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  • 04:03 Popular Famous Movie Scenes Where Actors Nearly Died

    Famous Movie Scenes Where Actors Nearly Died

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    If you're new, Subscribe! ? Special effects have come such a long way that it's easy to forget there's still a fair amount of danger that goes along with making all that Hollywood magic happen. Often, our favorite celebri

  • 07:45 Popular 5 Most Anticipated Summer Movies 2016 (Debatable)

    5 Most Anticipated Summer Movies 2016 (Debatable)

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    For more ClevverTV shows ?? Summer is almost here which means it's time to stay out of the hit by hitting up the movie theater! Plenty of summer blockbusters are heading our way, but which one are we most excited for? Lets get Debatable

  • 1:36:51 Popular Omo Ata - Latest Yoruba 2016 Movie Drama

    Omo Ata - Latest Yoruba 2016 Movie Drama

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    A detective needs to get to the root of her investigation. She disguises as Bintu and gets employed into the home of her target. To enjoy more of our movies, click here:

  • Night of the Living Dead (1968)

    Night of the Living Dead (1968)

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    In this classic yet still creepy horror film, strangers hold up in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse and battle constant attacks from dead locals who have been brought back to life by mysterious radiation. Note: This item contains a user-contributed srt subt

  • 1:57:28 Popular GOTTI (1996)

    GOTTI (1996)

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    GOTTI (1996) Gotti: The Rise and Fall of a Real Life Mafia Don is a 1996 HBO original movie made for television directed by Robert Harmon. The film stars Armand Assante, in the title role as infamous Gambino crime family boss John Gotti, William Forsythe,

  • 1:41:59 Popular Reign of Fire [2002]

    Reign of Fire [2002]

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    Reign of Fire [2002] ...It is twenty years in the future, and the planet has been devastated by vicious fire-breathing dragons. The last vestiges of humanity now struggle for survival at remote outposts. In a ruined castle in the English countryside, Quin

  • 1:45:28 Popular Jackie Chan's Shanghai Noon (2000)

    Jackie Chan's Shanghai Noon (2000)

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    Jackie Chan

  • 1:55:02 Popular The Recruit [2003] (Full Movie HD 1080p)

    The Recruit [2003] (Full Movie HD 1080p)

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    The Recruit [2003]...In an era when the country's first line of defense, intelligence, is more important than ever, this story opens the CIA's infamous closed doors and gives an insider's view into the Agency: how trainees are recruited, how they are prep

  • 1:30:02 Ernest Goes to Africa (full movie)

    Ernest Goes to Africa (full movie)

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    Ernest Goes to AfricaThe title says it all There's a mix up involving stolen diamonds which Ernest has (naturally) made into a yo-yo and given to his would be girlfriend, Rene But Rene wants a man of action, and doesn't think that Ernest fits the bill Aft

  • Popular Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman The Tale of Zatoichi (1962)

    Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman The Tale of Zatoichi (1962)

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    The legend of Zatoichi begins.

  • Popular Z (1969)

    Z (1969)

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    A prominent politician and doctor's public murder amid a violent demonstration is covered up by military and government officials. A tenacious magistrate is determined not to let them get away with it.

  • 57:58 Mr. Wise Guy

    Mr. Wise Guy

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    The East Side Kids break out of reform school to clear one of the Kids' brothers of a murder charge.

  • 1:05:52 The Gorilla

    The Gorilla

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    When a wealthy man (Atwill) is threatened by a killer known as The Gorilla, he hires the Ritz Brothers to investigate...

  • 1:08:18 Bushwhackers, The

    Bushwhackers, The

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    An evil arthritic rancher and his murderous daughter are having settlers killed to prevent them from selling their land to the railroad.

  • 1:28:02 Evel Knievel

    Evel Knievel

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    Biography of the famed motorcycle daredevil, much of which was filmed in his home town of Butte, Montana...

  • 10:58 Popular Love Does Grow on Trees [HD]

    Love Does Grow on Trees [HD]

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    Named one of the top five shorts at the Tribeca Film Festival by New York Magazine. "Love Does Grow on Trees" is a coming of age comedy about a teenage boy whose life is thrown into chaos when he discovers adult magazines, girls and the embarrassment that

  • 22:00 ILLEGAL - 2007 Tribeca Film Festival - Short Film by Andrew Oh

    ILLEGAL - 2007 Tribeca Film Festival - Short Film by Andrew Oh

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    Official selection into the 2007 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL Written and Directed by ANDREW OH Produced by Lydia Ko, Tony Wang, and Andrew Oh Daniel and Jessica are a happily married couple on the verge of realizing the American dream - Jessica is pregnant and

  • Popular Cheech And Chong's Nice Dreams (1981)

    Cheech And Chong's Nice Dreams (1981)

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    Comedy team Cheech & Chong star as ice cream vendors in this thoroughly wacky comedy. This outrageous, permanently spaced-out duo sell enough of their "specially mixed" ice cream to take the cash and realize their fondest dreams: new guitars, islands

  • Lakeview Terrace (2008)

    Lakeview Terrace (2008)

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    A young couple (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington) has just moved into their California dream home when they become the target of their next-door neighbor, who disapproves of their interracial relationship. A stern, single father, this tightly wound LAP

  • Popular Step Brothers (2008)

    Step Brothers (2008)

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    Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly drop a ton of quotable moments while sharing the brotherly love in a knockabout slapstick.