• The Wire: The harsh reality of Baltimore's urban communities (a look back)

    *I'm going to try and write this with as few spoilers as possible. That is no easy task because this show was so full of detail that skating around them has been rather hard. For those who have watched I would love some feedback on who your favorite characters and/or scenes were.*

    When HBO's The Wire was at it's height somewhere along the second season where most of America caught on to this show I had the fortune of working with a Baltimore transplant who introduced me to the show via his weekly animated discussion with other co-workers who were into the show. Having access to him gave me the opportunity to ask him many questions after binge watching the first season. Surely this show was simply going for a shock value and couldn't possibly reflect what life in urban Baltimore was like. It was genuine, he vouched for it and he himself had spent parts of his childhood on many of the streets seen on the show. He had lost his father to the game and had a brother serving time in prison for it, his move to New York was to escape it. It was then that I realized this was more than just a show, it was the story of Baltimore's many faces plastered on the canvas provided by HBO. Having grown up in Harlem I was familiar with the environment of drug trade and the lore of drug dealers who ran it all, looking back now I realize that I had it easier than those who spent their childhood in Bodymore.

    David Simon the shows creator and lead writer teamed up with former police officers, drug dealers, and some of the brightest writers to deliver one of the most realistic experiences someone unfamiliar with this world will ever have. What they captured was a realistic and troublesome representation with alarming accuracy what politics, policing, and street life can do to a generation. Most of the cast of the wire was a melting pot of non-actors who simply had a connection to the area, from retired drug dealers who had survived the late sixties and seventies to those who had spent decades in the system. Most of the shows authenticity comes from those elements, unlike other shows where they cheat their way through a narrative the wire took you deep into the emotional roller coaster that is the life of an addict, a police officer, a drug dealer, and a politician. They also did a great job of sprinkling other vultures who prey on these situations to make their mark in the world, the real estate developers on the show as well as the money launderers. The show was so realistic that law enforcement actually had to step in and request that some details of their procedures be removed from the show altogether because they feared actual criminals watching the show could use this to their advantage. Things such as surveillance and devices to track phones caused issues between the creators and law enforcement, most of this made it's way  into the show because many of the consultants on the show were retired Baltimore detectives. The reality is that the wire wasn't supposed to survive, it's straight in your face approach wasn't supposed to pull you in according to television standards at the time, what became of it has been a shock to many in the industry and given birth to creative freedoms networks would otherwise not be willing to take on otherwise. It's five season run is owed to it's authenticity and the attachment viewers experienced watching as the scales of power constantly shifted.

    One of the things that pulled me into the show was how they transitioned from the drug riddled streets into the seat of a police officer, from a police officer to the drug dealer with each having a tie to the others fate. The complexities of a Jimmy McNulty, the hunger and arrogance of Avon Barksdale, the thin line that Idris Elba played as Stringer Bell. Idris in my opinion gave the show balance because he was written for in a way that showed he loved the game but also wanted more out of life, he was more of a centralized force that seemed to hold everything in place. His desire to transition into more than just a drug dealer but his oath to bringing his brother with him and the price he ultimately paid for it all. Characters like Bunk and Bodie offset the pace of the show by showing one a good detective trying to do right and the latter a young man trying to follow footsteps of men he considered his role models. Bubbles was the character that I would imagine most developed an attachment to because his was the most emotional role of all, from drug addicted fiend, to puppet for both criminals and police, to the guilt of his own actions he's the one character that stays true to the show throughout every single season. Over the course of the shows run we see one generation thin out giving passage to those who would follow in their footsteps, this was the focal point for one entire season itself and with good reason. You see the spawn of these drug dealers either follow suit or simply find themselves incapable of filling the shoes of the guys who "have the game by the balls", within this group you will find one of the saddest moments of the show one that has spawned an meme and hashtag of it's own, you'll know which one it is. Friends will have to choose sides and let's just say the first time around the result is not easy to digest. It doesn't stop there though characters like Clay Davis cause you to loathe those elected to power more than you find yourself hating the criminals themselves at time, it's a great portrayal of the vultures I mentioned earlier. Those who help make laws to seem strongly against crime to the voting public but are just as dirty as the criminals they swear to put away in private.

