• Brad Pitt's Plan B leaving Paramount Pictures

    After an eight-year run at the studio, it looks like Brad Pitt will and his Plan B production banner will be leaving Paramount. A source close to the situation says that the studio will not be renewing Plan B’s deal when it ends in 2014 and that Pitt will be moving the company elsewhere. The insider added that it was likely that Plan B would be headed for a deal with New Regency, which worked with Plan B on the Fox Searchlight film “12 Years a Slave.” The news is interesting, since the studio and Pitt have just tapped Juan Antonio Bayona to helm the sequel to “World War Z.” Plan B and Paramount had gone through some rough times in the last year after a problematic shoot on “World War Z,” but those problems seemed to fade once “World War Z” grossed more than $540 million at the worldwide box office.



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  • Thor to take the top spot for a second week in a row

    “Thor: The Dark World” is set to again rule the box office as most studios sit out the sesh in anticipation of next week’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Only Universal is essaying a wide opening, with seasonal dramedy “The Best Man Holiday” bowing 15 years after Michael D. Lee’s “The Best Man” became a cult classic in the African-American community. The Uni sequel is expected to land in second place, somewhere in the high teens. Disney-Marvel’s holdover “Thor: The Dark World” bowed to $86 million last weekend and should gross in the high $30 millions, with a weekend-to-weekend drop between 55%-60%. Internationally, “The Dark World” is pushing $275 million in just two weeks; pic’s domestic cume stands at $105 million through Wednesday.

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  • Tom Hardy is now a "Rocketman" joins Elton John Biopic

    Tom Hardy really is crossing over, the beloved actor has been a hit with the masses while amazingly cross jumping actor categories. From soldier, gay tough guy, to comic book villain and now he leads the way for the biopic on Sir Elton John's biography. Hardy will be led by none other than Michael Gracey, who both will work on telling the masses the stor of Elton's life from rockbottom to superstardom. Elton John who has a notoriously known party past is sure to allow creative writing for the script to detail vividly many otherwise private moments of his life. Elton is said to be in the studio recording fresh and slightly altered versions of a few songs so that they fit better into the film than their original versions. The film will be distributed by Elton's own RocketFilms.


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  • Jamie Dornan set to play Christian Grey in '50 shades of grey' film

    Well it seems like Jamie Dornan has either hit the big time or has just set himself up for failure, depends on who you ask amongst the rabid critics of the enormously successful book franchise. Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam had been on board to take play the lead role but abandoned the project after creative conflicts and stories of a whopping $150k payday to the actor. This film while having major expectations is banking on up and coming stars to carry it to critical love and box office success. Let's hope Jamie didn't jump aboard a sinking ship because its failures of highly anticipated movies that have notoriously destroyed promising careers. Jamie Dornan is best known for his role in "Once upon a time" and Soffia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette", he will star opposite of Dakota Johnson with Sam Taylor-Johnson set to direct the film. Let's hope they can finally start really filming this time around.


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  • Jon Hamm to play "Batman"?

    It has been rumored that Warner Brothers has been in discussions to cast the next Batman actor as someone in their 40's. Hamm, 42 had ties to the A-Team franchise but it's lackluster box office performance destroyed the idea of any immediate sequel. Hamm would make for an awesome Batman although the scheduling of the film may interfere with other projects. Hopefully Mad Men doesn't become a casualty if this indeed comes to fruition. Other names that have been rumored with ties to the franchise are: Guy Pearce, Gerrard Butler, Karl Urban and Josh Brolin.


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  • 2 Guns takes early lead on box office weekend


    2 Guns starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington open with $10 Million in ticket sales on Friday alone. The film panned by critics as a paycheck film for both actors has already exceeded expectations. The film is now project to have a $28 million dollar opening weekend. 2 Guns is competiting with last week's #1 movie "The Wolverine" which is expected to have a $20 million dollar weekend.  Could the success of 2 Guns lead to more Washington & Wahlberg collaborations? Seems likely.

