• Samsung Gear S2: The worst Tech launch day in recent memory


    If you were one of the many who looked forward to October 2nd 2015 rolling around to get your hands on the new Samsung smartwatch the Gear S2 sport or classic you were in for a very rude awakening. Morning saw thousands of buyers scrambling for retailers that carried the devices, with stores such as Best Buy being limited to 5 total watches for the entire customer base. Even Samsung Studio in Soho didn't have the watches to showcase much less sell. The situation got so bad that Best Buy in New York flat out stopped answering calls and whose system turned into an endless loop of press 1 to speak to a representative, ring, press 1 to speak to a representative. Techies took to reddit to express their disdain at this product launch. Most stores actually were limited to the Gear S2 Sport in gray, no white, no classic. Most retailers had no explanation for the lack of stock beyond delayed shipments. Samsung which has had production issues in the past certainly pissed off a ton of consumers willing to fork over several hundreds of dollars to get their hands on this new design they had been hearing about. It seems Samsung is more in the business of creating the illusion of demand rather than actually delivering the products on the dates they are supposed to be in stock. This is almost exactly like the situation with the Galaxy S6 where it seems Samsung wanted to create an insane buzz that everyone wanted their phone and nobody could find one, thus creating a faux "must have" mentality. It didn't work, the phone in the end undersold and was quickly overshadowed by the S6 Edge. As someone who is typing this while sitting a foot away from an S6 edge that he uses, the experience today has been quite a turn off.  Retailers like Macy's don't have it in stock but want to charge $50 more than other retailers with no guaranteed ship date. Best Buy has the Classic listed as coming soon. B&H Photo has the phone shipping on the 16th of October. Samsung itself is stating 3-4 weeks for them to ship, not from the U.S. but from overseas...let that sink in. October 2nd rolled around and some folks were able to get the white version of the sport watch, most could only find it in black, it seems none could find the classic in the states. I guess that's just $350 I was saved from wasting.


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  • Amazon fire tv stick is officially now out in the wild

    Amazon decided to continue it's trend of one upping it's competitors by jumping into the battle for your living room tv with its own direct competitor to Google's chrome stick. Amazon came out swinging from the gate, unlike many of it's competition by having a plethora of ready to use apps on day one. As most consumers know apple tv, Google chrome, roku, and others had rocky launches due to the large variety in licensing conflicts they encountered. Amazon who has also jumped into the original series game via it's prime video service worked out all of these conflicts ahead of time. Due to it's size and what it offers the device is a legitimate threat to all others. The other media hubs that match it in size don't have the amount of content amazon offers, and those who could match it come in bigger products. Hopefully Amazon keeps making strides to separate itself from the pack as this item will be a hot one with Christmas gift seekers.


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  • How to get 3D at home without spending much or buying a new tv

    I fell in love with 3D back in the late 80's to early 90's upon landing in a seat at Disney World and watching the Michael Jackson experience. It was my first taste of 3D and it was ahead of it's time, like ten years ahead of it's time. The eye popping visuals and the feeling of being immersed into this video world was flat out amazing. Over the next decade or so I experience 3D gradually at game locations that offered VR games, it was to say the least an all new experience. Consumer end 3D has never been cheap, getting the same results as you  would in lets say a multimillion dollar 3D theater from the comfort of your couch is a very expensive task.

    Most people I have heard complain about 3D mostly do so for two reasons. One, the glasses they aren't designed specifically for one user and they are mostly one size fits all. Second, motion sickness that makes individuals feel like they need to find the nearest bathroom. There various formats for 3D video, the most commonly known one is Anaglyph 3D. It's the 3D that you see while wearing often disposable glasses with one red and one blue lens. This version of 3D could easily be found in cereal boxes for Saturday morning cartoon stuff. This version of 3D works well because it's a cheap version of coming the content without spending much money. Stereoscopic 3D is mostly based around solid frames that either use polarized lenses, shutter glasses, or a variation of the old Anaglyph styled lens but with darker shades.  The difference between those 3 are price, usage, and comfort with the viewer. Polarized and Shutter glasses are more commonly on the expensive end because they come associated with direct television sets. Shutter glasses in particular require battery charging as they are motorized shutting off one lens at a time giving you more of a pop out in your face 3D experience or about as close as one can get to movie theater type quality. The anaglyph modern version approach is the easiest and cheapest way of consuming 3D content but you don't get things jumping out of the screen and are less likely to experience motion sickness.