    If you haven't seen The Wire yet you've been missing out on a great piece of television history and I really hope you go ahead and give it a try. It wasn't as heavily criticized for no reason, sometimes people can't handle the reality that they've let things spiral entirely to out of control and would rather live in denial. The shows success has helped transform Baltimore in many ways, it has brought new money to the area via tour groups that bring fans of the show to locations where the show was shot. It has helped former criminals at crossroads tell their story and has given retired police the honor of telling their story in the struggle to save a generation from itself. I wish I could get into a deeper conversation about many other aspects of this show but it would end up ruining it for those who may not have been of age when it was on the air or those who just entirely missed out on it's run for any number of reasons. I do believe even then the justice it deserves couldn't be captured within a few thousand words and somethings have to be experienced rather than read.


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  • Looking back on Rome 8 years later and why the show is still amazing

    I admit that I didn't catch on the hbo's Rome til years it had ended, it was one of those shows I discovered by mistake and just couldn't get enough of. The show was split between the story of the two Caesar's Julius and Octavian each getting a focal point in each of the shows two seasons. Julius played by Ciarán Hinds set the tone from the opening scene of the show that this was not some half attempt to tell the story of  one of the most tumultuous periods in Roman history. One of the best parts of this show is that every character on the show had a supporting character, Julius had his wing man Mark Antony phenomenally portrayed by James Purefoy who set the two of a batman and robin sort of relationship. Lucius Vorenus played by Kevin McKidd had Titus Pullo played by Ray Stevenson who mixed well as complete opposites in every regard beyond the similar love for their republic. This formula of matching two great characters kept the show from becoming too bland as other roman period pieces tend to suffer. The show was well paced for the first season in a fashion that you looked forward to each episode with the same excitement you shared watching the one that just ended. Watching Julius' rise to prominence in his battle with Pompey was beautifully arced and filmed in a way that showed each man's strengthens and weaknesses. Spending time between Julius, Mark, Lucius, and Julius' niece Atia of the Julii kept the show fresh and engaging. Each characters actions seeping their way into the outcome of each others fate.


    Rome Season 1 - Trailer

    The show did a great deal to teach us just how cutthroat the senate of Rome truly was and did an even better job showing us just how bad slaves and servants had it an era where class was everything. Between the debauchery, politics, war, and chasing of power the show did a great deal of weaving in and out of each topic with relative ease. Sadly the cost of the show made it hard to keep going on HBO's end so we got a second season post Julius that seemed to dash for the finish line at a dizzying pace. Personally I wish they had extended Julius' story beyond the first season, Hinds delivered an air that fit the role unbelievably well and had the pace for his story been drawn out a bit more some of the crucial lesser known details of how Julius defeated Pompey could've been better told. The journey into Egypt was a lengthy one for Julius and the show summed it up in a matter of two or so episodes only addressing minimal detail of Egypt's own climate at the time. The focus was on establishing the story line of Cleopatra that then ties into that of Mark Antony but failed to deliver the power Julius had to enforce in Egypt to make this happen. Outside of those few hiccups the show was fantastic and it's why I have rewatched the seasons countless times. For me the relationship of Pullo and Vorenus is what steals the show, two characters who you never expected to evolve as they did carry it well throughout both seasons and create our biggest emotional attachment to any of the characters of the show. Vorenus a brooding legionnaire who lives his life by the book and chases victory for the republic at all costs and Pullo a soldier who loves the drink, the brothels, and not living by the rules. It still shocks me how they wrote these characters to be so enjoyable and so complicated without making the act boring. 