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  • Quvenzhane Wallis to star in "Annie" Reboot

    The rumors that Oscar-nominated best actress Quvenzhane Wallis would play in a new musical of "Annie" are true. Overbrook Entertainment, Marcy Media, director Will Gluck and Sony Pictures Entertainment have confirmed that the diminutive New Orleans star of "Beasts of the Southern Wild" will play the title role in "Annie." Columbia president of production Hannah Minghella cited Wallis's high global profile as an Oscar nominee as well as her "amazing range, not only as an actress but as a singer and dancer, and we can’t wait for audiences to further discover her.” Sony is slating the film for the winter holiday season in 2014. Directed by Gluck ("Easy A"), the film will be produced by James Lassiter, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Will Smith through Overbrook Entertainment ("Ali," "HItch," "I Am Legend"), and by Shawn “Jay Z” Carter, Jay Brown.


    See full article at Thompson on Hollywood

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  • Pics: All the Stars on the Oscars Red Carpet

    Tonight it is Oscar night, when we glimpse into the cultural sphere, revisiting all the most exceptional filmic contributions of the year. Yet, before we celebrate the winners (or refute or curse them, depending on how seriously you take this), it's time to study the red carpet. While the Fug Girls dissect all the fashions on their live blog, we are presenting all of Hollywood's most fabulous clotheshorses here for your own scrutiny. Click through to see all the fashions; we'll be updating it all night as more stars cross the paparazzi threshold.


    See full article at Vulture

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  • Michael Bay teams up with Megan Fox for "TMMT" reboot

    Looks like Michael Bay doesn’t hold a grudge. He’s just announced via his blog that Megan Fox will star in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the live-action/CGI feature from producer Bay, his Platinum Dunes and Paramount. Jonathan Liebesman is directing. This comes after Fox was most publicly dismissed from Bay’s Transformers threequel back in 2010 after the two clashed (Fox likened Bay to Hitler on set and called him “a nightmare to work for”, which set off a firestorm and led to her getting the boot). The TMNT reboot is dated for a May 16, 2014 release after it was pushed back to cut the budget to around $125M.

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  • Two new star wars spinoffs

    Star Wars fans, admit it: you like scoundrels. And you’re about to get more of them in your life.

    Yesterday, The Walt Disney Co. unveiled plans to make a number of spin-off movies set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away — in addition to the post-Return of the Jedi trilogy that had already been announced

    Entertainment Weekly has learned details on two of the spin-off projects: A young Han Solo saga, focusing on the wisecracking smuggler’s origin story, and a bounty hunter adventure with Boba Fett at the center of a rogue’s gallery of galactic scum.

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  • Cinema Haven's top 3 modern romantic films

    We've picked out what we believe to be the most enjoyable 3 films for a date or just a romantic evening. These are films we've watched and can honestly standby. Typically this genre is viewed often as boring but these three films are anything but that.

    1. 'Once' This semi-musical love story has reignited the passion of audiences since it's independent release in 2006. The movie stars irish singer Glenn Hanssard. The film which to date has won 17 awards including an Oscar became a runway Broadway sensation with its screen to stage adaptation taking home top honors amongst the best of all Broadway shows. The film centers around a jilted singer who was left by his girlfriend and is seeking for a way of dealing with his sadness when he meets an immigrant piano player who helps him turn his pain into some of the most beautiful music ever composed. To say this is a touching movie that will have you googling lyrics to sing along to and choking up is an understatement. Hands down the most artistically scripted romantic story of modern times.


    2. 'Love Actually' is one of those big cast engagements full of talented actors that creates a melting pot of goodness that makes it hard to not fall in love with the film and it's storyline within the first twenty minutes. Starring Liam Neeson and Hugh Grant, the film centers around the lives of various people during the Christmas Holiday but mostly around Liam's widowed character adjusting to life without his wife while raising a pre-teen son who is just starting to understand what love is. The film which won two Golden Globes and an additional 10 awards has been considered by many critics as a top 5 love film all time. Expect to laugh, cry, and smile plenty.