    I recently searched for a solution to get 3D as inexpensively as I could. After many searches, read reviews, and consumer reports I found one particular item on amazon that caught my interest. It was a box that promised to convert 2D content to 3D, that wasn't it's only promise but it was an attractive one. 2D to 3D conversion is possible on some modern television sets but most don't actually handle it well, this box didn't do it well at all. The other features it provides were as promised, I could watch SBS (side by side) 3D from HBO on demand. The box is called "3D Video Wizard console" and can be found on amazon and other sites for under $35. The experience takes a bit of getting used to as I don't normally wear glasses, the sensation of having them on my nose really distracted me. The more time I spent using them the more comfortable they became. I enjoyed several animated movies which looked wonderful via the glasses, but it wasn't an all enveloping experience. I then grabbed a pair of wireless headphones, put on a copy of avatar 3D, and sat back to watch it in 3D. I was absolutely blown away, these glasses work amazingly better with Bluray 3D. The depth layers of 3D were nothing short of dazzling, the forest scenes in Avatar completely left me flabbergasted. Gravity not so much, perhaps i'll write about that one. To end this post I will say, don't expect the same 3D experience as a $1000 native 3D television may provide but this device gets me pretty close to that experience.


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  • GamerCast for android (Free app) review

    Now if you are like me you can't get enough gaming news, admit it you love gaming just like I do. The problem is I always end up getting information the day after news breaks via some popular websites. So we've been looking for a solution to stay ahead of gaming news, most news breaks on podcasts first because of course a podcast can be strewn together faster than a post, we can speak faster than we can normally write. Enter GamerCast for android users. GamerCast literally offers you the worlds top gaming podcast the minute an episode goes live. When I say the top of the gaming world I mean guys like MajorNelson, IGN, Playstation nation, and Bungie just to name a few. This is a wonderful take on the popular news function of mobile phones, since you can stream or download an episode you can access your content anywhere. Another cool feature this app has is that it downloads compressed and then decompresses files locally to save you bandwidth if you choose to use it without wifi.

    I recently sat down with GamerCast on an 8 hour drive and had more information about the future landscape of gaming in those 8 hours than I could gather within weeks of web browsing. My favorite podcast would be the bungie one where they talked in depth about Destiny it's huge mmo feature title releasing later this year. If you own an android device no matter what version it's running I suggest you give GamerCast a go, it's free and you'll lose nothing in trying it out.

    Click here to see GamerCast on Google Play

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  • Gettng ready for Watch dogs, will it live up to the hype?

    Watch Dogs has been under development since 2009, originally when the games information leaked it was considered a GTA clone of sorts with a different approach. This wasn't that far fetched considering the way Saints Row began and evolved to gain it's own identity and find success many never expected it would. Due to many of it's delays Watch Dogs has sort of become the Dr. Dre Detox album of the gaming world. An amazing piece of entertainment that never sees the light of day, well on May 27th it's time to put up or shut up.

    Watch dogs centers around a futuristic semi-utopia of Chicago, a city like many that is monitored by CTOS. Ctos is a data controlling system put in place after a hack attack that resulted in a destruction blackout in the year 2003. Aiden Pearce a character who you will control is a talented hacker with fists of fury. Aiden somehow is tied into the story in some variant of revenge and fighting the system. The game will center around a unique combination of tactical approaches from using your technology filled environment to busting your guns on the run from the police. Aiden can be seen in trailers using his mobile phone to deploy rams and shut off street lights. How Watch Dogs sets its self apart from Saints Row and GTA is it's origins on evolving ahead of those franchise. Combining real world believable action with a story line that plays current on the minds of many. It taps into the topic of data privacy and the effects it can have if misused.