    The second season of Rome is post Julius' demise on the floor of the senate and the rise of his heir Octavian who seeks revenge for his fallen uncle and to destroy those who stand in his way. Sadly Octavian's long story is summed up into one season as well, he ruled Rome longer than the story lets on and gave birth to one of Rome's greatest periods. His iron will is caught well on film but it also presents him as a man disconnected from normal emotions in pursuit of glory. Octavian plays the role of sympathetic horribly which is realistic to the story of the man and the actor who plays him has a dead pan expression pretty much all the way through that lends heavily to this fact. All in all the show is one of the best pieces HBO has ever put out and I could drone on and on about it but the reality is that you should watch it yourself and see for yourself why 8 years later this show still holds up exceptionally well.



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  • Amazon orders 'Mad Dogs' full season

    Amazon has made decisions on its latest batch of pilots, giving series orders to "The Man in the High Castle," "Mad Dogs," "The New Yorker Presents" and kids shows "Just Add Magic" and "The Stinky & Dirty Show." "Mozart in the Jungle" also got picked up for a second season. "Mad Dogs" and "Man in the High Castle" were easily the best scripted adult shows of this batch of pilots, and I interviewed both "Mad Dogs" producer Shawn Ryan and "Man in the High Castle" producer Frank Spotnitz about their plans for each show if they got series orders. "Mozart" also turned out to be very enjoyable over its first season, so I'm glad it will be back.  What does everybody else think? Were there other pilots from the latest batch you're disappointed won't continue? » - Alan Sepinwall


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  • Top things to watch on Netflix February 2015

    1. Mash: I know this show might not be everyone's cup of tea but this was the number one show in America for so long it's become sort of a cult of it's own. This is the first time M.A.S.H will be available for digital streaming, i'm not sure how netflix pulled this off but we tried to license this show for streaming years ago and ran into a brick wall. This show has an amazing cast that mixes comedy, drama and suffering all into 23 minute episodes that stand the test of time. Starring Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce and featuring many actors who made appearances on the show only to go on and have successful careers of their own (Pat Morita, George Wendt, Shelley Long). I'm not sure how many of the eleven seasons will be available right away but rest assured that however many episodes they give us it'll be worth your time to watch.


    2. Spartacus: This show was a monstrous success for both Starz and Netflix, it was easily the most watched series ever on Netflix prior to the releases of House of Cards and Orange is the new black. Spartacus follows the story of a Thracian man forced by Rome to serve in it's ranks only to be betrayed, enslaved, and forced to become a gladiator. The show features lots of drama, gore, betrayal, and sex. I am a fan of this show for it's supporting cast more so than the lead characters. Lucy Lawless and John Hannah absolutely steal this show, add to the equation perfect acting execution from the non-gladiators and you have a great recipe that provides one hell of a ride start to finish.
    3. House of Cards Season 3: Kevin Spacey returns (February 27th) in an all new season of the award winning and critically acclaimed series that pits him in the halls of the White House. At the end of the last season Spacey's character ascends to the position of Vice President all while the walls and crimes of his past seemingly are closing in on him. How will he manipulate himself out of this situation? One can only wonder but based on the amazing team behind the show you can expect it'll have you watching closely the whole way through





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  • Heroes: Reborn? No thank you!!

    So the geniuses over at NBC who let the super hero show Heroes die a horrible death in search of ratings discovered the show was actually popular after it became one of the most streamed shows via services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Now that CW and other have jumped into the comic book realm successfully here comes NBC with the bright idea of bringing back this show. Personally I find this choice a huge slap in the face, let's not be so quick to forget that NBC would not even green light a closing episode to the series. They flat out gave up on Heroes while it was on the air, the network itself put so much strain on the creative team to be a ratings winner that it veered so far from it's trajectory that by the end of its final season fans began to cry "put old yeller out of its misery".

