• Who Is The Heavyweight King: Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder?

    Who Is The Heavyweight King: Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder?



    Two titans are now posed to meet somewhere in 2018 with a lot at stake. Each man possessing crushing power, impressive size and back by two of the biggest figureheads in boxing. Much has been made about each mans flaws but one fact reigns supreme, Heavyweight boxing is back! After dropping a fading champion and overcoming his own adversity during the match Anthony Joshua emerged a name to be reckoned with and the UK roared back to its fighting grace after the Tyson Fury fallout, the UK was hungry for another international level star that would carry its fight hopes on broad shoulders.


    Deontay Wilder better known as the bronze bomber has flattened just about every fighter put across from him in a ring. The giant from Alabama capture heavyweight glory by defeating Bermaine Stiverne in 2015 to capture the WBC crown. Stiverne who is managed by Don King has gotten himself a rematch after several opponents failed to pass their drug tests.


    If both men can overcome their next challengers the demand for a fight will reach a boiling point. Each man has taken to social media and the press to take shots at the other. Progressing in negotiations past their current scheduled bouts might prove difficult as both men stand above others in their divisions in terms of drawing power and the ability to command serious money. Both sides want more than an even split, both men believe they deserve the better percentage. Will this derail a fight between the two? Doubtful, for one Joshua needs to beat a legitimate threat that isn't on his way out and Wilder needs an opponent to validate his heavyweight reign. The reality is that whomever wins a fight between the two literally writes their ticket until they retire or loses the crown. Taking one look at the money earned by the Klitschko's during their tenure in the division and the lack of talent depth in the division dominance post a fight among them would be reminiscent of the Mike Tyson era because people tune in to watch dominant heavies and they reach deep in their pockets for the spectacle.


    The only thing that could derail the winner would be complacency and too much comfort. So who is the king? As it stands right now it should rightfully go to Wilder due to his tenure as WBC champion. While his resume since can be questioned the other name in the division to rival him is one win removed from the same honor.



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  • Lack Of Education: The Horrific Truth Behind 2016's Presidential Outcome

    Much can be said about the two candidates that waged war against each other as the nominees of their respective parties. What has gone unsaid is that catastrophic failure a nation has sustained in the view of the world simply because of its horrendous record on education. Exit polls showed that educated individuals who took the time to vote on Tuesday were split right down the middle in terms of their education levels. An overwhelming number of voters who either held a bachelors degree or a graduate degree voted blue, an overwhelming number of voters who voted red lacked said credentials. While the cry has been over jobs one can't help but wonder if better education as little as a decade ago wouldn't have made a difference. It can be argued that Donald Trump is a successful businessman or better yet someone how has parlayed himself into a position where developers simply pay to use his name to sell luxury housing, it can also be argued that he is a failed businessman with ties to fraud, sexual assault, and countless bankruptcies. What cannot be argued is that Mr. Trump has no idea how the other half lives and therein lays the problem with poverty stricken states full of under educated workers voting in favor of promised jobs. What is the reality here is that we saw America vote in a first time politician who was incapable of being loyal to the actual workers who helped him become the mogul he became.

    Unfortunately millions of American's woke up this morning to learn that the country had voted in the most unqualified nominee in history and the numbers do not lie. When does buyer's remorse kick in? Probably within the next two years we shall see the remorse of millions who voted for this candidate when reality finally sets in. Perhaps sooner as justices step down and need to be replaced, quite possibly replaced by candidates of extremely conservative views. This does not bode well for us as a nation who thrives on progress and suffers from regression, with civil liberties already in violation in so many ways the under educated may not see it that way until it affects their bottom line. It realistically takes a level of ignorance so deep to vote into a office an individual who was the face of a fraudulent institution of education. This wasn't an institution for your children but instead for working class parents who sacrificed so much to simply improve their lives only to be shirked out of their loans and left with empty hands.

    Education offset this election because as we've continued to grow in global dominance our budgets for the military keep growing at a pace that is astronomical while we continue to be ranked fourteenth in the world for education. An educated society makes conscious decisions, identifies facts by doing their own research and go beyond the catchphrases and witty one liner jabs that got Mr. Trump elected. This can be clearly evidenced by discussions on social media with people talking about "we'll be great again." Is that so? Once upon a time calling America anything but great was considered treasonous, yet the under educated seem to have forgotten that again because of their contempt for a politician who wasn't selling them hate and empty promises. Perhaps its time to move beyond the election and start focusing on how to right this ship because quite frankly the Trump and Pence chapter in the history books is going to contain many glaring mistakes that will haunt us for decades to come and perhaps then after most of the hopes have been reduced to ash and reality sets in we can start looking at the root cause of this failure in the fact that as long as we allow education to lag behind other programs we will keep repeating these kind of mistakes that take the honor of being American right out of us.

