• CBS Pulls 'Chaos,' Brings Back 'Flashpoint'

    CBS has pulled midseason series Chaos off the schedule after three low-rated airings in the challenging Friday 8 Pm time slot. The CIA dramedy most recently drew a 1.0/3 in 18-49 and 5.7 million viewers this past Friday. That was actually up a tenth in the demo from the previous week but way below what Medium and The Defenders were pulling in the slot earlier this season. For the next two weeks, CBS will air CSI: NY repeats in the 8 Pm hour, with Canadian-made backup Flashpoint stepping in May 6 with originals. CBS fought hard to land Chaos in dramatic negotiations with producer 20th Century Fox TV that lasted a couple of months last summer. »


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  • Castle 3.22 "To Love And Die in La" Promo

    Castle fans, you have just died and gone to heaven.

    You know how ABC usually airs a promo for an all new episode only one week before it's scheduled to air? They changed the rules and released the promo for the La episode tonight.

    I know, I am bursting with excitement too.

    From what we can see from the 30-second clip, things will be very, very interesting in the City of Angels. We have now confirmed that Mike Royce[...] »

    - Luciana Mangas

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  • 'Gossip Girl's' 'The Kids Stay in the Picture': The aftermath of Dan and Blair's kiss

    Oh, it feels good to be back on the Upper East Side, "Gossip Girl" fans.

    After a brutally long six week hiatus, our favorite guilty pleasure returned and finally ended the massive speculation on the outcome of Dan and Blair's first kiss on Monday, Apr. 18, with "The Kids Stay in the Picture."

    Before we get to The Kiss (or lack thereof considering we didn't actually see it. Cheat!), let us just state we are barely going to acknowledge the whole Modern Royalty photo shoot storyline in this recap. We weren't feelin' it so we don't feel like writing about it. Deal.

    "Tksitp" saw a lot of action: The return of Spike's mean vampire mother Anne Lily's mother CeCe and husband No. 1 William Van Der Woodsen, the introduction of Carol and Charlie, Lily dealing with the fallout of turning herself in, Nate looking pretty and oh yeah, the aftermath of The Kiss. »

    - [email protected]

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  • 'Chuck': The courtship of Sarah's father

    We're likely to get heavy doses of drama and action in the final three episodes of "Chuck's" season in May. So consider Monday's (April 18) sweet, funny, affecting episode the relative calm before what we expect will be the storm of the end of the season.

    The setup for "Chuck vs. the Wedding Planner" -- Chuck and Sarah get conned out of their wedding money by a shady planner, overreach in using national-security resources to find her and then stumble on an actual national-security issue -- was kind of an eye-roller. But the return of Gary Cole, a heart-tugging B-story involving Casey and good comedy all around more than made up for it.

    That setup served mostly as a reason to bring Sarah's dad, Jack Burton (Cole, last season in Season 2's "Chuck vs. the DeLorean"), back into her life for a little while. Jack hasn't really changed, which both he and Sarah know, »

    - [email protected]

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  • Amazing Race adds more product placement as Kent and Vixsyn survive, threaten to fight more

    All in all, a decent episode of The Amazing Race last night, at least relative to its weaker episodes, and despite the fact that Kent and Vixsyn are still around and may just get worse. In Austria, clues weren't just spelled out for them, and clues lead to more clues at destinations that required directions, and that was the most fun. There was a clue visible only via their car's back-up camera, the fun of »

    - Andy Dehnart

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  • 'Cougar Town': Did you call 1-855-pennycan yet?

    If you watched "Cougar Town" Monday night, you heard Laurie (Busy Philipps) give out a number to call for Bobby's fledgling Penny Can business: 1-855-pennycan.

    As we told you last week, that's an actual working number. If you call, there's a very good chance you'll get connected to Philipps, another member of the show's cast or one of its creators, Kevin Biegel and Bill Lawrence.

    "We're all fighting over it," Lawrence tells Zap2it, "it" being the phone with the Penny Can number (you might also hear Bobby -- Brian Van Holt -- giving instructions on how to order your very own Penny Can can). Courteney Cox was due to have it Monday evening (April 18) and was planning to take calls during the taping of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where she's a guest.

    "Christa [Miller, Lawrence's wife] and I will go after that," Lawrence tells Zap2it. "Some people are going to have it through the night, »

    - [email protected]

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  • 'The Chicago Code' Season 2? Matt Lauria talks potential pickup and a love interest for Caleb

    While the fate of "The Chicago Code's" second season hangs in the balance, Matt Lauria is fairly confident about the chances of a pickup.

    "The actors are always the last ones to know about it but I think we're solid," Lauria tells Zap2it. "I don't think we're a disappointment by any stretch and you know, we're not a huge hit but I think that we get a lot of positive feedback from critics and the fans seem to be coming out in droves so we'll see."

    As for any developments he'd like to see in Caleb's storyline, the actor has a simple request.

