About Us

Cinema Haven was launched in 2007 as a way for friends to share and save their favorite videos from across a large number of websites. At the time there was nothing online that offered us the ability to compile our favorite videos for easy access. So that same year this website was designed and launched. Over the years Cinema Haven has evolved drastically from one platform to the other, it has remained free to use during it's entire lifespan and will continue to do so. Our goal is to make the best contribution to the online experience possible and will continue to fund this program as long as it's relevant to do so. We were the first of all video social networks and hope to continue to be pioneers in usability across all spectrum of technology. We welcome you to our family and hope you find great use this tool we offer you free of charge. On Cinema Haven you will find videos spanning tons of content categories from education to basic entertainment, we hope you decided to share your favorites so that others may enjoy them as well. We plead with our users to refrain from sharing videos that may lead to any copyright complains. We respect the intellectual property of all media companies and would welcome them with open arms should they wish to share their content here. If you have any questions about what you should be sharing or if you are unclear what is permissible please email us we will be more than happy to assist you with any question you may have.

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