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  • Boxing: The Pussification Of A Combat Sport (Part 1)


    Boxing has always been a business from the days of bare knuckle fighting to the current point where we stand today, boxing has always been controlled by outside entities who have looked to maximize the profitability of their involvement in the sport of kings. This has never been more true than it is today with boxing's landscape fragmented more than it ever has and while political power has always had its place within the combat sport for the first time ever it is actually starting to cripple it beyond recognition. Many legends have been born between the posts of a ring and many legends have fallen between them, mythical status has been achieved and has also been taken within those same parameters. The sport which slowly is evolving into more of a choreographed placement of chess pieces by men in suits with talking and selling points, while the actual talent becomes less important in this most crucial of times.

    Boxers have never been great businessmen but have always been warriors willing to go endless number of rounds in the gym in preparation and assuming risks that can not only alter their earning power but also their standing among what the public considers the elite class of the sport. Today's fan of the sport doesn't know it's ass from its face and sinks its chompers into every narrative presented to them because of course they fall for the sale pitches offered up to them like the finest choice cut of meats. Considering themselves elitists because they support this boxer or that boxer and standing behind that fighters record as if it's a shield that makes them any more knowledgeable than the other fan. Floyd Mayweather's Jodanesque dominance of the sport has fanboys alike in a fog of misconception and lack of understanding as to what this sport really is, any real fan of Mayweather's would remember his own rise and challenging of notable names when he had easier options, yet Floyd's power moves put him in a very unique position to dictate terms unlike the sport had ever seen. This is not something 99% of the boxers to lace them up will ever accomplish. Casting aside Floyd's dominance over the sport he recently retired from we have a new generation of up and coming fighters that embraces that position and are attempting to manipulate their way into a similar situation without having earned the right to or having paid the cost associated in order to reach that point. Many of these same fighters are backed by investor power which cares more about reward than risk and while I support smart moves in life I do believe there is work to be done before even the best investor can actually expect little risk to their dollar. 

    How many of these suit wearing faceless backers of any promotional company actually care about the fighter? None, its no different than  a team that drafts a talent places them under contract they value until that athlete can no longer produce. Then it's on to the next one and this is where both fans and pro boxers miss tamehe reality. A million dollar purse for a tune up is great, I love to see boxers make their money but when does the tuning up come to an end? Why would a fighter demand to fight the best when he can make the same amount of money fighting lets say a  wasguy like Rod Salka? Therein lays the problem as it stands. Boxing has now become a game of purses and positioning and not about the fan, earning the fan base by showing your mettle. Some champions literally climb divisions and face off for titles usurping the other nine candidates who have been busting their behind trying to get that same shot. Money rules boxing and its really destroying the sport. Multi divisional champions such as Adrien Broner have taken shortcuts supplied to them by promoters to literally bypass other contenders simply because they are a marquee name. The best example of this was Miguel Cotto's sneak steal of Martinez's WBC belt although he had never set foot in a ring to face off versus another fighter in that division. A check book, ludicrous weight demands on an aging fighter coming off a 14 month layoff and two surgeries within two years and a few months later Cotto is the lineal champion at 160lbs. What followed what a similar move, another check book opened, another fighter who was not even ranked at the weight and we have a new champion. Boxing is becoming a game of musical chairs where the path of least resistance now makes legends in the sport. While I criticize Cotto for his shrewd business maneuvering I do not take away from his earlier accomplishments, yet I today see him as another case of working the politics of the sport to benefit himself.

    Fighters without promotional power backing seem to be lost in the fray, when they finally do end up with a shot at a strap they usually end up on the wrong end of a decision, poor Mauricio Herrera fights that one twice over. The worst of his robberies coming at the end of a one sided beating of Danny Garcia, a fighter who has fought 30 plus times but managed to log a total of 5 resume enhancing names in total. Garcia is another classic example similar to Adrien Broner, Garcia has managed to position himself for high tier purses against more than his share of no hopers, and yet this Saturday after beating the likes of Paulie Malignaggi somehow gets the possibility of becoming WBC world champion simply for fighting two fighter who are beyond shot as athletes. I can't just blame the athletes they would be stupid to pass up these options if they are there, the trouble isn't just their management either, people that run these commissions who are more than just happy to hop into bed with promotional companies regularly are allowing this to happen. Amir Khan a while back moved to 147 and was ranked within the top ten before actually even taking a challenge. He is now the mandatory challenger to the winner on Saturday between Garcia and Guerrero. While idiots love to toss fighters like Golovkin under the bus because they can't actually convince fighters to get in the ring against them, these guys get a pass, so do the commissions, and so do the promoters. Instead of tuning out on such farces as Saturday's fight for a vacant championship belt neither fighter has earned a shot at they'll tune in and support it. Yet a year from now they'll complain about the lack of heart in boxing. Tune something else, let those ratings hit record lows and you will see how fast that same low risk promoter gets his shit together and starts looking for a good match up worthy of your viewership.