    3. 'Bridgette Jones Diary' A British woman is determined to improve herself while she looks for love in a year in which she keeps a personal diary. This movie was hands down Renee at her finest, the film which won 8 awards came within a gasp of breath of winning an Oscar. Released in 2001 the film remains one of the best selling DVD's year after year because of its very relatable story and it's humorous approach to love in it's many awkward scenes.

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  • HBO's 'The Girl' mostly fiction but hard to not watch..

    Alfred Hitchcock has been a loved figure of cinematography in my household, we've seen just about everything the man made in his amazing career. When HBO announced "The Girl", the story of Hitchcock's creating of The Birds and Marnie we were thrilled but as with all documentary films one wonders, "if they show us something we don't like, will it affect our view of the person in question"? HBO really held back nothing when it came to this project, The Girl produced many a cringe worthy moment not just from the filming process of these films but as well in the behaviors of a senior Hitchcock. From his infatuation to his all or nothing style of shooting scenes nothing is held back, one unfortunate aspect of this film is that most of the informational background for it was provided by the actress portrayed. This leaves much to the question, how much of this is actual fact? Combing the internet it seems most of it is fake, and the other parts are just the cries of an actress who never again found a level of sucess remotely close to what she experienced under Hitchcock's guidance. Anyone who has been a fan of the director knows full well the dark side that accompanies such level of genius, especially in a man whose rise to fame circled around capitalizing on the most horrific of human experiences. The Girl does an excellent job in showcasing this aspect albeit a bit over the top. Perhaps giving more background into Hitchcock at this stage of his career would've done this film a bit more justice, perhaps it would've given us an impression of the actual relationship he had with Grace Kelly which is mentioned several times in the film in a tone that hints at some massive fall out between the director and the legendary actress. All in all "The Girl" is almost like a car accident which one just can't avoid rubber necking to catch every single little detail. In many ways a tragedy and in many ways breathtaking. For any Hitchcock fan I recommend you at least give it a shot.


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  • 'Pablo Escobar' Movie in the works

    Pablo Escobar gripped the drug world of Colombia by the stones during his reign of love and terror. The Colombian national is often referred to as the latin godfather, and was rumored to be worth in excess of $4 Billion by the time of his death. While studios and tv shows (Entourage) have toyed with the idea for making a film based on his life it is finally now seemingly the time where an appropriate script has been developed. For those who follow all drug trafficking things you would be familiar with the massive international hit that "El Padrino" the show has created. So naturally Hollywood is paying attention. Benicio Del Toro is said to be already confirmed for the lead with other actors slowly negotiating their contracts for the film. Pablo who was killed by U.S. DEA force in 1993, died at age 44 having reached the pinnacle of a drug underworld very few even admit existed. Pablo Escobar was born in Rionegro, Colombia to adverse poverty. Before jumping into the world of narco trafficking Pablo made his mark by kidnapping an executive in exchange for $100,000. To this day there are many conspiracy theorist who believe he lives on and his assasination was a big cover up. That is the power of the man many refer to as "The Myth", he attempted a run at politics in 1993 which was short lived once he jumped up the list of the most wanted world wide. Pablo's organization attempted to pressure the Colombian government into looking the other way by murdering police officers, assasinating law makers and even going as far as bombing federal buildings. No studio has been publicly linked with the film but let's hope they do it justice and tell the whole story.