    The best thing NBC could've done was to let this show go into the hands of someone who would show it proper respect via creative as well as it's fans. I was a huge fan of Heroes and it pained me greatly to watch such a great show become another piece of network tv fodder. Can't draw in the audience we want? Why not go completely off the rails and perhaps insulting the audience might help get us viewers. Heroes served a huge lesson to me as a viewer to never become too enamored with a show because ultimately some suit is going to decide he or she will cave in and dump a show and instead replace it with some cheaply made tried and true generic comedy sitcom. The demise of Heroes actually pushed me away from broadcast television and into more of a streaming person. The death of Heroes made me a compulsive consumer of full seasons in a sit down or two. I rarely watch a show as it airs now because again someone pushing papers holds the shows fate in their hands and simply because it's Monday may decide to kill it off. Another example of this was Alpha, a show loved by its audience yet cancelled without closure. Ironically Parks and Recreation got a bigger chance to survive than something as ground breaking as Heroes.


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  • Top five things to watch on Netflix this month January 2015

    As we've been doing we are back with our top suggestions of things currently available on Netflix this month.


    Peaky Blinders WikipediaPeaky Blinders: Two full seasons are available of this Netflix original starring Cillian Murphy and Liam Neeson. The show takes place just after the first world war featuring Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby the head of a traveling family involved in the gambling hustle. The show is staged well around a set that looks authentic and a cast of characters that make this show enjoyable. We highly suggest you take a look at it.



    Hercule Poirot Wikipedia

    Agatha Christie's Poirot Seasons 7-11: Hercule Poirot is back for more, watch as the little grey cells unravel cases for the famous Belgian private detective. If you enjoyed the first six seasons fret not the show never loses it's subtle humor and it's well acted scenes. Although some characters are not as prominent in this phase of the long running show, new ones come to the fold guaranteeing new chemistry throughout new travels.



    The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)Wolf of Wall Street (2013): Martin Scorcese brings the flash bang of fast living and fast money in this tale of ambition, greed, and over indulgence. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Jordan Belfort notorious a stock trader that rose to the greatest heights of power, sex, drugs, and money only to see it end from behind the bars of federal prison. Jonah Hill brings hilarious acting as his right hand man Donnie Azoff who met Jordan by coincidence and followed him all the way up along the way participating in some of the most outrageous moments in corporate history.

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  • Minnie Driver Joins Cast of Peter Pan Live!

    Look who's all grown up! NBC has announced that Oscar-nominated actress Minnie Driver will play the part of Adult Wendy in its upcoming TV musical Peter Pan Live!"We're thrilled to have Minnie as part of this Peter Pan adventure," NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt said in a statement. "She appears in the final emotional scene when Peter returns to the Darling home years later only to realize Wendy is now grown up and has a daughter of her own." That cast includes Christopher Walken as Hook and Girls star Allison Williams, who sports green tights and a pixie cut, »


    - Janine Rayford Rubenstein, @JanineRayford


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  • ‘Downton Abbey’ Renewed for Sixth Season

    Downton Abbey” has been renewed for a season six, ITV and producer Carnival Films announced on Thursday.

    The official “Downton Abbey” Twitter account also tweeted the news.


    Friends, #TeamServants have such wonderful news to share with you all! #Downton

    Downton Abbey (@DowntonAbbey) November 6, 2014

    The British drama will go into production in 2015 with Julian Fellowes writing.

    The news comes months before season five debuts in the U.S. on PBS on Jan. 4. Season five will complete its run in the U.K. on Sunday.

    “We have had an amazing reaction to the story lines, acting and production values of Downton Abbey this year and the whole team is thrilled to be moving ahead with a new season of the show,” said executive producer and Carnival’s managing editor Gareth Neame in a statement. “This will provide audiences with a fresh opportunity to see what will befall our much loved characters. »


    - Alex Stedman


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  • 'Z Nation' great possibilities but will it ever live up to it?