    The case of Golovkin who I just mentioned is a classic example of the political game, since the fighter was first mentioned as a potential opponent for the WBC crown three different fighters have held that title, all three have seemingly elected to completely avoid him in favor of "money fights" two of these fighters have had him listed as the clear cut mandatory and yet neither one has developed the will power to face him and yet the WBC keeps making exceptions. I confronted Mauricio Sulaiman about this recently and simply got a smile in response to my question. This situation smells of horseshit just like it did with Sergio Martinez a few years back during his Chavez Jr drama, different man, different belt holder same pile of shit. Yet it seems that Mr. Sulaiman can change his word at the drop of a dime but continually keep presenting other undeserving fighters the opportunities he absolutely refuses to enforce for others. Why haven't guys like Bradley been named a mandatory for the WBC title? Why does K2's Loeffler need to grovel at the feet of Oscar De La Hoya for a fight they earned with their nearly record breaking ko and defenses streak? Why are guys like Guillermo Rigondeaux and Lara not afforded these same opportunities others seem to just fall into? Because they are high risk fighters that would certainly upset the investment of those same people in suits who could care less about the sport or the athlete themselves.

    The upcoming fight between Porter and Thurman is only happening because Porter's dad trashed his sons opponent so hard it forced them to make the fight or risk losing stock on Thurman. Thurman who with his sick punching power has made quite a few sound choices in his career has seemingly been happy to play the game of feed me and pay me which again is fine until you hear his sylvester the cat mush mouth answer to the question "who do you want to fight next?". His next opponent typically does not fight the words "I want to fight the best." While the argument of "politics" not permitting some fights being made, there are many in-house fights that can be made. You don't see these happen until its a necessity to hoist one man above the rest of the stock and usually by then I have personally given up on said fighter. Guys like Ward still hold ground because of their past,  yet a man who has not faced a top ten challenger in the past 3 plus years is somehow still ranked top ten.

    I will end this for now and finish my argument on what's wrong with this sport in part 2 soon enough...Sport journalists you are next on my shit list.


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  • Mayweather vs Pacquaio: The fight not worth the wait or the price

    With all the hoopla and questions that plagued both fighters for the better part of six years most of the world came to a screeching halt in order to shatter records of attention paid to one single event between combatants. Many tuned in to see if their arguments over the past six years held any weight, would these guys be too far gone, could the Filipino warrior dethrone the undefeated? So much fanfare had been made over this fight that there was no way it could live up to the expectations shy of a stoppage by either fighter. Mayweather for some reason decided that stepping onto the scales on fight night made no sense, of course him doing so would probably end all the nonsense that he himself does not put on ten or more pounds between the weigh in and fight night which is obvious to anyone with a brain. Secondly the cable networks completely screwed the pooch by letting their networks come crashing down just before the main event was said to start. I still stand by the fact that Kenny Bayless was indeed the wrong man to select for the officiating of this bout, while some may argue that he did a decent job there were plenty of illegal veteran tactics he practically played blind to. I'm not a fan of Bayless because he floats about the ring in unusual positions that prevent him from looking at the action straight down between his two charges and misses a ton of stuff in the process.

    As if those issues weren't enough we come to the two fighters of the night, both fighters who have obviously seen better days. One known for his amazing defense and the other known for his almost maniacal offense. This was supposed to be a barn burner of sorts, all the talk about Floyd chopping wood and teaming up with Alex Ariza led to absolutely nothing but more of the same. We got more of the usual Floyd Mayweather Jr recipe of boxing, jab, check hook, right hand, back peddle. It's a recipe that has worked now in 48 bouts and is for some reason heralded by his most ardent fans and the most vocal of all fans. Manny Pacquaio for his case had promised to shatter Mayweather and end the reign once and for all. What we got was a fighter who had his moments but had truly lost the fire in his belly for the sport. In other words this was a paycheck bout for both men and nothing more. Today we learn that Pacquaio was actually injured for the bout and had needed the approval of medications to deal with a tear in his shoulder from the group at USADA. Pacquaio's people claim they considered cancelling the fight but weren't allowed to due to contractual obligations. The only problem I have with this is that had they put that information out back in March when the injury occurred the public would've demanded the fight be put off and the fighter given time to heal. Nobody would've chucked out a hundred dollars to watch a fighter of his caliber fight the biggest bout of his career at half mast, and I do mean nobody. Is it an excuse? No, there is proof that such an injury did occur despite the denial of NSAC, considering there was a strong testing method for this fight all medications had to be disclosed to that entity and that entity has confirmed that they did indeed get informed of the situation. The difference between USADA/VADA/WADA is that the first of the bunch has a clause that prevents them from disclosing anything to the public before a fight takes place. This was evidenced by the situations with Erik Morales a few years back.