    According to the creators of the game it will feature a number of play modes, one in particular presents an interesting approach. Open world multiplayer, the difference here is that in this open world you will find other players who will look and move just like A.I. you will have to figure out who is real and who is not via hacking and setting traps. Hopefully we get a very long story without all the focus going towards multiplayer. On the graphics side much can be said, we've seen two different views of the game which caused a bit of an uproar amongst console owners. The latest trailer kinda sorta showed diminished visuals but they still looked nothing short of amazing, not as good as the original trailer but pretty damn good by next gen standards. Let's hope on May 27th this game comes out with a bang swinging for the fences because we need a new franchise in gaming to force innovation and faster turn around on other franchises.

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  • Xbox Games with Gold May 2014 (Speculation)

    So every month there seems to be speculation as to what games with gold will offer xbox 360 users, while the same program has been discussed for Xbox One it'll be at least a year before we see it. Right now the games with gold for may 2014 seems to be along to the lines of a Tomb Raider and Skulls of the shogun. If this is actually the two offerings for the month of games with gold it would follow the now seemingly permanent big game first arcade game second patterns we've seen developing. For one, I have enjoyed some of the games offered in this perk system but let's be honest Sony is dismantling MS on the perk and discount section. This past week saw sales for Nba2k14 and Need for speed Rivals, two games which did well upon release but have since fallen off big time on the game sales chart.

    Fans of xbox have taken to major nelson's website and twitter to complain about the lack of competitiveness that MS has shown to its loyal users. Particularly over Playstation offering a ton of games at a dollar a piece to which Microsoft only countered by discounting NBA2K14 by 17% for xbox one users. The discount is laughable and not even worth buying from, the fact remains that MS is still selling many of its games digitally at higher prices than they can be found online via other retailers. The fact also remains that tons of xbox games are delayed, it seems that the folks at xbox may be applying pressure on devs to get their games up to snuff in terms of resolution after all the backlash over the lack of titles at 1080p on a supposed next gen system. I reached out to Phil Spector the new head of Xbox but at the time of publishing this article have not received a reply. Since he claimed his focus is games and expanding the enjoyment of the new system one can't help but wonder when that will actually happen. Games like Assassins Creed Black Flag should've seen a sale by now, any game now 7 months old or older should've at least seen on sale just to drive up units sold. We hope to get an answer from the folks at MS but that's unlikely considering they seem to be focused solely on E3 instead of the fallout that is taking place amongst a huge portion of its user base. Personally I have taken to using Gamefly for xbox one games because I find the prices ridiculous, It's actually cheaper for me to buy games from Gamefly than Microsoft.


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  • The Xbox One months later still a hit or miss experience

    I wasn't fortunate enough to test out the system at CES or any other tech show so I wasn't exactly what to expect when I cracked open my factory sealed Xbox One recently. Based on my experiences with Microsoft branded consoles I expected a specific consistency which I am sad to say just isn't quite there yet. Many arguments can be made regarding why that's the case, mainly the fact the entire operating system had to rewritten in a matter of two and a half months after the always online fiasco of 2013. The system is attractive and serves as a great center piece for any entertainment center, it's uses regarding television, app switching and background operational snap system is exciting. It's really revolutionary in many ways but primarily this is a console, it's meant for games.

    I started out my run at the new system with two titles, Dead Rising 3 a franchise which I have supported through every entry and DLC. To say this game is a fantastic starting point is an understatement, the game packs great replay value and a pretty decently lengthened story line. The game gave me purpose towards using game dvr and upload studio for the first time. My second entry into this console was Call of Duty, i'm  Call of Duty faithful even though Ghosts leaves much to be desired. I ran through both of these game in probably record time, the controller is amazing. It compliments the upgrade of system very appropriately. Then I ran into the real problem with this console.

    What do I do now? I've played through my games, surely there are some demos I can play that would keep me entertainment until more DLC for my games comes out. Wrong. The basic offerings in the demos section is limited to a handful of games, 6 as of this moment to be exact. Two are kids games and the rest are sports games. No demo for Ryse. No Demo for Forza 5. Where are the arcade titles? I mean surely Bejeweled, Monopoly, and other family game makers are investing in making games for this system. Surely those games don't take as long as a $50 million dollar triple A massive function game takes to make. I mean, even the Walking Dead Season 2 is not available. Now i'm not exactly the biggest shopper of Xbox Live, but the options have always been interesting. It makes a consumer feel well invested when they have many options. Now i've read quotes regarding publishers having the option to make game demos or not. So where are they? How do I know if your game is good enough for my $60?