    'Z Nation' is the latest Zombie show to hit the airwaves in a long line of miserable failures in this genre, anyone watched Amazon's "Zombieland" series? Z Nation is the story of survivors of a world overrun by Zombies much in the same vein as The Walking Dead, minus the budget and great cast. While Z Nation takes a different approach at times, its cast is so horrible that it makes it difficult to watch. Citizen Z is a military man on a remote icy army base who is attempting to help to guide survivors to the coast of California. Amongst the survivors there is one who carries the cure to the virus that leads the dead to rise. Citizen Z is about the only character on this show worth paying any actual attention to, the man with the cure is horribly cast and written as a complete and utter coward who values his life over showing any camaraderie with those trying to keep him alive.

    It seems the writers for Z Nation decided to take the worst cliches of every bad zombie project and squeeze them into their script leaving very little to like about the characters and even less to make the audience relate to them. This show is more of a kick ass and take names sort of approach yet the ass kicking is about as lame as one can imagine. In order to salvage this show the network will have to seriously invest in it's budget, bring back guys like Harold Perrineau (Michael from Lost) and add some seasoned actors who aren't going to chew up the scene and make us feel like we should be watching this show. Killing off characters on this hot mess should be fairly simple, it is a zombie show after all and adding new characters should be simple enough to write into the story. That and perhaps dumping some more money into this budget to reinvigorate it's direction. Oh and please fire the entire or the vast majority of the writing team behind the show because it seems they have no idea what makes a great sci-fi show work.

    Let's hope someone at the network is seeing this as the public is and gives this show another chance to get itself going because at the rate it's going we are already expecting a cancellation of it after one season.

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  • Why 'Eureka' is still missed

    Syfy's golden goose Eureka had a run of five great seasons that sadly came to an end due to budget issues. It seems Eureka's cost of production versus it's profitability presented issues to the network and its creators. While it can be argued that this show was hands down Syfy's best show flat out it seems that SYFY is more interested in low cost production with healthy profit margins. That's all fine and well but when it comes at the expense of arguably the best thing you've ever done it some people are going to seriously be pissed off. The reality is that Eureka was not a ratings juggernaut but it was the most discussed show on Syfy's entire lineup, the free promotion these discussions provided was priceless and immeasurable. Testament to the importance and public love for this show is evidenced by it's run on streaming services such as netflix where it still remains one of the most popular shows service wide.

    Eureka offered an interesting dynamic of comedy and science, something that is rarely achieved with a good enough balance to carry a show through five years. Each episode of Eureka taught it's viewers something new about science in a way where it was tied into the story line so it didn't really feel like a lesson but yet the lesson was there. One would imagine that Syfy could've bit the bullet and continued to fund this show and found it's profit margins elsewhere, such as the digital licensing for this show which i'm pretty sure isn't a light one, even licensing out earlier seasons to other networks. When Syfy was purchased by a new parent company sadly nobody seemed to sit down and come up with additional ways of monetizing Eureka a show which had plenty of room for brand marketing. From tablets, to phones, to cars, and beyond this show could've aired a few more seasons while having it's episode budget covered by brands such as apple, samsung, etc. There were product placements in the show such as degree but i mean come on....deodorant?

    As long as Eureka is available to stream via services like Netflix we fans will continue to watch because honestly what else out there matches the degree of this shows potential. Here's hoping some other brand decides to pick up the rights to the show and do right by it. Most of the cast is still devoid of recurring roles that would prevent them from signing back up, but at least we can enjoy Colin Ferguson as the new Maytag man.

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  • Aaron Sorkin didn’t know how 'The Newsroom' would end when he began writing the final season

    Aaron Sorkin didn’t know how “The Newsroom” would end when he began writing the final season "For most of the time, I didn’t know how the show was going to end,” he says. "I would have small images of what I wanted to see. But the closer I got to the end of the season in terms of writing, the more I was able to see the end of the season finale. Once we got there, it happened more easily than I thought it was going to.” “Godzilla” movie has a “Breaking Bad” easter egg For a split second in the opening credits, you can see Walter White’s name. Plus: Retired 84-year-olds take a “Breaking Bad” tour. “Glee” bringing back NeNe Leakes for the final season Coach Roz Washington will return to McKinley High. Click Read Full Post For More Nat Faxon goes from "Married" to “Marry Me »