    The fight certainly did not live up to the hype for a number of reasons, personally I never wanted this fight to happen after 2012 as I didn't believe either boxer was at their top form anymore and I still stand by that regardless of how good Floyd looked sauntering around the ring last night. Second, the size disparity was known even back in 2008 when the earliest rumblings of this fight started. The only way I wanted this fight to happen is if there would be a stoppage. One man can't make the count, that to me is worth the hype of this magnitude. I wanted and expected Floyd Mayweather to beat up on his opponent and send a message and instead I was treated to sights of a man just comfortable enough to do just enough to win a fight.  I like both fighters, I have enjoyed both fighters tremendously as athletes with their outside of the ring antics ignored completely. The fact remains that I have seen more action at golden glove bouts than I saw from the #1 and #2 boxers of the sport. People may argue about the sweet science but the sweet science has a place and time. Its time is not at the biggest event of your sports history. Prime example is Vasyl Lomancheko a fighter who is arguably the best amateur fighter in the history of the sport, yet as a professional fighter he's changed his style to suit the platform he fights at. Utter dominance is hard to argue against when you beat on your opponent to the point even he is convinced he's fighting 3 or 4 people. While Floyd is an amazingly talented fighter he had all the tools to do exactly that and instead we got the opposite. How are you such a big man and yet so cautious as to not even want to get in the pocket and trade with a man who looks so inferior to you physically? For all the arguments of greatest ever, he sure didn't look like it last night. Even before this fight I stated this wasn't a legacy fight, it was a generational standing fight and he had the chance to change that but did not. Watching Mayweather follow the count of the referee would've made it a legacy fight but instead coasting and running down the clock seemed to be his idea of showing he's a class above any other generation. I can't picture anyone in my top 5 list historically not going for the kill,I just don't see them satisfied with winning on points when they had almost every advantage possible to win a fight and moreso against an opponent they knew two months in advanced was injured. Floyd will undoubtedly go down as the greatest fighter of his generation but realistically it's an achievement he could have and should've easily eclipsed. The result of this fight leaves more questions than answers but in the minds of each individual fans one has to wonder if they are actually satisfied it happened.


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  • New changes to Cinema Haven

    We are in the process of updating our backend to make all features of the site easily accessible. You'll soon be able to sign in and submit videos with accounts from google, twitter, facebook if you choose to not create an account. So we hope this simplifies your life. You can also now submit videos you host or found on facebook. We have removed VK videos due to the piracy taking place on that service and to avoid receiving anymore dmca requests for removal which reflects negatively on our service. We want to remind our users again that we will not tolerate piracy of any kind whatsoever, things have gotten so bad that we've received piracy complaints for things provided by hulu. Yes Hulu licenses content from the networks and yet the networks (FOX) have hit us with DMCA complaints for Empire. We are looking to avoid having to waste time explaining to companies such as FOX that this is not a source of piracy, nor is any of the content listed here hosted here, or submitted from sites circumventing hulu's licensing rights or it's players. With that said we are adding new video sources throughout the rest of the year to expand what sites you can submit from but will first make sure that pirated content cannot be submitted or hosted there.

    If you have a site you want to see added to our submission list please name it in the comment section and we will work on adapting their api so you can submit their content.

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  • Boxing: A reflection of old racism in a modern setting

    Boxing was once a sport followed by Kings in many regions of the world, it was considered a sport in the most natural basic form. Survival of the fittest, two men face off against each other with only their fists and heart as their weapons. Boxing has always been kept at a distance by the upper crust throughout history who enjoyed it's barbaric nature for the moment but rarely something they actually ever cared about it beyond the event of the spectacle they watched. Anyone who has ever taken the time to study the history of boxing knows that it has been riddled with racism in many ways, even back when newspapers first started covering the sport racist terminology and imagery was used in reference to negro and fighters of non Caucasian descent. This same practice went on for decades until media decided to tone it down and evolve to gain a larger audience. So this would lead one to think that racism in the sport of boxing is now minimal, but you would be wrong.