    The Xbox One is under massive redevelopment and perhaps was a system that was rushed into retail before it's time. It's an ambitious undertaking. One that is at it's core near perfection. It's sluggish pace at producing content is jarringly slow. Microsoft Studios should've had at least 6 additional titles ready for the months the console would need to spare publishers in order to finish their projects. Perhaps they do, perhaps they are spacing them out. As it stands right now, you'll either end up spending $300 on five worthwhile titles to fill in the void until the real gems start coming out. Let's hope that team Xbox plans something big to keep us in check until then.


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  • Why Samsung won me over

    For years now weve heard plenty about Samsung gaining ground on Apples line of popular devices. As a long time ipod, macbook, iphone,ipad adopter i doubted this highly. Funny how in the span of a year my life could be powered by Samsung. I used to spend tons of money to be on top of the tech curb, it was fun but foolish. These days im a bit more consevative but just as hungry to enjoy new tech. Enter Android, i dont mean Android stock the operating system that comes with your device. I mean Andoid Roms carefully tweaked to lengthen the life of your device. What do I mean? Well how many times have you been told you must buy a new device to upgrade its software? If you own an Ipad im pretty sure you have. Well I own a Samsung Exhibit 4G which was renamed the Samsung Galaxy 4G. The phone is old, I mean 2.3 Android old and today its running 4.4.2 Android. If this phone was a second generation Iphone even the greatest Jailbreak wouldnt get me to IOS 7. This isnt about a company war its about product with long term value. I can buy a brand new version of this phone for under one hundred bucks. On the tablet end, i still have several ipads around the house, within arms reach but my ipad 1 for browsing? Hell no. Its a crash fest everytime. Why? Ask Apple, I wont bother to. Yet i can buy any old android tablet and not have that issue, why? Software and available tweaks. Right now im playing on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7inch system which ran about $159 at Best Buy. Unmodified it is just amazing and i can buy two for the price of tbe ipad mini without worrying that in a year my device will be rendered useless because its maker said so.

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  • Xbox One and why it will stomp sony in the end

    The console wars have been well underway for sometime now and while many consider the battle a tight one they couldnt be more wrong. Much has been made about the specs of each system with some selective minds stating it makes the xbox one seem inferior. To those I internally laugh...why? Because the reality is that specs wont change but the softwares of both will continue to evolve.


    Many sources have ignored the facts of variable application capable via the xb1 and while im a long time fan of sony their environment of adaptation is limited, very limited. The best arguments ive heard are in relation to Microsofts higher priced system is that somehow it is inferior and not made for gaming primarily. Well perhaps these people havent bothered to look at the primary function of that system. The reality is that its a gaming system that if permitted and worked could literally find application around your entire home not just your place of watching tv. The xbox one in theory could be paired up with outlets, security systems, and virtually anything that is powered by bluetooth, wifi, or electricity.


    The other reality is that at a five hundred dollar base price it is the most cost effective priced entry into smart home technology. Companies like twc and verizon have invested millions into this same of technology, microsoft offers them the ability to deploy their technology into a device already in millions of homes. So yes, the console wars have just begun but microsft leads it.

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  • The GTA 5 countdown now...

    Rockstar has been teasing the public with bits and pieces of it's long in development sequel to Grand Theft Auto 5. Gamers dying to get their hands on the game as early as possible have driven the search term "GTA 5" into the stratosphere. Every indication is that lines will indeed form hours before midnight on September 16th 2013. Many retailers are expected to stay open as late as 3 A.M. local time just to satisfy the early crowd. Others will head off to their favorite torrent port and attempt to gain access to the game via other methods. With the amount of early game leaks these last two years one wonders how long before it finds it's way online.

