnie Yen who starred in the two original films had become disenfranchised with the idea of further continuing to work on I.P. Man films after the success of his films spawned a bunch of low budget spinoffs which were not of the same caliber as the films he had worked on. It seemed that at the end of Ip Man 2 they had closed the chapter on the man's life by giving us a run down of what the rest of his life entailed and even the circumstances of his death. When Ip Man 3 was first announced many of us fans were left scratching our heads which was only made worse by the fact that leaked details of the film showed the introduction of gimmicks to sell tickets. First it was the CGI version of Ip man's real life student and best known martial artist ever Bruce Lee, this has since resulted in lawsuits and litigation by the Lee estate over who has a rights to Bruce's image. As if that wasn't bad enough we then got word that former heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson will also be making an appearance and taking part in a fight scene with Yen, Tyson will be playing some sort of real estate developer who somehow gets sucked into the tensions of China's disdain for outsiders (both Ip Man films addressed this).

    As much as I love Donnie Yen's body of work I can't understand why he would want to be part of this project, he recently turned down quite a few roles in big budget American films that would've helped him cross over and replace the now vacated positions left by both Jackie Chan and Jet Li (the latter due to a crippling illness). Some have speculated that this film will then span off into another franchise based on Ip's two sons who were part of the story in both films, both of which went on to be teachers of Wing Chun for decades following their fathers passing. Will this be any good? We won't know until the film finally sees the light of day but the attention they are trying to put into the filming of it in 3D indicates that fans of the first two films will end up critiquing it heavily. Wilson Yip is a fantastic Director but not so great that he can't deliver a dud, he has in the past and it's hard to see how this new film will not fall into the forgettable bin.

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  • Dick Smith king of film make up passes away at age 92


    Dick Smith, known as the “Godfather of Makeup,” has died at age 92. Smith’s protege, Rick Baker, tweeted of the legend’s passing on Thursday morning.


    The master is gone. My friend and mentor Dick Smith is no longer with us. The world will not be the same.

    — Rick Baker (@TheRickBaker) July 31, 2014


    The legendary makeup artist was renowned for his realistic transformations in films like “The Godfather” and “Amadeus” — aging Marlon Brando into Don Corleone and F. Murray Abraham into a wizened Antonio Salieri — garnering an Academy Award for his work in the latter alongside Paul LeBlanc. In 2012, Smith was given an honorary Governor’s Academy Award for his contribution to the field, which was presented by Baker. Earlier this year, Smith received the Makeup Artists Lifetime Achievement Award at the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Awards. He also won a Primetime Emmy in 1967 for his work on Hal Holbrook’s “Mark Twain Tonight! »


    - Variety Staff


    See full article at Variety - Film News

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  • Watching DIVX on your Playstation 3

    90% of the videos on this website already work on the PS3, we have tested this over and over again. We have a divx movie section, divx streams at higher quality and frames per second than flash (megavideo,videoweed,novamov,zshare). Below is a tutorial on how to register your PS3 to watch our divx content or any divx content on the net.

    Q: What do I need to do to watch DivX videos on my PS3?

    A: Nothing! Since it is DivX Certified, the Playstation 3 is guaranteed to play back any file that has been converted with DivX Converter or Dr. DivX on the 'home theatre' profile. All DivX Certified devices are capable out-of-the-box to play (non-VOD) DivX videos burned to CD or DVD. (Please Note: playback via USB or wireless streaming from your computer may work, but it is not guaranteed as part of the DivX certification.)

    If you have DivX files on your computer, for example, you can simply burn them to a blank disk using DivX Player and play them on your device. Other divx files may play back, but DivX can only guarantee that files that adhere to the 'home theatre' profile will play back.

    If you want to watch DivX VOD content on your PS3, first register your device with your VOD code by following the instructions further down on this page.

    Q: What is the DivX VOD registration code on a DivX Certified Device?

    A: The DivX VOD code can be used to activate your DivX Certified device for playback of DivX Video-On-Demand (VOD) content bought online at our partners' websites.

    Q: How do I register my PS3 for DivX VOD playback?