    It isn't hard at all to find racism inserted into many facets of the sport today from the fans, to the marketing, to the way some fighters get talked about. A sport that at it's core has always been more of a plebeian form of entertainment continues to still insert it's ignorance to this very day. For a long time the top fighters in the world were American boxers, the vast majority of dominant world class boxers were African Americans who used the sport to propel themselves from all walks of life to larger than life celebrities. This was justification for all of the hardships the legend Jack Johnson endured en-route to becoming the first Heavy Weight champion in the world. Johnson's achievement opened a door that we have not looked back from and it served to slowly bridge the gap between the races who are fan of the sport for the decades that came. One would think that with all the documentation on Johnson's struggles people would come to appreciate that a man of any race could take himself from the gutter of any corner of the world and carve his path to greatness on a road paved with fists and much bloodshed. One would think.

    The last twenty years have given us the emergence of some amazing fighters from many regions of the planet. Fighters from the congo, fighters from Russia, fighters from some of the most ill stricken and poverty stricken locations you can imagine. One would think that these guys would be embraced with open arms for the same reason that made guys like Johnson, Dempsey, to name a few amazing heroes. The reality more often than not these fighters are torn down by fans for some of the most ridiculous reasons you can imagine. Taking a week to sit back and browse the most popular of boxing news sites can give you a general idea of what I mean. There are tiers of acceptance for boxers, in many cases it's fans who identify to someone based on their race, followed by what country they originate from, followed by their personality, followed by their fight style. Why is the fight style the final marker and not the first? It seems that the old adage of "Stick to your kind" is well and alive in boxing over a hundred years after Johnson made his historical climb to the top of the sport. That doesn't mean all boxing fans are like this but a large number of them are and many aren't the least bit shy about making this painfully obvious, many will openly admit this if asked. I'm pretty sure some of them might even read this article and call it "bullshit". Then there is the crowd of boxing fans who just love the sport and love the story of coming from the bottom to the top without any bias whatsoever. Those fans get stuck in the middle of mud slinging fights that can easily be seen on any number of Floyd vs Manny articles.

    As a boxing fan i've done everything in my power to find a single site that doesn't have this problem, let me tell you that finding a site of pure boxing discussion without the homering and racial undertones is extremely hard. It gets old reading about how Golovkin should fight Ward because he's some how a coward, despite the fact both men have different ambitions and fight in different divisions. It gets old watching former foreign Olympians and fantastic amateur fighters get ripped to shreds as if they are somehow less special than our  own home grown ones. It get old watching one guy tear down Floyd Mayweather get trashed for being flashy only to see you go praise a hispanic fighter who is doing practically the same but on a considerably smaller budget. The chicken eating, vodka drinking , dog eating insults get old to legit boxing fans. I wish boxing fans took a pause for a moment and reflected on the vast majority of commentary they publicly list on boards across the internet and tried to understand how it reflects. There are classes of fighters based on talent and that is the only benchmark we are to judge these men on, at the end of the day a race, a complexion, a personality does not win a fight. Heart, Strategy, Dedication, Love for the craft, Respect for the craft, and level of opposition makes a fighter great.

    I know the world has expected to boxing fans to be some of the dumbest individuals on the planet, it doesn't mean we have to act like it. This is a sport where even the biggest of rivals meet each other in the center of the ring and embrace each other after the match has ended. If two men who beat the crap out of each other can show respect and appreciation for each other why can't we as boxing fans move beyond our own prejudices and embrace every fighter the same way? It's time some fans start being honest with themselves and realize this may actually apply to them even if they haven't been self aware before. The same blatant racists didn't think a hundred years later the world would view them as despicable for comments made over boxing, yet they do. A hundred years from now someone will be looking at your comments and thinking the same thing we think of those people one hundred years ago. Whether black, white, asian, purple, green, tall, skinny, fat, long, doesn't matter a fighter wins or loses just like any other man when the results are in, he bleeds like any other man when the fight is on, he strives to come out on top like any other man, and we as boxing fans need to respect that without prejudice or bias.

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  • RANT: Jets wouldn't spend when they had Rex Ryan but now spend like drunken sailors for new coach?