    The game originally stated to be released late last year was delayed nearly 10 months due to "Delays in production"...cough..cough..Bioshock..cough..cough. The three main character angle is an interesting approach but only the interchangablility is new. We've played three characters in GTA 4 including the DLC's that interact with each other albeit rarely and not on the same team either. The real interesting part of this game will be the smaller intangibles of how the world happening around each character affects them. Will there be mood meters that affect your effectiveness during missions, will consumption of food be mandatory within the game? There are many questions yet to be answered but in due time we will pour through hours of this game. Extending the lifespan of this entry to the franchise is absolutely vital due to the lengthy periods between releases, on the of the greatest annoyances with GTA4 was the limited amount of DLC. Adding character side stories beyond those of the Lost and Luis Lopez would've been a great way to keep us playing. Personally I played "The Ballad of Gay Tony" six times...eventually it got old. Many of us hope this new version features extensive DLC like other companies provide for their games.


    Another exciting feature in the game will be how you spend your time between missions. In other versions of the game there were plenty of things to do such as play pool, shoot darts, go drinking but this time around you'll be able to immerse your character into games of tennis, Cycling rides, and more. I guess it's a way to ensure players don't just rush through the story. Nothing is more annoying than when you really start getting into a game it abruptly just ends. 6 hour story games? No thank you we live in the 20 hour story plus era and if you publish a game for this franchise on average every 5 years....let's hope you make it up to us via ridiculously long game story.



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  • XBOX ONE VS PLAYSTATION 4 : Why Microsoft will win this generation

    Much has been made about next gen console prices, hardware, and game offerings. Much has been debated about which brand is the frontrunner this time around. Much has been criticized and much has been loved. So I have combed through polls, comment threads, and from seeing the reactions of gaming juggernauts who are being forced to pick sides.

    The Price:

    Sony announced a price of $399 for their next console while Microsoft stated $499 for theirs. While yes there is a price difference the reality is that Playstations price will slowly balloon as new add-on components become available. Microsoft simply bundled everything into one price bracket and is sticking at that price. Out of the box Microsofts console has everything set and ready to go. Sony has announced a slew of products for the Playstation so clearly they have the intention of selling you the entire experience at a considerable higher price.

    The Experience:

    Playstation while always elegant seems to have really avoided taking a risk with their fanbase. They have tried to sell this next console as "a gaming experience" but all you get is a controller and a console. What about the other members of the household who do not play games? What about the mother who buys the system for her kid and perhaps would like to get some usage out of the expensive tech she just purchased for her kid? This is where Microsoft holds the cards, and no Kinnect does not have to be on at all if you don't wish it to be. Yet with the inclusion of Kinnect your living room is transformed into "A SMART SPACE". This makes it attractive for the entire family. It seems that Microsoft has invested heavily in turning the unboxing experience in front of said family into an experience itself. The involvement of the scanning of the family members to mom's, dads, wives, husbands, neighbors being scanned for the first time into a system is quite the experience. It also seems that by the time the family is through with the set up even the most technologically challenged member of the household will be an expert in how to use the system. That's a pretty amazing feat if you ask me...apparently the experience is very very fun. Replacing several devices in your living room in the process is mighty atractive as well. Who knows Sony may have a trick up their sleeve but unless they have something my youngest and eldest relatives can enjoy as equally and as easily..well Microsoft wins that battle.



    Listen the entire pay a fee for used games fiasco is just that. In order to get exclusives you have to negotiate with the game creators. There is a reason Microsoft was able to pull in as many exclusives for the first year alone. Microsoft is giving us many just as pretty games but many of those games are cross platform, what Sony isn't giving us is the experience on their console at the same rate nor in many cases at all. I cannot justify investing into something where someone else is able to play a game or dlc months before I can and completely spoil the content for me. Sony frankly hurt themselves in the last generation and the gamers on their platform will pay for it for a while. Microsoft has more money to invest into game development and studios. In some cases Microsoft hijacked game franchises which were Playstation exclusive and turned them into Xbox exclusives. The fact remains this generation console being a failure and a loss of money could easily spell the death knell of sony gaming. Taking a look at the financials of both companies during the past 8 or so years reveals who can survive and who cannot if their console stumbles. I'll just sum it up in saying that the studios care about money, investors, and star power all which microsoft has heavily dedicated themselves to.


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  • Will Grand Theft Auto 5 change how we experience gaming?

