• Halo 4 defines the xbox 360 in so many ways that next gen consoles can wait...

    Note: We will not be destroying the mysteries of this game, we will be discussing the fundamental aspects of 343 and Microsoft's latest installment into the Halo franchise.

    Many people have been angrily speaking about the end of the current generation and asking for the next generation consoles. Well Halo 4 serves as the industries response to the critics. Halo 4 defines the current cycle of gaming consoles by pushing the boundaries of this life cycle beyond what anyone could image. PC graphics are awesome but usually put up against consoles which is unrealistic in expectation of comparison. You can buy a new video card whenever you wish for your pc rig, this is something you cannot do. Even in that case taking one look at the coloring and textures within Halo 4 should shock even the biggest of console critics. Halo 4 is absolutely beautiful, the cut scenes are better than anything I have ever watched on Blu-ray and closer to what one expects from 4k video content. 343 certainly didn't mail this in one in they put their foot, elbows, and shoulders into this one. I think Microsoft should be extremely proud of this crowning achievement. If tomorrow they decide to push out a new console i'd happily carry Halo 4 on my shoulders as one of the most beautiful video games I have ever laid eyes on. As much as I want to crow about how amazing the mechanics and the response time are wow..but we'll save that for after November 6th.
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  • Video Not Working? Buffering issue? Read this..

    Some android devices prior to version 3.1 are experiencing player problems, where the video loads but does not start to play. This means your device lagged a bit in launching the video. If you have clicked play and gotten the loading bar as seen in the picture below follow these steps to get your video playing. At the end of this explanation is a way of reaching us in the event this does not work for you. The issue is on Androids end and there is little we can do about it.

    Follow these steps:

    You press play and see this:



    Then after you see the loading wheel you end up here: (Doesn't start playing right?) Stuck here?



    To fix this problem simply nudge the white bar in the player a second or to into the video and give it 30 seconds to play



    Buffering Issues? Keep reading..

    To address buffering issues: We have some videos that are very popular and will have thousands of people watching them at any given time of the day. The only way to address this currently is to let the video start and pause it. Let the load bar gain some green space..meaning there is a window for the rest of the video to load while you watch it. Take a look at the image below of a video paused while set to stream. 25% of the video is ready to the time you watch that 25% another 25% to 75% will be ready to be seen preventing any buffering issues.

    25% preloaded..preventing buffering issues.



    STILL HAVING ISSUES? Contact us by clicking the image below.

    Click to email me

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  • Apple's product failures start to hurt its brand

    I started out as an Apple user in 2006 with the release of the now infamous white macbook. At the time I was focusing more on music production and Apple offered the most comprehensive and straight forward laptop for this. Considering the brand at the time was touted as the "virus free system" it also appealed to me since I my music to be my own most precious content. Sadly enough my first experience with anything the Mac brand was a rollercoaster ride, loved the computer did not love the intangible issues with faulty hardware. First my computer ran so hot it literally left a mark on my leg that still remains on my thigh to this day, secondly a faulty logic board only a mere 8 months after purchase (First apple product so I did not buy their service package) which ran me to the tune of $700 (On top of the $1219 I paid for the laptop)and still my work was more important than all of these issues so I continued to indulge in the mac market and convert my friends and family to buyers and supporters of the brand (To this day I can say I am responsible for several hundred apple computers being sold to hardcore windows users). Over the years I continued investing my money into apple gadgets each one with its many short comings, from the Iphone to the Ipad in each incarnation of it's yearly appearance of "The New" savior product Apple lists. The Iphone 1 was virtually not worth 10% of it's money, lacked many features that required jailbreaking to simply get basic functions. This for me was the start of really getting over my fanaticism with the brand, one thing I learned years ago from modding the original xbox console is that companies tend to steal ideas that are done by others simply because they were done without the brands approval. Many of the changes in the next version of the Iphone came from the jailbreak community much like many of the best features in xbox 360 came from the modding community. Apple then turned around and tried to make out the jailbreakers as criminals unsuccessfully. Being one of the many contributors to this community put me at odds with a company who was now benefiting from my fellow cohorts work while putting a target on them. Distasteful to say the least. When they lost the war they changed their tone and now were friendly again with the community, or so they'd like us to think. Either way my work is more important than how I feel about a company. Over the years Apple's desire to be king midas has filled it's devices with a cluster of issues and myriads of bugs, yet people continue to swear by the brand. I myself found myself amongst them even though each product i've purchased has at one point or another required servicing less than a year after purchase, something i've never experienced with considerably inferior brands and products. To sum it all up I am not surprised we are now facing issues with Maps on the new Iphone, honestly we programming community saw this. In it's march towards controlling every aspect of your device usage they have turned away from things that work in order to dictate their market and expand their own investments. Google Maps has been a trusted friend of travelers for a long time..Tom Tom had one good year..then got overshadowed by better gps services yet in apple's wisest moment they choose to part with the former and force upon you the latter. The CEO apologizes and all is good, just hope you don't need to go anywhere important and get may just end up in anchorage by mistake.  Read more
  • Cinema Haven is now available on IOS powered Iphone, Itouch and Ipads