    I've been a life long JETS fan, I came along way after Broadway Joe had called it a career thus thrusting me into the laughing stock of fans in New York. We had some years full of hope, we got within breathing room of reaching a superbowl only to see the team owner instantly turn into an economist a short time later. I left the world of being a JETS fan the moment they fired Rex Ryan, not only because they fired a great coach but because as usual the coach becomes the scapegoat for the imbecility of it's owner Woody Johnson. They let go of Revis, Cromartie was too expensive, bringing in aging receivers on the cheap some how made sense (tell us how well that worked out!). Honestly you could've had Joe Montana in his prime handling the pocket duty for the jets in 2014 and they would've done just as bad as they did. Yet let's blame the coaches, from Mangini, to Edwards, to Ryan, it should say that the greatest coach in recent NFL history headed for the highway almost instantly after he became the coach of the team (Yes Patriot fans, it all could've been ours!). Guys like Bellichik know a trainwreck when they see it and he certainly saw enough to jump ship and look how it turned out. Would it surprise me to see the new coach of the JETS ousted within 3 years, in fact I came almost guarantee it if the jets win more than 8 games this year. Expect the current roster to last two years before the front office paper pushers decide we've roped in the fans enough to dump some expensive players and spend the next three years making empty promises. This is the same JETS team that sat back and watched Chad Pennington treated like a dog's chew toy rather than spend some money to protect him in the pocket. This is the same team that spent countless millions bringing Favre to NY Football just to steal thunder from the Giants and dominate the sports section of local papers, improve the team? Why would we do that, it's more profitable to spend for two years and then operate on the cheap. The fact that Johnson let Idzik run the JETS into the ground without intervening on his head coaches behalf speaks volumes of what Todd Bowles can expect, oh they'll love him the first year. They will support him the first year, and the moment the stadium is full to the rafters again they'll start pulling the carpet out from under his feet. The JETS have been in a position to be contenders every years of almost the last decade but of course since the coaches power is extremely limited that all gets undone by the front office. So while it's good news that they just spent $127 million they claimed just last year they didn't have don't expect to see many of those contracts get ridden to their end because of course it's all business and it's easier to sell out games and have an early vacation every year than to spend money long term to win. Yeah they gave Sanchez more money than he deserved, while also using that as an excuse to not sign a top five receiver. Yeah they gave him an extension and used that as an excuse to not spend a dime more. Now the focus is on defense while Geno Smith is expected to take an anemic offense and turn it into a powerhouse. Makes a whole lot of sense, only in the mind of the JETS front office.

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  • Top things to watch on Netflix February 2015

    1. Mash: I know this show might not be everyone's cup of tea but this was the number one show in America for so long it's become sort of a cult of it's own. This is the first time M.A.S.H will be available for digital streaming, i'm not sure how netflix pulled this off but we tried to license this show for streaming years ago and ran into a brick wall. This show has an amazing cast that mixes comedy, drama and suffering all into 23 minute episodes that stand the test of time. Starring Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce and featuring many actors who made appearances on the show only to go on and have successful careers of their own (Pat Morita, George Wendt, Shelley Long). I'm not sure how many of the eleven seasons will be available right away but rest assured that however many episodes they give us it'll be worth your time to watch.


    2. Spartacus: This show was a monstrous success for both Starz and Netflix, it was easily the most watched series ever on Netflix prior to the releases of House of Cards and Orange is the new black. Spartacus follows the story of a Thracian man forced by Rome to serve in it's ranks only to be betrayed, enslaved, and forced to become a gladiator. The show features lots of drama, gore, betrayal, and sex. I am a fan of this show for it's supporting cast more so than the lead characters. Lucy Lawless and John Hannah absolutely steal this show, add to the equation perfect acting execution from the non-gladiators and you have a great recipe that provides one hell of a ride start to finish.
    3. House of Cards Season 3: Kevin Spacey returns (February 27th) in an all new season of the award winning and critically acclaimed series that pits him in the halls of the White House. At the end of the last season Spacey's character ascends to the position of Vice President all while the walls and crimes of his past seemingly are closing in on him. How will he manipulate himself out of this situation? One can only wonder but based on the amazing team behind the show you can expect it'll have you watching closely the whole way through





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  • Mayweather vs Pacquaio: The fight that will come too late

    Since late 2008 boxing fans across the world have been clamoring for a fight between two of the most marketable names in boxing history. In the years since there have been a myriad of reasons why the fight never took place. Everyone has an opinion on this and everyone thinks their opinion is right. The reality that neither fan base can stomach is the fact that fault falls squarely on both fighters and on the fans themselves. Pacquaio and Mayweather were both content to rake in millions of dollars generated by pay per view sales and from guaranteed price purses without fighting each other. As long as they could keep cashing in huge paydays with lesser talented opposition why bother taking the risk? In ways this saga has turned boxing into a wrestling fan mentality where fans of each man are eating up facades of narratives purposely put out there by them or those who manage their careers. The reality is both men had everything to lose by answering which of the two was the better man, gone would've been the near mystical aura that surrounds this fight, gone would be the plethora of free advertising both get by simply being mentioned in the same article as the other. The reality is that both men did not want this fight despite what has been said publicly for reasons already stated, the failure to accept the inherent risk of losing is to be completely blind to reality. Mayweather has enjoyed much fan fare for his talents but talents alone do not bring in tens of millions per fight to his pocket. He can negotiate insane purses for himself because he has the undefeated title to pitch and it comes with a hefty price tag. Losing that takes one bargaining chip off the table. While Pacquaio has lost a few times in his career as long as he's viewed as the man that can dethrone Floyd people will tune in to see if he still has it and if he still merits all the hope placed on his shoulders by his fans.