    "It'd be good to have a love interest," he explains. "Be good to pull down a girlfriend or something. Do some more door kicking and some gun shooting and that should suffice."

    There are still a few episodes left in Season 1 of the Fox cop »

    - [email protected]

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  • Bones Boss: Emily Deschanel's Pregnancy May Result In a 'Curtailed' Season 7

    Fox has yet to officially renew Bones for the fall, but any possible Season 7 will likely be “curtailed” as the result of pregnant series lead Emily Deschanel being due to deliver in late summer/early fall.

    Noting there are still “a lot of decisions to make” as to how to accommodate Deschanel’s pregnancy – Do they write it in? Shoot around it? — Bonesexecutive producer Hart Hanson said in a Monday conference call, “Season 7 would probably be a curtailed season in some respects; we don’t know how much yet.”

    I asked Hanson if he meant that Season 7 would simply start production later? »

    - Matt Webb Mitovich

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  • TV Land Developing Hot in Cleveland Spinoff Starring Cedric the Entertainer

    TV Land is expanding its Hot in Cleveland franchise via a spinoff starring Cedric the Entertainer.

    The cable net confirmed on Monday that it is developing the potential series, which would find the actor-comedian playing a minister. The character will be introduced to viewers during Cleveland‘s upcoming summer run.

    Cleveland creator Suzanne Martin is shepherding the project. “Cedric is hilarious and I’m so happy to do this show with him,” says Martin. “We are going to have a lot of fun developing and exploring his role as a minister.” »

    - Michael Ausiello

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  • Logo greenlights two new series, renews shows like 'RuPaul's Drag Race' for 2012

    Logo, the gay and lesbian network, has announced that it will be greenlighting two new series for the 2011/2012 TV season: Sex Rx, a docu-series about a group of people being treated for issues like sex addiction, and The A-List: Dallas, a new addition to its A-List franchise. Additionally, RuPaul’s Drag RaceRuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked, and the NewNowNext Awards will all be returning in 2012. These series will join previously announced Logo originals Setup Squad, a reality show about a matchmaking firm, and Pretty Hurts, which follows Rand Rusher, the “injectionist to the stars.” »

    - Hillary Busis

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  • The Good Wife Exclusive: Alan Cumming Back for Season 3… and 4… and 5!

    This bodes well for newly-elected Da Peter Florrick’s senatorial prospects: Alan Cumming has inked a new three-year deal to continue playing campaign strategist Eli Gold on CBS’ The Good Wife.

    Cumming joined Wife in a recurring capacity midway through the show’s first season and was promoted to a series regular at the start of Season 2.

    Of course, Cumming’s new deal is contingent on Good Wife being around for three more seasons. CBS has yet to renew the acclaimed drama for a third season, let alone a fourth and a fifth.

    For more details on this story, visit our sister site Deadline. »

    - Nellie Andreeva

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  • Charlie Sheen Hopes to Return to 'Men' This Month

    Charlie Sheen hopes to return to the set of "Two and a Half Men" by the end of the month, his rep said. "That is the date that is being targeted, and hopefully will happen," Stan Rosenfield told TheWrap on Thursday. Also read: Sheen Speaks Out From Rehab Sheen entered rehab Friday, shutting down production on CBS' top sitcom. Rosenfield gave the possible timeline for Sheen's return a day after his client spoke out from rehab to thank CBS, which airs "Two and a Half Men," and Warner Bros., which produces it. “I have a »

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  • Recap: 'Live to Dance' Premiere

    Paula’s back! Whoo! Wide-fingered hand clap! I’m all kinds of excited to see America’s Favorite Pushover back on TV, I have to admit. And let’s face it – as much as we loved watching her love/hate relationship with Simon, she was always an odd choice to judge a singing competition. Yes, she’s sold a bajillion records (fine, 60 million if you have to be technical about it), but the reality is that she landed a recording career on the strength of her dancing. That made perfect sense during the height of the video age, because we could distract ourselves from her »

    - Liane Bonin

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  • Jersey Shore Season 3 spoilers

    Well America's favorite guido's and guidette's are back for another season of "The Jersey Shore" which takes the crew back to Seaside Heights where it all began. This time around Angelina is completely gone (Hmmm...) and replaced by Snooki's friend Deena Nicole. 

    Season 2 of The Jersey Shore averaged just over 5 million viewers per episode (Yeah..Hmmm). From the previews we've seen already we expect this show to reach new highs (or lows).

    This time around the focus will largely be on the new guidette Deena who within the first episode finds herself inducted into the immortal "reality" tv drama. Yet as season progresses those who bash the show will return to watch the sunburned smushing crew return in droves. Mike "The situation" has gone on to be featured in Dancing with the stars and Paulie (the most promising one) has continously DJ'd events around the world. Snooki also recently announced that she had written and would be releasing a book this year (can't wait for that one). It has also been speculated that JWOW has had some enhancements since the end of season 2.