    We are pleased to announce a working version of Cinema Haven is now available to IOS devices of all generations via Cydia. Our application is only available to jailbroken devices until it is approved by apple for the appstore. Users with Iphones, Itouch, and Ipads running jailbreaks can simply type in the name Cinema Haven into Cydia to find our application. Our mobile application is much faster than using the website directly as it is enhanced with cloud storage to minimize the requirements for extracting information over and over again. To find out more about our application visit it's profile at Modmyi by clicking the following link...

    Cinema Haven app profile at Modmyi click here

    We also offer our app to android users directly at google play under the same name

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  • President Obama takes on reddit and brings the site down

    Barack Obama created a stir online Wednesday, when he followed in the footsteps of Louis C.K., Joss Whedon and a former Disneyland cast member by participating in a Q&A session on Reddit. A popular community with a constant buzz of activity that often produces memes and even some headlines, the forum's members seized on the opportunity to ask Obama questions ranging from his taste in toilet paper to his thoughts on the drug war. Though the site experienced outages thanks to the crush of visitors, Obama was able to answer a series of questions, both serious and light-hearted. Read more
  • Game review: Sleeping dogs (Realistic review)

    I frequent gaming sites commonly to know what's on the horizon for any given season, this led me to reading much about Sleeping Dogs the once abandoned game that was saved by Square Enix and released just this week. Let me just say this is the most realistic review on the game you will see.

    After much ado on other sites I picked up the game on release date expecting a glorious gaming experience which sadly enough this game never lived up. I expected a grand theft auto meets L.A. Noire type of business and while it does embody some of the characteristics of those games it fails miserably at capturing the essence of both.

    You start off as Wei Shen a Hong Kong to L.A. and back officer of the law. His job is to bring down the biggest crime syndicate in all of H.K. Sounds like an amazing story eh? From the first 5 minutes you jump head on into the underworld working your way up the ranks and creating new relationships that introduce you to even more powerful criminals. So far so good. The driving in this game takes some getting used to as two factors are involved opposite side of the street driving and opposite side of the car driving. After an hour or so of driving you should have this down. The fighting is nothing short of button mashing ala Ninja Gaiden and purely comical at its best. The highlight of fighting is breaking arms, legs and using your environment for hazard attacks. This gets old rather fast, and they don't hand you a gun until at least half way through the game. If you die within that time frame in a fight against a gang you should probably just turn off the game and take it back to the store because quite frankly the fighting is so basic it's boring. No choppers, outrunning cops takes you all but 5 seconds or so kind of kills the challenge of this game. Personally the only saving grace of this game is the story line and how you can immerse yourself into the conflicting emotions Wei Shen feels as he delves deeper into this underworld. Many sites rant on and on about the open world presented here, that just means you end up driving a million different places and do very little on foot, sort of like an undercover fast and furious if you ask me. You can steal cars but you can't keep them, you can buy cars in stages as your characters traits increase. 