    A: If you wish to register your device for DivX VOD (video on demand) playback, you can follow the instructions in this video tutorial:

    Flash version:

    For a Full-Screen experience with DivX Web Player:

    Or you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

    1. Write down your 8 digit VOD code. You can get this by going to system preferences on your PS3 and then going to 'divx'
    2. Download and install the free DivX software bundle from This will install DivX Player which is required to finish the registration process.
    3. Create a DivX account and Register your Device. If you would like help with the registration process, you can follow step-by-step instructions on this page.
    4. Playback the registration file from the DVD/CD by going to videos--> data disk--> and choosing this video
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  • Antonio Banderas joins the cast of "33", film about Chilean miners

    Antonio Banderas will star in “The 33,” based on the true story of the 33 Chilean miners who were rescued after being trapped for 69 days in 2010. Producer Mike Medavoy made the announcement Sunday at Cannes, where Good Universe is handling international sales. Production is scheduled to begin in the fall in Chile with Ed McGurn also producing. Martin Sheen and Rodrigo Santoro are on board as part of the ensemble. Patricia Riggen (“La Misma Luna”) was attached to direct last fall. The screenplay has been written by Mikko Alanne and Jose Rivera. Story dramatizes the events surrounding the mine’s collapse and the international effort to rescue them, which culminated in the emotional retrieval of all 33 miners trapped half a mile beneath the surface. The rescue was watched by more 1 billion viewers worldwide. Banderas will play the role of Mario Sepulveda, the charismatic miner known as “Super Mario.”


    See full article at Variety - Film News


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  • Big Brother 13 fans scream foul and claim CBS rigged this weeks results

    So on tonight's eviction Lawon was voted off and forced to compete against one of the 4 previously eliminated houseguests (Keith,Cassi,Dominic,Brendon) for a chance to return to the house and continue competing. According CBS the vote came down to the wire with Brendon receiving what they claim was 1 million plus votes. This set off BB 13 fans into a frenzy about the voting being rigged. It's kind of hard to argue with them, since last year CBS did a poll regarding the houseguests and america left Brendon at the bottom of the list meaning they don't like him very much.  It's really hard to believe that Brendon over the course of a year and a cyber sex cheating scandal somehow turned around america's perception of him. In fact if we look at this realistically his popularity would've plummeted even more. Many fans have vowed to turn their backs on CBS and the Big Brother franchise due to this.  Considering many fans shell out $40 a a year for access to a live feed this could potentially bite CBS in it's rating chasing ass. Being that they only have a hand full of successful shows that compete with other networks the fallout from tonights results may indeed change the way producers and directors twist "reality shows" to fit their desired rating demographic.

    Personally as a fan of the show I think something is afoul here and I will personally be canceling my live feed account effective immediately.
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  • Lebron "I am joining the Miami Heat"

    Ending 2 years of speculation Lebron James announces that he is joining the Miami Heat.

    Lebron James
    The biggest name in 2010's free agent market, Lebron has agreed to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh as a Miami Heat player. The team rumored to be coached once again by the legendary Pat Riley is now being called the best assembled NBA team ever.

    Rumors started circulating earlier in the day that Miami Players had already gathered at the W Hotel in South Beach and had reserved 25 rooms in preparations for King James declaration of a Miami dream team.

    Sources quickly dismissed the Brooklyn Nets even with the publicly known closeness of James and entertainer Jay-Z. The Nets coming off perhaps one of the worst seasons in team history just don't have the role players to immediately win a championship. The Bulls still remained in the hunt late into the last few days with it's agreement with Boozer. The Knicks perpetually took themselves out of the running by acquiring Amar'e Stoudamire and bypassing talent that could've created scoring opportunities for James. Miami now features 3 of the top 5 players in the league.  Combined they have scored nearly 35,000 points and the oldest player of the bunch is a mere 28 years old (Wade).