    - Norman Weiss


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  • September: Three great shows on Netflix/Amazon Prime you may been missing out on

    So I like to watch a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime, well all in all honesty.. Netflix/Amazon Prime all of the time. There are quite a few great shows on Netflix I often bring up with others only to find out they've never heard of it. Mostly because these shows may have been minor priorities to their networks when they first aired. So we are starting a monthly post featuring three or more items on Netflix and Amazon Prime that you might want to check out.


    1. An Idiot Abroad (Netflix)


    This show is absolutely a brilliant practical joke turned into great television. Follow along as Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send "An idiot abroad". To give you a little background on this show we need to take a time machine back nearly a decade to when Ricky hosted a radio show alongside Stephen Merchant. During the course of their run they hired Karl Pilkington who turned out to be so peculiar that they eventually decided to place a mic in front of his face and share him with the world. The result was some of the best comedy to emerge out of England. Karl is so far off the grid in his thoughts at times that it is absolutely hilarious to sit there and listen to him and Stephen argue. The radio show was so successful they decided to release it in podcast format. That became so popular that Karl ended up with his own television show. An idiot abroad sends a Karl across the globe to some of the most remote and unnerving places he could possibly be placed in. The guy complains, he enjoys, he laughs, he gets mad, and it's not the least bit scripted. Watch the trailer below and judge for yourself.


    An Idiot Abroad: Episode 1 Preview


    2. Foyle's War (Netflix/Amazon Prime)

    Foyle's War is a British detective drama television series set during and shortly after World War II. The show is part of the Masterpiece series when you can catch it on PBS, it's also available on both Amazon and Netflix. The series episodes are like mini movies themselves offering you a crime, investigation, and conclusion unlike most detective shows this one has an elegance of the era that does not bore you to death. The lead character Christopher Foyle is ever the wise gentleman who along with his driver and sidekick take you through a maze of crimes over the course of a war period in england. One of the most amazing things about this show is that you start falling in love with the characters, it is a very well balanced cast that works amazingly well in portraying the era and making the story more interesting itself.  Check out the trailer below for a better idea of what to expect.




    Foyle's War Season 1 Promo

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  • 'Doctor Who' Star Matt Smith Joins 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies'

    Matt Smith, who recently completed a four-season stint starring in Doctor Who, has joined the cast of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the adaptation of the Seth Grahame-Smith novel. The long-in-the-works, on-and-off again project is finally going before cameras Sept. 24 with a cast that includes Lily James, Sam Riley, Jack Huston, Bella Heathcote and Douglas Booth. Burr Steers is behind the camera. The movie is a horror-comedy spin on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The heroine, Liz Bennett (James), is pressured by her family to marry into a wealthy upper-class

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    - Borys Kit


    See full article at The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Aaron Paul makes the Emmy's his "Bitch!"

    It's a win, bitch!  Capping off an epic five season run of the hit AMC show Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul took home the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his outstanding performance as Jesse Pinkman.  Although many predicted Paul would win (including us!), the 34-year-old thesp beat out some stiff competition—including Downton Abbey's Jim Carter, The Good Wife's Josh Charles, Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage, Homeland's Mandy Patinkin and Ray Donovan's Jon Voight—and was clearly as he took the stage after giving his wife Lauren an adorable smooch in the audience.  "Oh wow, I feel like I'm going to throw up," Paul said as he »



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  • Bryan Cranston wins Emmy for "Drama series leading actor"

    Heisenberg is not dead, not by far. Leading man and beloved actor Bryan Cranston snatches the leading actor Emmy from some very stiff competition. Mathew McConaghey and Woody Harrelson from True Detective to Jon Hamm for Mad Men. Breaking Bad enjoyed the end of its critical run this past year with this last trophy for it's mantle. Mr. Cranston thanked his cast and directors for their hard work and dedication. This follows Aaron Paul's win for Best Supporting Actor, and Anna Guns big win as well. Jon Hamm continues to strike out at the Emmy's but rest assured since Mad Men's run comes to an end this next season he's a safe bet to win it next year.