    Now there are rumblings that this fight is close to actually being made, but does it actually matter? Yes and No. Yes because it will satisfy one fan bases arguments for the past six years. No, because these are shells of athletes now potentially facing off. We will not be seeing the best version of either man if this fight is ever made, that time has come and gone. They are still very dominant but they are also openly acknowledging the years catching up with them. Both men have publicly shown the changes they've made towards training and fighting, their natural abilities from six years ago are heavily dulled. The Mayweather from six years ago would've never been rocked by Maidana with that overhand right down the middle. The Pacquaio of six years ago would've left Chris Algieri a steaming heap of man gathering his wits at the end of a ten count. While the tank for both men still has some gas left in it, no fan can realistically think that the outcome of this fight genuinely holds any weight historically. It won't, at first it may but overtime the argument will be the real one "it came too late". To me dt doesn't matter who wins, i'm fully aware they aren't the same. They'd be pretty much beating on today's faded version of each other which to me holds little to no weight as a fan. The only reason for this fight to happen today is to satisfy those fans who still view these men as the 2009 version of themselves and to finally put to rest the ever existing argument of a fight being made about them. When that final bell rings one side will be happy, the other side will not.  Both men will be considerably richer and boxing fans robbed of fighting two giants of the sport who waited until the milk went sour before stepping into the ring against each other. At 36 and 38 years of age their primes are long gone, so AARP may consider sponsoring this event because in the world of combat sport which is boxing 36 and even moreso 38 is practically senior citizenship. People can use Bernard as an example of fighters fighting beyond their late 30's and late 40's but that doesn't apply here, Bernard is only answering questions about himself. He isn't trying to prove he's the greatest of all time nor the best of his generation.

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  • Lizzy Caplan "No i'm not dating James Marsden"

    Though the duo has been spotted out spending time together, Lizzy Caplan is setting the record straight about her relationship with Bachelorette costar James Marsden. "He's just one of my best friends," the actress told People at Showtime's Emmy Eve Soiree on Sunday. "He's one of my dearest friends." But even if the pals were romantically linked, the Mean Girls star is quick to point out that she'd keep it a secret. "I wouldn't tell you anyway!" she said of Marsden, who split from his wife of 11 years in 2011. While it's unclear whether Caplan, 32, has a date lined up for this year's Emmy Awards, »


    - Emily Strohm


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  • Adrienne Bailon fires back with double barrells at Kardashian clan

    Adrienne Bailon fired back at Kim Kardashian and her family on Thursday, continuing a feud that gained momentum this week after Bailon spoke out about her relationship with Rob Kardashian. "Fame and career are two different things. I've always had a career. I have been working hard since I was 15 years old. Being someone's 'girlfriend' was never what I wanted to be famous for," she wrote in an Instagram post. "What makes you 'famous' isn't always what you want to be 'labeled' as, or known for. If anyone should understand that…It should be you." Source: Instagram user adrienne_bailon The war of words started after Adrienne took some digs at Rob and the family's show in the September issue of Latina magazine. Adrienne didn't hold back when talking about how "hurtful" being associated with the Kardashians was to her career: "To be stuck with that Kardashian label, that was »


    - Alyse-Whitney


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  • Hilary Duff talks about difficulty of splitting from husband

    Hilary Duff admits she's been having a hard time. The singer split from husband Mike Comrie in January, and she says the change hasn't been easy. "I'm separated from my husband right now, which has been a very difficult thing to go through, but we have a lot of love for each other and we have this beautiful baby," Duff, 26, tells Billboard. She has been working on new music and admits there's a song on her upcoming album "about my separation and my love for this person, that maybe we're not meant to be together, or maybe we are. It's very, »


    - Sheila Cosgrove Baylis, @sheilabot


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  • John Stamos heads back to ABC joins "Galavant"

    John Stamos is heading to “Galavant.” The actor and beloved yogurt pitchman has signed on to guest-star on ABC's fairy tale-centered musical comedy “Galavant,” a representative for the network told TheWrap on Thursday. See video: John Stamos Surprises Jimmy Kimmel With Nostalgic Baby Gift, Offers Manny Services While the actor has so far signed on for just one episode, there is a possibility that he will appear on multiple episodes of the series, which was created by Dan Fogelman. Fogelman told ABC News that Stamos will play a knight and foe to Galavant (Joshua Sasse), who shows up to face off once. »


    - Tim Kenneally


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  • Dick Smith king of film make up passes away at age 92


    Dick Smith, known as the “Godfather of Makeup,” has died at age 92. Smith’s protege, Rick Baker, tweeted of the legend’s passing on Thursday morning.