    All in all this game is a snooze fest from my personal perspective, more of the kind of game that is one big run through for those who don't like challenging games that require you to keep trying to succeed over and over. In other words this is a casual gamers kind of game, light on the challenge and heavy on the side quests. You may find your money's worth in these side missions that require camera hacking, racing, doing favors for the locals, etc. Just not something I think should come with a $60 retail price. Do yourself a favor and wait for this to end up on your local used game stores $20 shelf because it won't be long before it ends up there.
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  • Netflix Adds ‘Just For Kids’ Update To XBox 360 App

    Netflix says the content is designed specifically for kids 12 and under and allows them to click and instantly watch their favorite characters from TV shows and movies. It’s available for current Xbox Live Gold and Netflix subscribers. Rows of titles are organized by easy-to-understand genres, like superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs and girl power, featuring clear and simple descriptions of the plot of each title – and it’s customized based on taste and favorites. A quick tour of Just For Kids is available on the Netflix blog. Xbox 360 owners can download the updated app today in all markets where Netflix on Xbox Live is currently available. »- THE DEADLINE TEAM

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  • Boycott HBO and Time Warner

    The ever arrogant and blindly delusional Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes in a conference call with investors practically said "Forcing people to pay for cable just to have access to HBO will work" and that "HBO will never exist as a standalone service". Well Jeff with all due respect go ride a cable box controller to hell. We as the public make you and break you and hopefully google fiber will come with some partnership to offer tv episodes without having to deal with Time Warner. It's time these CEO's stop marking up one business on the back of another. As far as the average consumer and investor is concerned HBO and Time Warner are two separate entities although under the same company. The reason for the delays in getting HBO into the Time Warner app was due to legal issues within HBO. So somehow now it's ok to make the two one product?

    It's time the cable companies got shown who the real boss is. This idea that a luxury can be dictated by the brand is absolutely disgusting and should be unacceptable by consumers. You don't wish to join the rest of us in the 21st century? Fine, we'll just phase you out slowly but surely. Google TV and Apple TV are looking all the more interesting. I am also 100% certain that people would be less likely to pirate HBO shows in absurd low levels of quality if they could get the full quality for $10 a month, hell it's why netflix is so popular.

    We here at Cinema Haven are attempting to secure funding to start our own programming, as are netflix and others like us. Why? Because it's time to start a new generation of streaming goods. Companies who will not keep feeding into the cable company monopoly. So next time you sit down to enjoy HBO's content remember the higher and long term price you are paying for showing guys like Jeff that they are right. Cable subscribers are too stupid to demand more.
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  • Cinema Haven IOS app available on Cydia

    We are happy to announce our partnership with ModmyI to host our repo Cinema Haven IOS app. A huge percentage of our user base own Ipad's and Iphones, and we've had an android app in marketplaces for a few months now so it's only fair we take care of everyone. Users interested in our IOS app must have a jailbroken device with Cydia installed. MomdyI is already there as a default repo, all you need to do is search for the app by name and install it. We will be offering a version in the Apple App store at a later time due to restrictions with the approval process. 

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  • Two new tools coming soon: Two click video submission and IPAD app

    We know you have been waiting for us to bring you new ways of sharing and enjoying your favorite videos. We are happy to announce that our IPAD app has been submitted to MODMYI and if all goes well should be live within Cydia in a few days. This is being made available exclusively to jailbroken devices for the time being only. We will send it to the Apple Appstore when our beta stages are complete.

    In additional news we are close to finishing a bookmarklet that will solve the issue of a lengthy submission process. You will literally be able to submit videos from 37 sites within two clicks of a mouse. Stay tuned....
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  • Cinema Haven app for IOS Coming soon!! (Jailbroken devices only)

    Due to the overwhelming success of our Android App we are happily working on the first beta Cinema Haven IOS app. Our IOS users by far are the majority so it's only fair to create one for them, due to limitations in the app store our beta must be released via repo's for Jailbroken Devices that can forego app signature at the moment. We plan to get our App into the app store soon enough once we work out the kinks and issues that may arise from serving two humongous separate platforms. We thank all of our mobile users for their continued patronage, we promise you this.. We will continue to evolve, we will be available whenever and wherever you need access to the service, and we will do it together.