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  • ABC gets in the 'Vampire Chronicles' business

    It's going to be an interesting next few years for fans of Anne Rice and, specifically, her most famous creation, the Vampire Lestat. I still remember the furor around the first attempt to adapt the character to the bigscreen, with Rice basically freaking out over the casting of Lestat. Neil Jordan's "Interview With The Vampire" is a beautiful movie, perverse and strange and gorgeously made, and I'd argue it's about as good a film as anyone's ever going to make from that source material. Right now, though, studios are desperate for properties that allow them to plot big multi-movie franchise arcs, and considering Rice is getting ready to, at long last, publish a 14th book in the series, "The Vampire Chronicles" looks like exactly the sort of investment Universal should be making. After all, they're one of the few studios that doesn't have a Marvel property they're planning to exploit to death… »


    - Drew McWeeny


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  • John Stamos heads back to ABC joins "Galavant"

    John Stamos is heading to “Galavant.” The actor and beloved yogurt pitchman has signed on to guest-star on ABC's fairy tale-centered musical comedy “Galavant,” a representative for the network told TheWrap on Thursday. See video: John Stamos Surprises Jimmy Kimmel With Nostalgic Baby Gift, Offers Manny Services While the actor has so far signed on for just one episode, there is a possibility that he will appear on multiple episodes of the series, which was created by Dan Fogelman. Fogelman told ABC News that Stamos will play a knight and foe to Galavant (Joshua Sasse), who shows up to face off once. »


    - Tim Kenneally


    See full article at The Wrap


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  • 'Teen Wolf' will return for 5th season

    If you hear a loud baying coming from San Diego Comic-Con, it's probably because MTV has renewed high school drama “Teen Wolf” for a two-part Season 5. Plus, Dylan Sprayberry has been promoted to series regular for the 20-episode fifth season, showrunner Jeff Davis told the fans and journalists in attendance. In addition to Davis and Sprayberry, the “Teen Wolf” panel consisted of cast members Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden, along with Shelley Hennig. Also read: ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Posey Hosting Fox's ‘Teen Choice 2014' Davis, Russell Mulcahy (“Highlander”), Marty Adelstein (“Prison Break”), René Echevarria (“Medium”), Tony Disanto, »


    - Tony Maglio


    See full article at The Wrap


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  • Portia De Rossi to join Scandal? YES!!

    “Arrested Development” star Portia de Rossi is set to join the upcoming season of  “Scandal,” ABC has confirmed to Variety.

    The news broke all thanks to De Rossi’s wife, Ellen DeGeneres.

    The daytime talk show host tweeted that De Rossi has signed on to do a “top secret arc.”


    So annoying when people brag on twitter & that's why I'm not tweeting that Portia just signed on to do a top secret arc on "Scandal". Oops.—

    Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) July 23, 2014


    A rep for the show said they have no other information on the role at this time.

    “Scandal” is set to premiere this fall on Sept. 25.



    - Nikara Johns


    See full article at Variety - TV News


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  • Better Call Saul' Billboards start popping up around Albuquerque

    There may be a minor delay in the arrival of Better Call Saul, but the Breaking Bad spinoff is already being quite generous with its built-in fan base. An Instagram user in Albuquerque, N.M., kindly pointed out Wednesday that the AMC series has erected a billboard for its fake title lawyer, going by his given name of James M. McGill when the events of the series pick up before the Breaking Bad timeline. Photos Inside THR's Emmy Drama Showrunner Roundtable The billboard is being used in an episode of the series, which recently started taping in Breaking Bad's

    read more



    - Michael O'Connell


    See full article at The Hollywood Reporter


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