    The master is gone. My friend and mentor Dick Smith is no longer with us. The world will not be the same.

    — Rick Baker (@TheRickBaker) July 31, 2014


    The legendary makeup artist was renowned for his realistic transformations in films like “The Godfather” and “Amadeus” — aging Marlon Brando into Don Corleone and F. Murray Abraham into a wizened Antonio Salieri — garnering an Academy Award for his work in the latter alongside Paul LeBlanc. In 2012, Smith was given an honorary Governor’s Academy Award for his contribution to the field, which was presented by Baker. Earlier this year, Smith received the Makeup Artists Lifetime Achievement Award at the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Awards. He also won a Primetime Emmy in 1967 for his work on Hal Holbrook’s “Mark Twain Tonight! »


    - Variety Staff


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  • 'Teen Wolf' will return for 5th season

    If you hear a loud baying coming from San Diego Comic-Con, it's probably because MTV has renewed high school drama “Teen Wolf” for a two-part Season 5. Plus, Dylan Sprayberry has been promoted to series regular for the 20-episode fifth season, showrunner Jeff Davis told the fans and journalists in attendance. In addition to Davis and Sprayberry, the “Teen Wolf” panel consisted of cast members Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden, along with Shelley Hennig. Also read: ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Posey Hosting Fox's ‘Teen Choice 2014' Davis, Russell Mulcahy (“Highlander”), Marty Adelstein (“Prison Break”), René Echevarria (“Medium”), Tony Disanto, »


    - Tony Maglio


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  • Ben Affleck's Batsuit Revealed

    Fans who showed up for Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con got the chance to see the cape and cowl that Ben Affleck will wear as Batman in the upcoming film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” DC Entertainment had the suit displayed on the floor, allowing fans to get up close and personal with the movie costume. Also read: ‘Gotham’ Creator on Why Batman Would Spell the End of the Show While the body of the suit was missing, fans were still able to see how the face of the cowl was structured, which goes a long way to show how. »


    - Jason Hughes



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  • Portia De Rossi to join Scandal? YES!!

    “Arrested Development” star Portia de Rossi is set to join the upcoming season of  “Scandal,” ABC has confirmed to Variety.

    The news broke all thanks to De Rossi’s wife, Ellen DeGeneres.

    The daytime talk show host tweeted that De Rossi has signed on to do a “top secret arc.”


    So annoying when people brag on twitter & that's why I'm not tweeting that Portia just signed on to do a top secret arc on "Scandal". Oops.—

    Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) July 23, 2014


    A rep for the show said they have no other information on the role at this time.

    “Scandal” is set to premiere this fall on Sept. 25.



    - Nikara Johns


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  • Better Call Saul' Billboards start popping up around Albuquerque

    There may be a minor delay in the arrival of Better Call Saul, but the Breaking Bad spinoff is already being quite generous with its built-in fan base. An Instagram user in Albuquerque, N.M., kindly pointed out Wednesday that the AMC series has erected a billboard for its fake title lawyer, going by his given name of James M. McGill when the events of the series pick up before the Breaking Bad timeline. Photos Inside THR's Emmy Drama Showrunner Roundtable The billboard is being used in an episode of the series, which recently started taping in Breaking Bad's

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    - Michael O'Connell


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  • New Lady Antebellum album due out Sept 30 2014

    Lady Antebellum’s fifth studio album, “747,” will take flight on Sept. 30. The set, the trio’s first since 2013’s “Golden,” includes first single, “Bartender,” which bulleted at No. 11 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart this week. The band produced the album with Nathan Chapman, best know for his work with Taylor Swift.  “We are pushing ourselves as a band and as songwriters,” says Lady A’s Hillary Scott. “Taking ourselves out of our comfort zone and not taking ourselves too seriously.  There's an urgency and an energy to it that we've never released before.” Lady Antebellum is in the middle of its 80-city Take Me Downtown arena tour. 747 Track List: 1. Long Stretch of Love (Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Josh Kear) 2. Bartender (Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Rodney Clawson) 3. Lie With Me (Marc Beeson, Abe Stoklasa) 4. Freestyle (Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Shane McAnally) 5. Down South (Stephanie Chapman, »


    - Melinda Newman


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  • The Flash cast Wentworth Miller and more

    The Flash is racing to TV this fall and all eyes are on The CW's Scarlet Speedster. Hailing from Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg and starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen with a supporting cast of Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Rick Cosnett and Carlos Valdes, the new drama is set in the same universe as Arrow and fans can expect that fact to be very noticeable. But don't expect this to be Arrow 2.0. "We weren't looking to do the same show twice," Kreisberg said. For The Flash, he said they wanted somebody who was "more normal" to embody the "spirit of hope," and who is "just somebody you would fall in love with." "Grant »



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