• Tutorial: Never pay for cable or satellite tv again! 3,500 channels for free!

    Satellite TV is very popular now a days. Many people have High Definition TV's with satellite TV viewing capabilities. A new and emerging technology on the market is satellite TV on PC. This means that now you can watch satellite tv on PC, without all the dish and receiver set ups. 

    Satellite Direct TV is definitely the future as more people move away from the cable companies, yet people want to stop paying for these packages all together. Is it possible? Yes, it certainly is. I have not had to pay a single monthly bill for my tv consumption in well over a year now. How do I do achieve this? Easily, using software that gathers the online streams of almost 4,000 normally paid for channels and delivers them in HD quality directly to my living room.

    Here are some important keypoints to keep in mind when making the transition:Find the correct software

    There are various satellite TV on PC products out there that allows you to watch satellite TV on your PC. So it is very important to really get the best bang for your buck.

    I recommend satellite TV on PC software with one single extra cord you can link your computer to your tv.Download the software to your computer, satellite TV on PC software also known as PC satellite TV software is compatible on both windows and mac operating systems.

    Set up your favourite channels after doing the channel search, which will pick up, up to 3000 channels including various news networks, pay per view, adult programming etc.You are now all set, sit back, grab some popcorn and tell your cable company to kick rocks.

    Connecting your pc to your tv is simple enough. Most computers today come with HDMI inputs and most tv's still have vga inputs. Find the compatible cord for your hardware at a local electronic shop for under $10.

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  • Tutorial: Optimize your blog/website for better traffic

    At the end of this article you will find a list of useful tools that have helped me take my blogs from zero to sixty in as little 7 days.Creating a Website that appeals to search engines can be challenging, but it's critical if you want your Website to generate a steady stream of traffic. That's where effective Website optimization tricks come in. So how do you develop Web content that caters to both search engine spiders and Website visitors? There's no single set of tricks and strategies to observe, but here are five basic website optimization tricks you can use to make your site more appealing to search engines.Below are some tips to help you improve your web presence.
    • Include Meta and title tags. Some search engines still use Meta Keyword, Meta Description and Title tags to catalog and rank Web pages. Be sure to place a title tag at the top of each page to identify the document's overall content. You should also write an accurate Meta description tag because it's often used by search engines to describe a site in search results. And don't neglect to include a Meta keyword tag to reveal the most important keywords for each page to search engine spiders. This is one Website optimization trick you do not want to overlook because Meta tags can be the key to getting "found" by search engines.
    Place keywords strategically throughout your content. Having keyword-rich content is the key (pardon the pun) to performing well with search engines. Load your Home and other critical pages with important keywords, since it may be the only page indexed by some engines. If you're not sure which keywords to weave throughout your Website, try using software like WordTracker. It's one of the leading tools you can use for website optimization, and it's available through a free trial.
    • Once you've determined the best keywords to use, place them strategically on each Web page. Focus on areas that register well with search engines, including bold headings, near the top of the page and at the end of the page. You should also embed keywords in the anchor text used to describe links, your domain name and title and Meta tags. Try to use keywords to create a theme throughout the content on your site. Search engines tend to look for a theme or common topic on a Website in an effort to deliver more relevant results for searchers.
    • Keep in mind that keyword proximity is also important. So place your keywords as closely together as possible, while making sure your sentences remain clear. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, ensure a proper keyword density or weight. This involves the proportion of keywords to the rest of the text. The greater the percentage of keywords, in relation to other text, the better.
    Keep your content updated and provide enough content. Good Web content is a critical factor in keeping site visitors interested and coming back for more. It's also the key to higher search engine rankings. Major search engines typically require you to have at least 200 to 250 words on each Web page. So it's important to include plenty of valuable content to appeal to search engines-and visitors.
    1. It's also crucial to keep your Website updated with fresh content. This lets search engines know the content on your site isn't stale, plus it will keep your site appealing to visitors looking for the latest information. Granted, it can be time-consuming to keep your content updated. However, the potential benefit from this Website optimization trick makes it well worth the effort.
    Avoid using frames if possible. Frames, which are being used less and less, enable you to split a page into pieces and section off static content to decrease download times. However, today's Websites are larger and require more dynamic elements than are feasible with frames. Having a complex frame set up, can keep you from creating a search- engine friendly Website that draws a high ranking.
    • Frames allow you to split a page into pieces and section off static content to decrease download times. However, they can cause navigation difficulties and prevent search engines from being able to access every page on your Website. You could use a site map to address this problem, but it's simpler to not use frames for your Website.

    Recommended tools you should use:

    Google Sniper 2.0

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  • How to upload a video

    We currently only allow an 80mb file maximum upload, once we transition to new servers you will be able to upload videos up to 1.5 Gigs. 