    Cinema Haven
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  • Apple should not require $99 to deliver a free app

    Apple really hit it big by combining unified existing technologies with a distribution hub that complimented its devices.Yet for all the hoopla over the app store the developer side of things doesn't really make much sense. In sense I mean for those simply offering this specific device a free application. Considering a huge lure to the digital app environment is the ridiculous amounts of free applications available, because quite frankly there are buyer users and consumer users. The buyer has no issue paying for application they like, the consumer on the other hand grabs everything they can that's free. Contrary to popular belief every Iphone and Ipad owner is not buying apps, I am a perfect example of that. Yet there is a level of curiosity in terms of becoming a developer on the platform and why a free app is technically a paid app from the developers side. 

    Some may argue that you are getting a ton of benefits for apple's $99 asking price, yet I question what exactly these benefits are. The most common benefit thrown around is exposure to dozens of millions of app store users. The one part they forget is that you'll be buried under millions of other apps so it's not exactly a benefit to pay for just having a placement alone. The second most common thing is traffic to a website app, ok this one makes just a tiny bit of sense but again has a second side to it. The second side is that if we were really discussing exposure wouldn't Android and it's humongous user base be a more viable option if that was the end goal? 

    I understand the claims of crowd control in a world where malicious hackers and swindlers are migrating to a more open environment via phones and other portable devices. Yet isn't Apple's thorough approval process enough? 

    The facts remain a free app with no IADS, No app store marketing, no in app purchasing,no apple affiliate program well it should be free to post in the app marketplace. The truth is Apple is in the business of making money from everything, they make their nut coming and going. Without app developers the IPod, Ipad, Iphone and even the glorious apple tv are complete failures. Yet if you somehow can justify paying $99 for something that you made to offer for free, well then good for you.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 could easily outsell Black Ops 2

    Anytime I read a bit of news regarding Rockstar Games I find myself hoping on every shooting star in our vast galaxy that it is a GTA V announcement. Usually it is not! GTA is one of those game franchises you are either a loyalist of or not, there is really no middle ground. Unfortunately GTA 4 for all it's visual splendor didn't cut it for me but the add ons, well let me tell you the add-ons really saved this game for me. Running around as Luis Lopez has been nothing short of a pleasure for me and my wife, she drives the cars and I do the roughing up and shooting. To say the least we make one hell of a team.

    As many of you know we've been expecting GTA 5 for sometime now with very little in the way of news. Rumors have surfaced of a summer release, then a fall release, then an early 2013 release. The middle one riddled with rumors of Rockstar taking the fight to the Modern Warfare franchise which in actuality would really make for an interesting holiday season. One which I believe Rockstar could easily win via innovation and a revamp of the GTA franchise. A revamp which has been rumored since the inclusion of gangs in Rockstar's own gamer UI via it's website. Ask yourself this, wouldn't GTA make for one hell of an MMO styled online experience? Imagine taking the fight to others in a fantasy world riddled with men and women of all walks of line trying to control as much of a city as possible. GTA has a much wider appeal then Modern Warfare because you aren't limited based on expertise, my wife wouldn't do well in MW but she'd do awesomely well at GTA. Therein lays the real change to GTA's franchise we need, more appeal to female gamers, such as the option to play as a female character and she better be customizable in the way sims can be customized. 

    Let's hope the delays over at Rockstar are because they are thinking in line with their consumers that the evolution of the franchise is needed and that opening it's doors to an entire gender of gamers would really show the campers of call of duty who the real boss is in the gaming world. Let's just hope it doesn't turn into 2012's version of Duke Nuke em which was killed by delay after delay.
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  • Why we are dumping google: Site news

    When I set out on creating the internet's first community maintained social media hub it was under the belief that if you survive the first 2 years of the web's entrepreneurial curse we'd be ok. We'd have aged enough to be a trusted source to search engines like Google, we'd have enough exposure in indexed content to go on for another 20 years. This was the promise google made to us webmasters at the time, it's what made every person starting an online business turn to google and not yahoo or others. Google has slowly built a monopoly, mostly on the shoulders and backs of webmasters just like us. Almost every website you visit has at least 3 lines of code that point back to google. So naturally this gave google the ammo it needed to deem itself the most networked services online, this made their search engine the most popular one. Again all because of the webmasters.