    The speculation over the last two years has reached epic proportions even as far as suggesting King James would join the NFL.  Now that Miami is all set and raring to go let the speculations over under the table dealings. Reactions from Cleveland have yet to surface but as far as we can tell Lebron broke a million hearts tonight.
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  • Jessica Chastain signs up for "Huntsman"

    “Snow White and the Huntsman” spinoff “The Huntsman” has added Jessica Chastain to star opposite Chris Hemsworth. Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, who received an Academy Award nomination in Visual Effects for his work on 2012’s “Snow White and the Huntsman,” which starred Kristen Stewart, Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, will be making his directorial debut on the follow-up. Also Read: TheWrap’s 25 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015: From ‘Fifty Shades’ to ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Spectre’ Joe Roth is returning to produce, while Palak Patel will executive produce. Vice president of production Maradith Frenkel and creative executive Chloe Yellin will oversee the project for the studio.


    See full article at The Wrap


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  • Video Not Working? Buffering issue? Read this..

    Some android devices prior to version 3.1 are experiencing player problems, where the video loads but does not start to play. This means your device lagged a bit in launching the video. If you have clicked play and gotten the loading bar as seen in the picture below follow these steps to get your video playing. At the end of this explanation is a way of reaching us in the event this does not work for you. The issue is on Androids end and there is little we can do about it.

    Follow these steps:

    You press play and see this:



    Then after you see the loading wheel you end up here: (Doesn't start playing right?) Stuck here?



    To fix this problem simply nudge the white bar in the player a second or to into the video and give it 30 seconds to play



    Buffering Issues? Keep reading..

    To address buffering issues: We have some videos that are very popular and will have thousands of people watching them at any given time of the day. The only way to address this currently is to let the video start and pause it. Let the load bar gain some green space..meaning there is a window for the rest of the video to load while you watch it. Take a look at the image below of a video paused while set to stream. 25% of the video is ready to the time you watch that 25% another 25% to 75% will be ready to be seen preventing any buffering issues.

    25% preloaded..preventing buffering issues.



    STILL HAVING ISSUES? Contact us by clicking the image below.

    Click to email me

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  • Two New X-Men First Class Posters featuring Xavier and Magneto

    20th Century Fox released two killer new movie posters featuring Xavier and Magneto for the upcoming film “X-Men: First Class” by director Matthew Vaughn(Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, Kick-Ass) and starring Jennifer Lawrence (The Beaver, Winter’s Bone), James McAvoy (Wanted 2, Gnomeo and Juliet), Michael FassbenderJanuary JonesRose Byrne and Kevin Bacon. Click Here for more photos, news and videos from X-Men First Class. Synopsis: Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to [...] »

    - Brian Corder

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  • Amy Winehouse's Parents Discuss Her Death: "She Hadn't Taken Drugs in Three Years"

    This Monday marks Anderson Cooper's premiere as a daytime talk show host, and he starts things off on a serious note, talking to the parents of Amy Winehouse. Mitch and Janis Winehouse visited Anderson for an exclusive interview to discuss the demise of their musically gifted daughter for the first time (sort of), largely to reaffirm that drugs were not to blame for her death. Here's what they said... "I've been banging on about the fact that she hasn't taken drugs in three years," Mitch said. "Everyone thought I was in denial, I wasn't in denial, she hadn't taken drugs. She'd been clean for round about three years." "Her problem was alcohol, the last »


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  • The walking dead (Episode recap): Rick gets gangsta and takes over a prison..

    So folks we got five new survivors, a peeping tom and carol going to medical school on a much to cover..yet so few lines to do it.

    Tonight's episode introduced fans to the series a hard boiled Rick who early on establishes the change in nature during an exchange with Lori.