    Here's an excerpt from the examiner's exclusive story:

    Vinny and Snooki infamously smushed during Jersey Shore Season 2 in Miami, but apparently business wasn't finished between the two housemates. 

    On the first night back in Seaside Heights, Vinny starts flirting with Snooki's friend and new Jersey Shore cast member Deena Nicole in the hot tub. Snooki quickly calls them both out as her true feelings for Vinny come out- along with an off-season shocker.  Snooki can't hide her feelings for Vinny as she confronts him about a hurtful hookup (that she walked in on) between Miami and the cast's return to Seaside Heights.

    The 4'9" guidette gets her heart broken again when she tries to patch things up with Vinny. Things get nasty (and even more awkward) as JWoWW rescues Snooki from the hottub and tells Vinny to simply, "Stick it in one of the jetholes." (read more)

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  • Recap: 'Glee' - 'A Very Glee Christmas'

    Many of you might think of me as the “Glee” Grinch who swoops in weekly to steal away the joy you get from the show. That’s definitely not my intention, and I definitely don’t get a sense of joy at tearing down a particular episode that I dislike. Disliking “Glee” is never, ever my first option: in fact, I think it’s singularly capable of producing as much joy in my too tiny heart as anything on TV right now. So when I leave out my weekly emotional milk and cookies and get television coal in return, well, I get a little »

    - Ryan McGee

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  • Recap: 'Saturday Night Live' - Robert De Niro and Diddy-Dirty Money

    Robert DeNiro is in the house, y’all, along with Diddy-Dirty Money. Just as God always intended. Will there be more references to the “Godfather” trilogy or the “Fockers” trilogy tonight? Will Bill Hader bust out his Al Pacino impression so we can finally witness “Heat II: Electric Boogaloo”? Will tonight’s episode be on the same level of quality as “Goodfellas” or “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”? So many questions, I know! Only one way to answer them: via a sketch-by-sketch recap. That’s just how we do what we do round here. Onto the show, after the break... “Cold Open”: I »

    - Ryan McGee

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  • Glee: The Music, Volume 1 (Special Edition with 3 Bonus Songs) 25% off!!

    <h3><a href="" rel="nofollow">Glee: The Music, Volume 1 (Special Edition with 3 Bonus Songs)</a></h3><a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="float:left;margin: 0 20px 10px 0;" src="//"></a>Special edition features 3 bonus songs: "I Wanna Sex You Up", "I Could Have Danced All Night" and "Leaving On A Jet Plane"!Track listing:1. Don't Stop Believin'2. Can't Fight This Feeling3. Gold Digger4. Take A Bow5. Bust Your Windows&nbsp;6. Taking Chances7. Alone8. Maybe This Time9. Somebody To Love10. Hate On Me11. No Air12. You Keep Me Hangin' On13. Keep Holding On14. Bust A Move15. Sweet Caroline16. Dancing With Myself17. Defying GravityBonus tracks:18. I Wanna Sex You Up19.<div>List Price: $99.99<br><p></p><div style="float:right;"><a href="" rel="nofollow"><img src="//"></a></div><strong>Our Price: $ 74.98</strong><p></p></div> Read more
  • The Sopranos: The Complete Series 48% off!! BUY NOW!!

    The Sopranos: The Complete Series

    • The Sopranos: The Complete Series
    For six seasons, fans have devotedly watched Tony Soprano deal with the difficulties of balancing his home life with the criminal organization he leads. Audiences everywhere tuned in to see the mob, the food, the family, and who was next to be whacked. Celebrate the show that Vanity Fair called, "the greatest show in TV history", in the ultimate Sopranos keepsake. Bonus features (over 3.5 hours never before seen) include David Chase's reaction to fan outcry over the series finale; secrets from too.

    List Price: $ 299.98
    Price: $ 155.95
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  • 'In Treatment': Week six in review

    For the next to last time this season, we're going to tackle all four of this week's "In Treatment" episodes in a single review, coming up just as soon as I try to sell you a moldy carpet... Though his patient's outside relatives, friends and/or loved ones occasionally enter Paul's office, for the most part all we know of their stories is what they tell us, and what we and Paul can deduce from the way they say things (and in some cases, from the details they clearly omit). So it's always a somewhat unreliable narrative, and can be complicated by »

    - Alan Sepinwall

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  • 'Burn Notice' prequel heating up for a Spring 2011 air date

    USA has confirmed to EW that the Burn Notice prequel — focusing on Sam Axe (played by Bruce Campbell) — will air sometime in Spring 2011. Deadline reports the two-hour movie will center on Sam’s final 2005 mission with the Navy SEALs, which involved a group of Colombian rebels. USA decided to greenlight a prequel after noticing Campbell’s popularity at Burn Notice’s first trip to Comic-Con a year and a half ago; fittingly, the network announced the movie would indeed happen earlier this year at 2010?s Comic-Con.

    Read more:

    Comic-Con: ‘Burn Notice’ prequel announced

    ‘Burn Notice’ Bingo »

    - Kate Ward

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