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  • Mitt Romney gets the Sarah Palin treatment courtesy of HBO'S 'Double Down'

    Just when life was getting back to normal for good ole Mitt, HBO announces that his campaign for presidency will be turned into a film for the network much like Sarah Palin got with "Game Change". Double down will center around the campaign between Mitt Romney and President Barrack Obama. No word on who will play who but I say get the guy who plays "The Governor" in The Walking Dead and you would be spot on! To say there was a ton of controversy surround Game Change is putting it mildly, Sarah Palin by all means was not pleased with the end result and was very vocal about it. Do not expect HBO to hold any punches either, they aren't known for it. If they announced it you better believe there are political insiders already under contract to divulge little secrets and things they witness during Romney's' Presidential run. I am also sure the most interesting part of this will be the action and reaction inside Team Romney when the 47% video surfaced. If you haven't seen Game Change yet, I suggest you hurry up and do so. It's an enjoyable cinematic piece that gives a very real and candid look at how John McCain's choice for Vice President changed the outcome of his bid for President.

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  • Seth McFarlane: "Family Guy movie in the works"

    You heard correct, Family Guy is coming to the big screen. Details are still emerging but Seth himself has confirmed that Stewie Griffin and his family will be landing on the big screen in the near future. Seth claims to have a story in place for the film, but has yet to disclose any additional details. You can bet your money that this will be a box office smash, Family Guy has a huge following and is much loved amongst the adult the 18 to 34 demographic.


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  • Twilight sinks teeth into the box office, nearly breaks own record

    Twilight has really become sort of a dependable box office sensation. The film which took in just over $71.3 million on Friday alone has led many to speculate that the story will somehow be expanded to keep the cash cow a viable option for the studio. How successful the spinoff's will be is up in the air as only a few characters in the series are worthy of an entire script dedicated to telling their story. Perhaps it'll be the origins of the father's vampire roots, perhaps the pre-vampire story for the main character. One thing is for sure with these kind of numbers you better believe they will not just let it go away.
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  • Tom Hardy set to star in film adaptation of 'Splinter Cell"

    As a gamer I am familiar with Splinter Cell, more so because it provide the easiest way to hack into an original xbox for customizing it (Yeah baby!!) but Splinter Cell has always been a wonderful franchise built on a great story with just as intricate visuals. Tom Hardy (Mr. Handsome himself) is set to step into the lead role. The script is set to be written by Eric Warren Singer, best known for writing "The international). This project had been on and off and in limbo since mid 2004 but it finally has all contract signed and a green light to get going. Let's hope that the studio does Tom Clancy's game justice.
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  • Star Trek: 'Into Darkness' ready to beam into IMAX

    Christopher Nolan announced that the first nine minutes of his Star Trek franchise reboot "Into the darkness" will premier at IMAX theater's during the first weeks of "The Hobbit" being in theaters. From the sounds of things fans of the franchise should be very excited, according to reports this film is nothing short of a visual master piece with a script of equal quality. Considering his first venture into Star Trek, expect this film to be nothing short of box office gold. We will post the trailer when it becomes available.
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  • Skyfall beats up the box office, shaken not stirred

    The latest film in the James Bond franchise scored a box office knockout in its theater debut by pulling in $87.8 million domestically taking the #1 spot this week amongst the heavy hitters. Expect another Bond movie within two years after this kind of opening,

    this is the strongest box office opening the franchise has seen in quite some time. Last week's winner Wreck it ralph slid into the second spot with a cool $33 million, followed by Oscar buzzing "Flight" with $15.1 million, "Argo" $6.7 million, "Taken 2" $4 million. Be on the look out for stiff competition next week from "Lincoln", "The comedy", and "A royal affair"
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  • Mark Wahlberg will be the new star of Transformers 4

    The 4th film in the Transformers franchise set to debut June 2014 will be replacing it's main star Shia Labeouf with Mark Wahlberg, the dark side of the moon entry which was widely panned and heavily criticized may have been the end for Shia as the main character in the film. Michael Bay officially announce the change of cast earlier today, Mark who in the past has worked with Bay has been vying to work with him on several other projects but couldn't due to his own production/direction efforts. It had been speculated for weeks that Mark was in the running for the role but Bay himself had denied it. This is the third franchise loss for Labeouf who has spent several years being critical of directors and other actors. Could this be the end of Shia? Could Transformers receive a shot of adrenaline with this recast? We'll know soon enough.
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