• Big Brother 13 fans scream foul and claim CBS rigged this weeks results

    So on tonight's eviction Lawon was voted off and forced to compete against one of the 4 previously eliminated houseguests (Keith,Cassi,Dominic,Brendon) for a chance to return to the house and continue competing. According CBS the vote came down to the wire with Brendon receiving what they claim was 1 million plus votes. This set off BB 13 fans into a frenzy about the voting being rigged. It's kind of hard to argue with them, since last year CBS did a poll regarding the houseguests and america left Brendon at the bottom of the list meaning they don't like him very much.  It's really hard to believe that Brendon over the course of a year and a cyber sex cheating scandal somehow turned around america's perception of him. In fact if we look at this realistically his popularity would've plummeted even more. Many fans have vowed to turn their backs on CBS and the Big Brother franchise due to this.  Considering many fans shell out $40 a a year for access to a live feed this could potentially bite CBS in it's rating chasing ass. Being that they only have a hand full of successful shows that compete with other networks the fallout from tonights results may indeed change the way producers and directors twist "reality shows" to fit their desired rating demographic.

    Personally as a fan of the show I think something is afoul here and I will personally be canceling my live feed account effective immediately.
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  • 'Eureka' canceled, sixth season plans dropped

    Whoa! Big shock on Eureka. Remember how Syfy ordered six episodes for a potential final season last week? Well, tonight the network decided that not only is the series firmly going to end, but those final six episodes are not going to happen after all. The 13-episode fifth season that was ordered last year, which includes a holiday special, is going to be the final season of Eureka.

    Here’s a statement from Syfy:

    “After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a season six of Eureka. But Eureka is not over yet. »

    - James Hibberd

    See full article at EW - Inside TV

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  • Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 5, “The Categories of Life,” Recap and Review

    David Chute reviews and recaps Episode Five of Torchwood: Miracle Day, "the loopiest of all TV shows," he writes (Spoilers): Both Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic fields and that most overused and probably least understood of futurist concepts, The Singularity, continue to get an affectionate squeeze from time to time on Torchwood: Miracle Day. It seems increasingly likely that both of these oxygen-deprived egghead ideas will turn to be the explanation for something on this loopiest of all TV shows. The suspense is killing me. Sneering pedophile rapist and murderer Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman) , now a PR prop for omniverous multi-national drug giant PhiCorp, was called upon to play the Singularity card in Episode 5, “The Categories of Life,” during a scene at a mammoth Dead »

    See full article at Thompson on Hollywood

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  • First Look: Ashton Kutcher Makes Men Debut

    CBS has released the first official image of Ashton Kutcher at work on the set of Two and a Half Men.

    The shot — taken during Friday’s curtain call following the taping of the Sept. 19 season premiere — features (L-r) castmembers Marin Hinkle, Jon Cryer, Holland Taylor, Conchata Ferrell, Angus T. Jones, and Kutcher.

    Ashton Kutcher’s Men Character Revealed!

    Does the image offer any clues about the plot of the first episode? I think it does…

    Does Taylor’s subdued wardrobe confirm reports that the premiere revolves around the funeral of her onscreen son (played by Charlie Sheen)? Might Cryer »

    - Michael Ausiello

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  • Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss Works With Kristen Stewart: Intimidated Much?

    Amy Adams may have been slightly intimidated by Kristen Stewart's young age when they were making On The Road. So did their other costar, Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss, feel the same way about Ms. Stewart? Read on to find out. "She's super nice," Moss told me about K.Stew at this week's Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual grant-giving luncheon. "She's really so normal and so nice. I was probably more intimidated by Amy Adams because she's like my favorite actress in the world. So everybody was just intimidated by everybody else." Moss insists she doesn't feel too much pressure being a part of the movie adaptation of Jack Keoruac's Beat »

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  • Seth Rogen to Get 'Dirty' on FX's 'The League'

    "The League," FX's hilarious comedy about friends competing in the same fantasy football league, had to push back its production cycle due to the threat of a potential NFL lockout, said co-creator and show-runner Jeff Schaffer on Saturday afternoon at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. But once the lockout ended last week, he said, production ramped up quickly. So quickly, in fact, that the series has already cast Seth Rogen to fill a guest role in its third-season premiere on October 6 at 10 p.m. Et. Rogen will play Dirty »

    - John Sellers

    See full article at The Wrap

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  • ABC confirms 'Desperate Housewives' will end next spring