    Rockstar Games delayed their fifth installment of the largely popular "Grand Theft Auto" series by a year to add what they describes as enhancements. The recently released trifecta of trailers each showcasing the main characters has brought to mind the question, will Rockstar Games set the gaming world on its head again? The likely answer is....YES!! A game that carries three separate main character storylines that go deep into back history and establishing current history..ahh one can foam at the mouth. Now include the fact that you have a map five times larger than anything they've ever done including it's own uniquely designed grid personality and we have a recipe for a truly unique experience in gaming.

    So here is the lay of the land:

    3 Characters.

    3 completely difference experiences that can be interchanged.

    1 Gigantic map with air, ground and aquatic interactions.

    Artificial Intelligence designed in great variation.

    Neighborhoods with their own flavor.


    You can count on it that we haven't heard even 10% of what this game will include. We do know customizations of both vehicles and characters is back. We know that the world features its own ambient music soundtrack. I believe we will see scuba challenges, sporting challenges, night life elements and I expect a huge change to the wanted system. It is likely the days of gunning your car smashing a few other vehicles into blocking the road hitting a hard right and flooring it to get away are over. Expect a more challenging system that will require longer timed intervals of being a wanted criminal based on the star system. A good change that came from Grand Theft Auto 4 was the DLC offerings. The Ballad Of Gay Tony was a huge success for Rockstar Games and brought in players who previously ignored the franchise. I can attest to several people who didn't play the franchise wanting to check out the fabulousness of Tony and his enforcer Luis Lopez. Can we expect DLC with this installation? Yes. It's pretty much assured. How much DLC? One can hope that Rockstar Games plans on increasing it's offerings this time with enough add-on content to sustain us closer into their next installment. The ability to use an existing world grid makes the DLC aspect more of a cosmetic and storyline inclusion which leads us to an unlimited amount in the possibilities of what they can offer. Could we see an older C.J. in this game? Possible, we've seen Los Santos in the trailers and many have theorized the woman in the trailer could very well be CJ's nephew. Perhaps we'll see an older Vercetti running an empire. Maybe Luis Lopez decided to leave the east coast. Who knows but the reality is that many players have indicated they want older characters included in this installation. Let's hope Rockstar Games listens and realizes the unique opportunity they have before them. Gamers want to spend spend spend on this game and I am amongst them. Over the next few months as more details emerge we will cover them and offer them to you via our articles.

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  • News: Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest Hacked

    Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest users' emails were stolen by hackers through Zendesk, a shared customer support service, and all three social networks urged them to be wary of suspicious emails. The damage appears to be minimal so far -- the sites said the hack, which took place in recent weeks, may have exposed subject lines and email addresses of messages sent to their user help lines. Zendesk declined to comment to TheWrap about the number of users affected. Twitter has more than 500 million users; Pinterest more than 11 million users.

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  • CH's Top 5 TV Shows of 2012

    Well we've come to the end of yet another year and thus it's time to start a list of the top shows of 2012. We know, something you like probably won't be on the list but hang in there. There is always next year of course but we hope some of you discover new gems in our list.


    1. Breaking Bad: Half way through a season and quite honestly it's only just now getting better. The show in its final season has started the turn in story where all the chips are on the table and things are well on their way to a collision course. Will Walt get away with it? Will Hank's discovery lead him nowhere again? What is Skylar's end result? Tune in because I can tell you one thing, expect one hell of a series ending.

    2. The Walking Dead: The changes to the character base have vastly changed the impact of each episode, the addition of the Governor and his town mixed in with Merle's return have all created a post apocalyptic cocktail of epic proportions. The silencing of Carl, the blackout of Rick, the death of his wife each turning up the pressure on the human emotion aspect. In this season of The Walking dead the writers seemed hell bent on stretching out the feelings of each to a breaking point and beyond. From the towns people at ease and laughing while zombies roam beyond the walls, to the hardships faced behind the metal twisted gates that surround the prison.

    3. The big bang theory: What is there to say about this show that likely hasn't already been said. The obvious ambundance of quirks, horrible attire, geek interests, and awkward moments leave this shows the abilty to remain a constant quality. Jim Parsons and company continue to geek rock the world. Howard returns from space, Sheldon's relationship takes hilarity to new heights, and best of all an epic halloween episode which became a huge viral buzz the following day..well folks it's a great show you can depend on.