    This became an euphoria for people looking for content, while promising webmasters more traffic than they could even handle. Behind this promise they built up the most powerful ad serving system in existence today, which is approximately 85% of their earnings per year..all on the backs and shoulders of webmasters. You think we would've been rewarded for being dutiful rule abiding soldiers in the google army? Nope. In fact what has happened is the opposite. Continuos algorithm changes, continued changes to the rules of how on site seo should be performed. The same things that made you strong in google's eyes as little as two years ago now gets you penalized and buried in the ends of search results. Never mind the loyalty you've shown them, this is how they show you loyalty. 

    At our height we served 5,000 google visitors a day. No complaints, no bad reviews, no spam, no over indulgence in advertising. We played by the rules for 5 years, and every 4 or so months we have to bend a bit further backwards to placate google. Their desire to milk webmasters and advertisers is at an abysmal level of greed now. The latest updates have completely shaken up the webmaster world, leaving home business owners, mid level start-up's and virtually everyone else scrambling to survive. This comes regardless of how long you've been playing by the rules. 

    Quite frankly I switched to bing as my search engine a few months ago, haven't missed google one bit. I've also started shutting down my google services one by one, both business and personal. We've shut down our adsense/adwords campaigns entirely. If the internet was a nation Google would be Chairman Mao 2.0, complete and utter dictatorship. Google is in the business of making money, not looking out for the people searching the web, not looking out for the people who deliver specified content. When it comes down to it who will google promote more? Us or NBC? Us or Netflix? Us or Hulu? Us or Youtube? Never us, why? Because we don't run multimillion dollar a year campaigns.

    Disputing issues with keywords or indexing or for that matter the existence of your websites history with google is a moot point. There is nobody at the other end that gives a damn, so long as the advertisers are happy they have a job. This is a huge problem for everyone, yet most people just don't care. I have discussed this issue with hundreds of mom and pop online business owners who are scrambling for ways to pay the mortgage because businesses they've established online for years are now completely irrelevant and phased out by the search engines in favor of big brand business. So every time you use google now for your searches you are helping one person somewhere get closer to the unemployment line. I guess it's ok because as many of our readers have claimed, they just don't like the feel of bing. Yes this may be true but at least bing doesn't play favorites and isn't dangerously playing with people's lives for the sake of greed.
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  • Max Payne 3 gets users ready for GTA 5?

    Rockstar Games which is notorious for pushing the envelope even when the public clamors for them to tone it down has continued to elevate itself above many other game studios. The past 5 years have been testament to that, I personally am testament to that. Me: Die hard gamer, who is very picky who gets my $60 for a game, and even more critical when I feel I don't get my money's worth. One studio I can rely on to give me the bang for the buck I always crave is Rockstar. 

    I just finished Max Payne 3's story line over the course of a few days, considering this is the first M.P game I have ever played I can say I was pleasantly surprised. The story line goes meh a bit at first if you aren't paying attention but don't give up..this game plays out more like a properly written movie than a video game ever should. Alas one thing I noticed is the new enhancements to the game engine used to create this game and it is way more advanced than what we got in GTA 4 originally (later patched via DLC). If this is what I have to look forward to in GTA 5 bring it on..just fix the auto aim lock a bit more and I am a happy camper. GTA 5 will be a humongous game not just in terms of sales..the game itself will be huge and in many ways Max Payne is the beta baby Rockstar put out to see how the public could adjust. I just hope the multiplayer for GTA will be less cartoonish than Max Payne's.
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  • 'The Talk' spoofs 'Sex and the City' for NYC week -- Video

    Okay, so maybe this Is a shameless spoof of Sex and the City, but you have to admit — there is something kind of genius about seeing a soggy Chenbot.

    To help promote The Talk shooting a round of episodes in New York from Dec. 12-16, the ladies — Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, and Sheryl Underwood — taped this promo that debuted today on the show. Make fun all of you want of seeing Gilbert in Sarah Jessica Parker’s signature tulle, but she and the ladies definitely got the last laugh: Shortly after The Talk announced its intention to go east, »


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  • Sony PSN Down "Crashes and burns" just like we said it would

    During the last sony outage I wrote a piece that was distributed on several websites (without permission I may add) well the piece centered around the monumental cluster F^(K that was the Sony PSN hacking scandal. I was torn to shreds by the hardcore gamers who went out of their way to counter my points with full on graphs of microsofts xbox live service..yeah they really went that far with it. After another outage I followed up my original piece and was again trashed by Sony's loyal customer base. we are again! (Looks around awkwardly at the menacing gamers holding their power strip cords in hitman fashion) So now what PSN fan boys? What is your argument this time? It's free? We know that..what else do you have?

