• Cinema Haven goes mobile - Beta testers needed

    Cinema Haven's mobile site launched yesterday with great success.  Cinema Mobile launched with over 800 movies (1310 total hours of film), live television episodes (165 hours of television), 47 Documentaries, and 227 movie trailers. We will be expanding the sections to a total of 15,000 mobile streaming hours of content. We already offer more condensed mobile content than anyone else on the internet. We invite all IOS users to watch the content and if possible to rate it so we can have useful data for other users, these beta voters will be the first to gain our mobile application upon its completion first for beta testing.

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  • Cinema Haven: Mobile division compatible with Iphone, Ipad, HMTL5 (Testers needed)

    We've just about 60 free videos to a category named mobile currently this category has three sub categories. Animation, movies, and television shows. If you own an ipad, iphone, itouch, or any html5 enabled device please visit this category and help us test how much of a strain it puts on our server. If at all possible please tell your friends and spread the world across the web with us.

    Most of the content spans from the 50's - 80's we will be adding more current content over the next few days.

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  • (Spoilers) Big Brother 13 Week 2 eviction nominations

    So Jordan and Jeff elected to put up Adam and Dominic for eviction in week 2.  So it seems the new players have finally grasped the fact they will be dispatched one at a time in order. Porsche who betrayed her team in week 1 still seems to continue to live under the imagination that she is somehow safe in the long run because of her golden key gained in the elimination of Keith. Cassie seems to have take the noobs by the horns and is leading the charge to start getting the veterans out of the game by offering to line herself up with whomever is willing to get rid of team brenchel and team jojeff and the word has spread around the house to reach the ears of the veterans via one of their converts. What will be interesting to see is whether Shelly and Kahlia wake up long enough to realize that if any of their players go home this week they are pretty much done for the following week.

    We will keep you updated as developments happen.
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  • Movies capital review (The Hulu/Netflix killer)

    MoviesCapital serves to legally distribute movie titles online, both for direct downloading and online streaming methods. Memberships are a one-time non-recurring payment, and there are no monthly billing charges. The only payment you will ever make is for your initial account setup when registering as one of the site's valued members.Upon registering, you will have access to a universe of movie titles. You can search through a vast DVD movies archive for all of your favorite movies, and download them with no per download fees. You can download or stream directly from the site's servers 24/7. Just pick the movies you wish to download and start downloading right away. 

    There is no time limit on the movies that you have downloaded. You may keep these movies for as long as you like, or even burn them to a CD or DVD and create a big collection of your downloaded movies. The site will provide you with the tools to burn your movie downloads to CD or DVD so that you can play them on your stand alone DVD player. You will be able to play your downloaded movies on your computer, home theater, or television.You can download movies of any genre, including action, horror, comedy romance, suspense, cartoons, and so much more. As a member of the site, you will also gain access to download directly from their servers full DVD releases.Movies Capital not only has a large collection of movie files online, but it also has a good selection of TV shows and MP3s, and a very impressive user interface. The site provides good online tutorials and user manuals, and lots and lots of high-quality free bundled software.

    Click Here to try Movies Capital out!

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  • Most amazing tv on pc software in the world (3,500 live streaming channels)

    Satellite TV is very popular now a days. Many people have High Definition TV's with satellite TV viewing capabilities. A new and emerging technology on the market is satellite TV on PC. This means that now you can watch satellite tv on PC, without all the dish and receiver set ups. Satellite Direct TV is definitely the future as more people move away from the cable companies, yet people want to stop paying for these packages all together. Is it possible? Yes, it certainly is. I have not had to pay a single monthly bill for my tv consumption in well over a year now. How do I do achieve this? Easily, using software that gathers the online streams of almost 4,000 normally paid for channels and delivers them in HD quality directly to my living room.Here are some important keypoints to keep in mind when making the transition:Find the correct software. There are various satellite TV on PC products out there that allows you to watch satellite TV on your PC. 

    So it is very important to really get the best bang for your buck.I recommend satellite TV on PC software with one single extra cord you can link your computer to your tv.Download the software to your computer, satellite TV on PC software also known as PC satellite TV software is compatible on both windows and mac operating systems.Set up your favourite channels after doing the channel search, which will pick up, up to 3000 channels including various news networks, pay per view, adult programming etc.

    You are now all set, sit back, grab some popcorn and tell your cable company to kick rocks.Connecting your pc to your tv is simple enough. Most computers today come with HDMI inputs and most tv's still have vga inputs. Find the compatible cord for your hardware at a local electronic shop for under $10.

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