    4. Homeland: This show really has become the talk amongst both critics and viewers. If season one was tightly woven, season two unspools it all into a big mess before slowing winding it back up. Carrie, Brody, and Sal take on new positions within the storyline. A new brooding character joins the team bringing with him some dirtly little secrets. A joy to watch and one which doesn't make the obvious always as obvious as other shows do.

    5. Revenge: This show is an evening soap opera done brilliantly. The sweet romance of beauty and payback create an agenda that keeps its viewers engaged episode after episode. A dark, twisted, mysterious is the chemistry for this show. The star carries her role perfectly in her quest for revenge on those who have killed her father.

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  • Call of duty: Black ops 2 Scorestreaks (Spoilers)

     Ok so here I will be listing the Scorestreaks that will be available on day one of the game launch. These are confirmed directly from the game itself.

    1. UAV - 350 POINTS (Shows enemies on mini map)
    2. RC-XD - 450 POINTS (Remote controlled car strapped with explosives)
    3. Hunter Killer - 525 POINTS (Infantry deployed drone that seeks out enemy target)
    4. Care Package - 550 Points (Airdrop a random scorestreak)
    5. Counter UAV - 600 Points ( Temporarily disables enemy mini-map)
    6. Guardian - 650 points (A placeable dish that projects a cone of microwave radiation that stuns and impairs enemies)
    7. Hell storm missile - 700 points (Remote controlled hellstorm missile with a cluster bomb payload)
    8. Lighting strike - 750 points (Launch a coordinated lighting strike on three locations)
    9. Sentry Gun - 800  points (Deploy an automated sentry gun. Can be remote controlled)
    10. Death Machine - 850 points (your own personal handheld minigun)
    11. War Machine - 900 points (Grenade launcher with rapid semi-automatic firing)
    12. Dragonfire - 975 points (Remote controlled quad rotor with a lightweight machine gun)
    13. A.G.R - 1000 points (Air drop an autonomous ground robot that patrols for enemies. Can be remote controlled)
    14. Stealth Chopper - 1100 points (Call in a stealth chopper, does not appear on enemies minimap)
    15. Orbital VSAT - 1200 points (Shows both enemy position and direction on the minimap. Cannot be shot down)
    16. Escort Drone - 1250 points (Get personal air support from an escort drone)
    17. EMP Systems - 1300 points (Temporarily disables enemy electronics)
    18. Warthog - 1400  points (Jet aircraft that provides close air support (CAS)via several strafe runs)
    19. Lodestar - 1500 points (Lase missile targets remotely from the lodestar)
    20. VTOL Warship - 1600 points (Be the gunner of a powerful VTOL warship)
    21. K9 Unit - 1700 (Attack dogs that hunt the enemy)
    22. Swarm - 1900 (Call in a swarm of lethal hunter killer drones)
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  • Gta Vice City: 10 years later...

    GTA: Vice City turned me into a hard core gamer more so than any other game before it or after. Such was the experience of taking over the character of one Tommy Vercetti the ultra slick retro 80's felon. It was the first time I had experienced directive violence, running drugs, car jacking, union busting, and story driven aerial assaults. While GTA 3 gave us some of those features it wasn't until Vice City that Rockstar perfected the forum with a balance still unrivaled since. Cruise the streets of 80's miami, populated by beautiful women, fast cars, and the fabulousness of the criminal underground.

    The game encompassed the era of cocaine cowboys from the eyes of someone new to the area with ties to organized crime. It introduced us to a sleazy attorney with a severe cocaine addiction with a massive dosage of paranoia. It introduced us to the battles of neighborhoods vying for control of the drug trade. It showed the highs and lows of the drug induced era that was miami in the 80's. Bright colors, empty pockets, and tons of opportunity to become the big dog. This was the setting for one of the greatest games ever created.

    In all fairness this is the most challenging title in the Rockstar series, it wasn't as easy to escape a police chase as it was in GTA 3. It wasn't as simple as driving into an alley way, the landscape being so expansive left much room for chasing and attempting to get away. Old reliables like Ammunation were placed strategically across the map in key locations that made it harder to empty a clip and run to go buy more. It took the stunt jumps of GTA 3 and put them on steroids, I found myself spending dozens of tries attempting to hop across a river on a motorcycle..only to go splat into a brick wall..eventually I achieved this but it was well worth it. The game featured vengeance, sex, and rock and roll. My favorite places in the game were the mansion and the club..nothing like a cheesy neon club to make the gamer in me go gaga I must have this. This game was an excellence of open world environment, grab a chopper land on top of a building, and snipe away..ahh pure bliss. For it's ten anniversary Rockstar Games is releasing the game for mobile devices. Lets hope they redesigned the game for sharper character detail...I pray and pray to someday play this game again with a modern engine. How about an HD remake folks?