    ABC will bid farewell to one of its signature shows next spring when "Desperate Housewives" ends its eight-season run.   The "Desperate Housewives" conclusion was leaked late last week, but was formally announced to reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday (Aug. 6) morning, with ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee and series creator Marc Cherry on-hand.   "I think the only thing harder than creating a hit show is knowing when to end it," Cherry told reporters.   He added, "I wanted to go out while the network still saw us as a viable show, while we were »

    - Daniel Fienberg

    See full article at Hitfix

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  • Big Brother 13 Updates *Eviction* #3 Dom and Adam

    So it seems Dom learned a big life lesson this week by being dragged into elimination for the second time due to his friendships with other house guests. First his friendship with Keith almost cost him an early elimination but now it seems like Dani has also been the cause for the house backing the outing of Dom for the second consecutive week. Adam who has flown under the radar by being annoying and smooching the ass of every single houseguest brokered a deal with team Brenchel and J/J to save himself. Dani has officially turned on the vets in revenge for them getting rid of Dom. Dom knows Shelly has backstabbed him, and has aligned more with Kalia and Lawon. The seeds for betrayal have been set and Shelly confronted Kalia about being a snitch and running off to tell the others everything that is shared with her. As it looks right now Dom will be going home this week and the veterans gunning to win HOH again because if they don't they will definitely be on the block at the next nomination ceremony. Read more
  • Big Brother 13 Week 2 Pov results (Spoiler)

    Big Brother 13 Week 2 Pov results (Spoiler)

    I'm sure you die hard fans of Big Brother 13 are interested in this week's Power Of Veto results. With Dom and Adam on the chopping block this week it looked like a landslide was in effect for the veterans. That is up until tonight with Dom going hard and winning an escape from the chopping block by winning the much needed Power Of Veto saving both himself or Adam from elimination. Word on who will be nominated next is still up in the air but the game has certainly changed due to Rachel exploding at Jordan over her performance in the Veto challenge. This has definitely created a wedge between the alliances with Jeff no suggesting that the target must reach team Brenchel's back much sooner than later. We will keep you up to date on new developments as they happen.
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  • Big Brother 13 Live feed spoilers

    For those interested in watching the feed online freely below are two links to the streams.

    Live feed #1

    Nominations: Keith and Porsche: Seems these two had a general target on their backs from the moment HOH took place. Keith has spent the majority of last night and today fighting for his life and throwing others under the bus for anything they've told him. The main target of this scramble has been Lawon who  has been playing both sides (noobs vs veterans). The truth about Keith's career has come to light and made him come off as a liar. It seems that in his scramble Keith has gotten both Rachel and Brendon on his side and in turn has put a gigantic target on Lawon's back.

    POV: Brendon won POV in a puzzle challenge.

    Evil Dick: Has officially been removed from the house. Details about the circumstances have not been made public.

    We will do our best to keep you updated on the latest spoilers.
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  • Kristen Stewart on the 'Breaking Dawn' baby decision: 'I'm so on Bella's Side'

    We won’t get a chance to see Breaking Dawn until it’s in theaters in November, but in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly we got a first look at some of the action, as well as hearing from The Twilight Saga’s cast and stars (warning: spoilers ahead!).

    On one of the most anticipated scenes described in the final book — the birth of Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) baby, Renesmee —Kristen Stewart says, “This could really happen to anyone my age. I mean, maybe not the whole vampire thing, but everything else. It didn’t feel like, »

    - Sara Vilkomerson

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  • Glenn Beck Declares 'Glee' a 'Horror Show' (Video)

    Looks like Glenn Beck has hopped on the right-wing hate bandwagon that's been roliling all over "Glee"lately. Beck trained his laser-like focus on the musical series on his show this week, deeming it "a horror show" and "a nightmare" because "everyone is sleeping with everyone else, it's all about self-gratification." Just wait until Beck finds out that his boss (for now, anyway), Fox honcho Rupert Murdoch, is responsible for putting such trash on the air. He's gonna need a bigger blackboard to explain the complexities of that one... Watch Beck attempt to save »

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  • Law & Order: Ci Exclusive: Cynthia Nixon Set For Episode Inspired by Spider-Man Musical

    My Spidey sense tells me there’s another Guest Star Emmy in Cynthia Nixon’s future.

    Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Law & Order: Criminal Intent has tapped the Sex and the City vet to headline its upcoming episode loosely inspired by the troubled Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

    Nixon will play Julie Taymor Amanda Reese, the high-strung and larger-than-life director behind a problem-plagued Broadway version of Icarus. After a sabotaged stunt results in the death of an actor on stage, Amanda spirals out of control.