    Lori: What will you do?
    Rick: If I have to I will kill em

    This was in reference to the newly discovered prisoners at the very end of last weeks episode. Tomas who is well documented in the books makes an appearance and stands as the leader of the 5 prisoner pack that survived due to the generosity of a prison guard who secured them in the cafeteria while also leaving a revolver for them to protect themselves with. From the opening you can tell Tomas is going to be an issue for Rick, the alpha male hormones are roaring on all cylinders. After much back and forth the prisoners are a given an option of picking a cell block wing for themselves or to leave the prison altogether, they choose to stay. In exchange Rick demands half of the food they have left which is more food than he and his group have seen in a while. Herschel is barely hanging on at this point and his daughters are dealing with the emotions of possibly losing a father, Maggie shares a tender moment with her ill fated father in which she utters the words "It's ok you don't have to fight anymore" signaling her readiness for his passing. Carol who has done a phenomenal job in keeping Herschel along decides to confess to Glenn that she needs to practice cutting a stomach in order to help Lori deliver her baby when the time comes, pretty gross. Carl discovers an infirmary but is chastised by his mother for wandering off on his own, which leads to an emotional confrontation with mother and son. This is an example of the disconnect between her and Rick's perception of Carl's role in their survival. Rick is encouraging he become more self reliant while Lori still feels the urge to protect him. Rick, Darryl, and T-Dog decide to assist the prisoners with clearing out a wing for themselves which leads to the first and only comical moment in The walking dead series. Rick advises the prisoners on how to attack the zombies to which they become dismissive, as they two wandering zombies Rick counts down from three and the five men descend upon the zombies in full prison riot form, the looks on the three survivors face is absolutely priceless. After another coaching on how to kill zombies they open passage towards a group of the dead, while they hack and stab away one of the prisoners big tiny breaks the ranks and gets cut by a zombie. While the survivors wonder what to do Tomas takes matters into his hands and bashes Big Tiny over the head to the point no head remained. Oh oh we have a problem the three men realize but now it's too late to turn back so they forge ahead. Near the end point of their prison cleansing Tomas opens a door leading to waves of zombies, he attempts to attack Rick and plays it off as if it's nothing. Rick lets the first one pass, when Tomas launches a zombie onto Rick that Darryl has to kill you recognize the awkward moment. Rick starts to walk away only to turn around and split Tomas' head with a machete, Big Tiny's friend and fellow prisoner (His lover in the books) takes off running and Rick pursues him down some halls and out of a door..the door lead to a closed off prison section full of Zombies when the prisoner tries to get back Rick slams a gate in his face and lets him die. Rick is now officially hard boiled. The remaining two prisoners one known as a meth addict named Axel in the books pleads for his life, and the other surviving prisoner "unidentified" prefers to take a stand and not plead for his life. In the end Rick spares them and leads them to their new home. Herschel stops breathing, Lori attempts CPR only to have Herschel start attempting to chew her mouth off but no wait..he's got a pulse again...what??!!?? Herschel breaths!! After a few more moments of characters gathering in the cell he's being treated at, Herschel opens his eyes and greats everyone in the room...while Carol remains outside practicing medicine we see what seems to be someone checking out the prison...could the Governor be next?
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  • Dick Smith, to Receive Make-Up Artists Lifetime Achievement Award

    Two-time Academy Award winning make-up artist Dick Smith will receive the Make-up Artists Lifetime Achievement Award at the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Awards. The award honors make-up artists whose body of work in the film industry consistently enhances make-up and hair styling artistry.

    Dick Smith, known as “the godfather of make-up,” won an Honorary Academy Award in 2012. He also won an Academy Award and a BAFTA award for his work on “Amadeus” (shared with Paul LeBlanc).

    “Rarely have there been make-up artists with the legendary inventiveness, creativity and artistic excellence of Dick Smith,” Guild President Sue Cabral-Ebert said in a statement. “Dick’s transparency and willingness to share the secrets of the craft have been the catalyst for young make-up artists all over the world to follow their imaginations and dreams.”

    Smith worked on numerous award-winning films, including “Taxi Driver,” “The Godfather,” and “The Godfather Part 2,” and is »


    - Francesca Bacardi


    See full article at Variety - Film News

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  • Amazon orders 'Mad Dogs' full season

    Amazon has made decisions on its latest batch of pilots, giving series orders to "The Man in the High Castle," "Mad Dogs," "The New Yorker Presents" and kids shows "Just Add Magic" and "The Stinky & Dirty Show." "Mozart in the Jungle" also got picked up for a second season. "Mad Dogs" and "Man in the High Castle" were easily the best scripted adult shows of this batch of pilots, and I interviewed both "Mad Dogs" producer Shawn Ryan and "Man in the High Castle" producer Frank Spotnitz about their plans for each show if they got series orders. "Mozart" also turned out to be very enjoyable over its first season, so I'm glad it will be back.  What does everybody else think? Were there other pilots from the latest batch you're disappointed won't continue? » - Alan Sepinwall


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