    Fact is this has been coming all along and some were just too enamored to see it. Get ready for it, get ready for it....another Sony Press Release. "Sorry for the inconvenience"..great. We will get some lengthy description of what went wrong and what's being done to prevent it from happening again. We've heard it all before Sony...fact is you have a free service which was built with sticks and spit and unfortunately gravity and time is catching up with it. PSN for it's acclaim is extremely lackluster for something that's been around for ages now. It's free for a reason because Sony didn't "care" about it until now. What's more likely to have the attention of a company a free product or the product they can count on revenue from? PSN plus for all it's high and mighty bragging does very little to attract your user base to it. Let's see use of a demo for an hour or use of a demo for free? FREE! I don't know what else needs to be said...we know you have no moderation, someone getting banned is virtually limited to game hacking so go ahead and spew a million expletives at anonymous people you won't feel any repercusions, go ahead and buy that $60 game you might could be able to play it online (when our system isn't lagging, or down altogether), go ahead enter your life's information in our systems john doe and his clan of misfits will be over to pick it up later...we get it. PSN ROCKS!
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  • Is Facebook great business or morally corrupt?

    Is Facebook great business or morally corrupt?

    Much has been written on the good and the bad of social media services. Yet how bad are the effects of mistakes made in youth that can't ever be erased from your online history timeline?

    Facebook a phenomenon in it's own right went from dorm room idea jacking to global powerhouse in less than 2 years. People took to it like they were giving away free money. Since I too joined the network I have had at least one "WTF Why would they post that publicly" moment. Even within my social circle I find myself cringing at some of the status updates, more so because I realized that even if you delete your profile it is saved by Facebook for all time (or until they meet their end..which ever comes first).

    Once the privacy settings outrage became viral sensations everyone changed their settings and resumed posting every little uninteresting detail of their lives in vivid detail. Just when people felt comfortable Facebook lays out new setting..bam. Ok Jane and John Doe change their settings again. Don't look now..another unannounced settings change. While people are enjoying their lives distracted by games, groups and a bunch of other useless sections to Facebook, the company itself continues to collect your data. Facebook is the equivalent to you sitting down with a stranger spilling your deepest darkest secrets only to find out sometime down the road that stranger just moved in next door and has a drinking problem. You expect them to not use the information you've already provided? Well you can always move but does that persons knowledge of you leave with you? Nope. Same applies to Facebook. By the time of you reading this Facebook knows what movies you like, what movie stars you like, what brands you are a slave to, whether you are friends with more brunettes then blonde's and so forth. Yup a little unnerving if you ask me.

    Some will defend Facebook by stating that the good outweighs the bad, what most fail to understand is that Facebook is like a case of herpe's the evil isn't always visible but sticks with you for life. So next time you get angry at someone and decide you need to vent bust out a piece of paper and write your feelings. At least when you are done you can dispose of it forever. Companies are looking at Facebook to collect information on employees and private citizens, these companies are building massive databases that will be available at a fee of course to employers and others who like to do background checks. I'm sure at some point some of you will regret those pictures of yourselves upside down on the keg.
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  • The designers of 'Project Runway All Stars' are announced

    "Project Runway" fans, rejoice!  Lifetime has announced the new judges, mentor, host and 13 of the show’s contestants for the show we've all been waiting for: "Project Runway All Stars." Judges for the show will include nutball designer/TV personality Isaac Mizrahi and designer Georgina Chapman, while supermodel Angela Lindvall will host. Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles will also be on hand to mentor the contestants.  So, who will be coming to the party to prove their mettle, redeem themselves or just take a crack at the biggest prize in "PR" history (more on that later)? Austin Scarlett (New York) â€“ Season One, Fourth Place – »

    - Liane Bonin Starr

    See full article at Hitfix 

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