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  • Borderlands 2 players being hacked in co-op play

    Gearbox has announced that they will be releasing a patch for an in game exploit that is leaving some players with corrupted game saves and their selected in game character corrupted. Here is how it works, hackers are joining random games while using an external script loader that once a player dies they are redirected to the games main menu while the hacker remains in game hacking their game save. The hacking renders your character null and void thus forcing you to start all over again with its progress. Gearbox recommends if you experience this go straight back into your game and save and quit..never just back out. The patch can be expected at some point next.
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  • Submit your video links to

    Cinema Haven allows users from across the world to share their favorite videos. We offer innovative tools that do most of the hard work for you. We accept video submissions from 47 different video sources including youtube, dailymotion, videobb, novamov amongst dozens of others. The process is simple, copy the link to your desired video and visit our submit page to share it with others.
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  • GTA 5 release date: Announcement due on November 1st 2012

    GTA 5 is due for a humongous media expose and promotional campaign starting next month. Ever since several news outlets reported they were partaking in a presentation by Rockstar late last week the internet has been abuzz with all sorts of rumors about the future of GTA 5 and more notably when it's being released. One thing is for sure whoever lets it out of the bag before Rockstar wishes them to will end up on the mother of blacklists ever created and possibly worse than that. Folks are under extreme gag orders, friends that work at publications have completely gone silent across social media and many aren't even answering their phones while working on magazine covers and articles related to the game. The information is that sensitive and the crunch to keep this all a secret until day X arrives is really getting to be a bit much. For fans of the grand theft auto franchise we suggest ponying up the $5 for next months copy of game informer because they will be exposing more information than anyone else. While we were not asked to taking part in the Rockstar games event (Hopefully someone at Rockstar Games reads this and includes us in the future..We love them and we are in the same states as them) we can joyfully state that we will be covering as much of the information as possible when it surfaces, in the meanwhile i'll be returning to playing San Andreas and busting caps into pimped out Cadillacs while listening to O.G. Loc's ridiculous rapping. Ah the desire to see GTA 5 during the holiday seasons is making me feel like I am 10 again and waiting to unwrap the biggest present of them all.

    Update: There is much speculation that GTA 5 may come in two disc sets like Halo 4 is being released so that the huge campaign can be fit into it's own disc. We at Cinema Haven would applaud this because it means in all likelihood the game will not have to be trimmed down and certain elements removed. Another rumor is that Rockstar could potentially release GTA 5 as a download game via xbox live on launch date which we also welcome as great news if that's the case.
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  • Halo 4 ban hammers are well underway..

    Saw Halo 4 was leaked? Couldn't resist the urge? Downloaded it a month early? Put your xbox online even while not playing it? Yep if that's you sorry to say I highly recommend you open up your email and check for the much hated and oft critiqued Xbox Live Ban Hammer of hell...yes you read it correctly. So far it is report that Microsoft is making a clean sweep of all Halo 4 early adopters if that includes you and your system has been online at any point since playing halo it's either waiting for you or it's sure to be on it's way to you by weeks end. We've already started to see the first waves of social media crying by those who chose to play the game, figured it was ok to still go on Xbox live because "I'm not playing it while on xbox live, so I should be fine". What most forget is that Halo 4 has for some a hidden gem of a nugget..wait for it..wait for it.."A dashboard # dependency" if you don't have the dashboard and you played it ever! Do yourself a favor and skip xbox live altogether. There is a work around for some that has worked and has helped them avoid being banned..but we won't get into that because if you don't know how to do it you probably shouldn't be on a modded console in the first place. How do you know if MS is onto you? Go to login and look at your recent activity..if Halo 4 is listed there then my friend it's been good gaming with you but it's a console ban for you.
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