    *Note: Upload speeds vary based on your internet connection..downloading is faster than uploading so please keep in mind that your isp has placed limitations that affect your upload speed to this website*

    1. You must sign up for the site, you will not have the option to upload without logging in.

    2. Now that you've logged in take a look at our main menu and notice the new upload tab that is present.

    3. Fill out the form information and voila you are now uploading to our servers.

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  • How to submit a video

    We are naturally a video host, currently we recommend you do not attempt to upload files larger than 80mb's. We are working on launching an independent server capable of quickly uploading files up to 1.5 Gigs. We also allow you to submit videos from other sources such as youtube,megavideo,novamov,videoweed,mtv,vimeo,livestream,and countless other sources.

    1st. Sign up for an account from the home screen. Once your account is confirmed you will be able to log in and have member privileges.

    2nd. Now that you have successfully logged in you should see a tab at the main menu that states submit a video. Fill out the required information. You must provide a link to the video itself/Video page at the hosting service. You can also use the details section to paste your embed code if you want to speed up the process. The system is capable of using your submitted url and in most cases being able to auto post the video, in cases where this is not possible an embed code helps solve it.

    3rd. Once you have submitted your video it is forwarded to our query system and placed in cue for posting. You will receive a notification once your video is live at www.cinemahaven.com

    This works best for users who upload to hosting services that pay per x amount of views. Megavideo and Novamov are the most popular and trust worthy ones.
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  • Watching DIVX on your Playstation 3

    90% of the videos on this website already work on the PS3, we have tested this over and over again. We have a divx movie section, divx streams at higher quality and frames per second than flash (megavideo,videoweed,novamov,zshare). Below is a tutorial on how to register your PS3 to watch our divx content or any divx content on the net.

    Q: What do I need to do to watch DivX videos on my PS3?

    A: Nothing! Since it is DivX Certified, the Playstation 3 is guaranteed to play back any file that has been converted with DivX Converter or Dr. DivX on the 'home theatre' profile. All DivX Certified devices are capable out-of-the-box to play (non-VOD) DivX videos burned to CD or DVD. (Please Note: playback via USB or wireless streaming from your computer may work, but it is not guaranteed as part of the DivX certification.)

    If you have DivX files on your computer, for example, you can simply burn them to a blank disk using DivX Player and play them on your device. Other divx files may play back, but DivX can only guarantee that files that adhere to the 'home theatre' profile will play back.

    If you want to watch DivX VOD content on your PS3, first register your device with your VOD code by following the instructions further down on this page.

    Q: What is the DivX VOD registration code on a DivX Certified Device?

    A: The DivX VOD code can be used to activate your DivX Certified device for playback of DivX Video-On-Demand (VOD) content bought online at our partners' websites.

    Q: How do I register my PS3 for DivX VOD playback?

    A: If you wish to register your device for DivX VOD (video on demand) playback, you can follow the instructions in this video tutorial:

    Flash version:


    For a Full-Screen experience with DivX Web Player:


    Or you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

    1. Write down your 8 digit VOD code. You can get this by going to system preferences on your PS3 and then going to 'divx'
    2. Download and install the free DivX software bundle from www.divx.com. This will install DivX Player which is required to finish the registration process.
    3. Create a DivX account and Register your Device. If you would like help with the registration process, you can follow step-by-step instructions on this page.
    4. Playback the registration file from the DVD/CD by going to videos--> data disk--> and choosing this video
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  • Megavideo time limit solution

    Many of the user submitted videos are hosted on megavideo. Megavideo itself is a video hosting service and not generally a website open to the general public. Therefore users once done uploading are given a link which they submit to this site and the video is automatically posted. While megavideo is the most stable video host online it also has a limit of 72 minutes of video per one sitting. Once your 72minutes are up you must wait 54 minutes to resume your video unless you are a premium member. The premium membership is a mere $10 a month or on discount you can get 3 months for $20. We know that not everyone can afford a megavideo membership so we have hunted and found a solution.

    Firefox has great tools that allow you to bypass the time restraints provided by megavideo. The best one so far is Illimitux which can be download from this link https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/11037 below are some details from the programmers.

    Skip limitations imposed by streaming plateforms. Its purpose is watching without restriction videos from MegaVideo, Veoh, MegaUpload, Rapidshare.
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  • How to download videos

    We know most of you wish to take videos onto other platforms that do no have wi-fi abilities...the bad news is we don't offer download but the good news is that we can help you download them anyway.

    Most of our members use FLV Pro to download videos from the most popular viral sites online. FLV Pro is a software provided by loudmo 100% free. What FLV Pro does it searches the video page for the link to the actual video location on a server. Once the link is located you can select to save is as a source to play via quicktime,windows media, vlc or any desktop player or you can choose to download the file and save it for later. FLV Pro offers the simplicity we have long wished for as viral video fans. The software has been tested by our team on the top 10 video host in the world and we have recommended it to thousands upon thousands of users. It is easy to install and just as easy to remove.
    What do you have to lose?

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