Welcome to Cinema Haven Pro. Below we will address several issues you may face and how to resolve them.

(We are experiencing a very large number of visitors and it has slowed down our servers greatly. Videos may take longer to load but they will work, for the best possible experience please use a wifi connection instead of mobile networks. If you would like to donate to help us get more powerful servers please visit our Donation page which is powered by PayPal.)

Q: I hear sound but I get a blue screen, what's wrong?

A: Your device has Android installed but a carrier branded version. In order to get the video to show you must tilt your phone into landscape mode. There is no workaround from our end we can apply to fix this. We offer this app across 2561 devices, most of which run on service provider versions of Android.


Q: I want to watch something specific but you don't have it, what can I do?

A: All videos are user submitted. If you do find the video elsewhere we ask that you submit it via your desktop computer by visiting our website. We allow you to submit videos from 45 different  hosting services. Sooner or later someone else will submit but we would prefer you do it sooner.


Q: Everytime I try to watch a video it stops, freezes, or buffers. What gives?

A: Videos available stream at the speed of your connection, try finding a stronger connection or connecting to WI-FI. Some providers do limit stream speeds on mobile devices which is something we cannot control.


Q: Which version of Android should I be running and how do I check to see which version is on my device?

A: This application runs on Android 2.3.3 to the most recent version 4.2.2. Some older devices do not have the same features of newer Android versions. To check for yours go to settings, about this phone/Firmware, and you should find it there. Check to see if by any chance there is an update you may have missed as well. It is always a great practice to run the latest updates on any device.


Q: You guys rock! How can I contribute?

A: You can make donations to help us add more features, you can post status updates on social media about your experience with our app/website, and tell your friends. Cinema Haven has always been a video bookmarking service by friends for friends. 100% of all revenue goes into hosting, securing, and adding new features.

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