    In 2007, Nixon picked up an Emmy for guesting as a woman with »

    - Michael Ausiello

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  • Report: Decision on the fate of 'Two and a Half Men' by upfronts

    Los Angeles (AP) — There are 2½ weeks left for Warner Bros. Television and CBS to decide the fate of "Two and a Half Men." With CBS unveiling its fall schedule for advertisers in New York on May 18, deadline pressure is on the network, Warner and "Men" executive producer Chuck Lorre to develop a post-Charlie Sheen version of the sitcom or kill what's been a highly lucrative property for all. Whether the show is returning, who's in the cast and whether a revamped format would be ready for a fall debut or be delayed until midseason will be resolved before »

    - Lynn Elber (AP)

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  • After Dancing With the Stars: Karina Explains Her Tumble, Romeo Kisses and Tells

    Wow, this has been a rough season for the pros on Dancing With the Stars! First Maks' knee collapsed, then Cheryl Burke had a leg injury, and last nightKarina Smirnoff slipped on the dance floor. What's going on, and what didKarina tell E! News about her very public trip-up? Plus, why did Romeo put the moves on his partner last night? Find out what the stars shared in our exclusive postshow interviews! Playboy cover girl Karina told us about her fall, "I'm Ok. I'm more embarrassed than anything else at this point." As for her partner Ralph Macchio's lightning-quick move to rescue his lady after her stumble, he explained: "Instinct, it's the only way to go." As »

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  • Tree Hill Exclusive: Bethany Joy Galeotti Signs On for Season 9; Lafferty Back Part-Time?

    TVLine has learned exclusively that Bethany Joy Galeotti has officially signed on for a ninth season of The CW’s One Tree Hill.

    Although Tree Hill has yet to be renewed, the fact that Galeotti has reupped her contract for another season bodes well for the long-running drama’s future.

    Meanwhile, the series’ leading man, James Lafferty, has yet to sign on for another year, but a source close to the situation tells TVLine that should Tree Hill get a pickup, he’d likely return part-time as Nathan.

    One Tree Hill Exclusive: Chad MurrayHilarie Burton Not Returning

    Also on »

    - Megan Masters

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  • Katie Couric finally makes it official: She's leaving

    Katie Couric finally went on the record to People today to announce her decision to step down from CBS Evening News.  â€I’m really proud of the talented team on the CBS Evening News and the award-winning work we’ve been able to do in the past five years in addition to the reporting I’ve done for 60 Minutes and CBS Sunday Morning,” she told the magazine. “In making the decision to move on, I know the Evening News will be in great hands, but I am excited about the future.”

    As for what’s next, Couric said, â€I am »

    - Lynette Rice

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  • 'Supernatural' goes Western: What to expect when Sam and Dean go to 'Frontierland'

    The legend of Samuel Colt has been part of "Supernatural" mythology since Season 1, when the Winchesters first procured the Colt .45 that would ultimately kill the Yellow-Eyed Demon.

    In Friday's episode, "Frontierland," we meet the man behind the myth when Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go back in time for the third time. We got the chance to preview the episode, so here's the scoop on what's in store for you on Friday night at 9 p.m. Est on The CW.

    Yes, there are plenty of "Back to the Future: Part 3" references, just like we'd hoped -- including Dean calling himself Eastwood. In fact, the episode has a lot of really humorous moments. Most mythology-heavy episodes tend to steer away from the humor, but this episode perfectly balances laughs with high-stakes drama. Dean's sheer delight at the opportunity to explore the Old West is a blast to watch »

    - [email protected]

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  • 'Gossip Girl': Billy Baldwin on the return of Serena's father, how Lily reminds him of his mother-in-law

    The return of Dr. William van der Woodsen (Billy Baldwin) can mean only a few things: 1) He wants something, 2) He’s back to hit on Lily some more, or 3) He’s there to put out a fire. In tonight’s episode, it’s likely all three.

    “He’s returned to help put out some of the family fires regarding Lily and Serena and the entangled webs they’ve woven,” Baldwin teases to EW. “It’s causing some tension because Rufus would like to step up and be a man of the house. when it comes to van der Woodsen dysfunction and crisis, »

    - Sandra Gonzalez

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  • Glee, Parenthood, and 16 and Pregnant

    What to watch on Tuesday, April 19.

    Hurry up and finish all your chores, you naughty rascals! You don't want to miss a minute of tonight's top picks:

    8pm, Fox


    Tonight Sue sets her sights on another struggling club, and it's up to the glee kids to step in and help. Relationships will be tested, mistakes will be made (and learned from), actors with passable voices will be Auto-Tuned to heck and back. Plus more? Oh yeah, Charice returns as Sunshine Corazon and apparently Gwyneth Paltrow is back, too.

    More >> »

    - Price Peterson

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