• Obama sends message to Tea Party Birthers "Go fuck yourselves"

    By offering public copies of his birth documents President Obama sends a loud message to Trump, Palin and the other morons of the Birthers (Racists) Party. Since the time of his nomination the Republican defectors whom seem to deem themselves holier than thou have shouted in all possible manners "Obama was not born in America" all the while turning around and saying "It's not racist"...well now it's been proven. The american president was born in america just like these so called patriots. Keep in mind many of these people are the ones still running around praising Bush and bashing the current president for having to clean up Bush's mess. 

    To any tea party members reading this here are some your mind it might not come off as racist but Bush was ten million times worse than Obama but he's white so he was defended and loved for being a war time president. Some people cannot handle the fact that the leader of the free world is only half white but doesn't even have the appearance of caucasian. No matter how many ways you spin this the fact is we see right through your excuses for arguing against this presidents greatness. It stems from old embedded hatred passed down through the generations. It's hard to see those who've always been presented to you as lesser human beings rival your success or even surpass it. It must really suck to be you...I know had your grandpa lived to see a black complexion standing at the podium of the strongest nation in the world he would've died (Hell he's probably rolling over in his grave as we speak).  The south lost the war but some refuse to accept it, way to hold on to hope that will never come. It's okay we dont blame you for being how you are, we can only blame those who've raised you and educated you for your prejudices. Obama attended and graduate from two prestigious institutions of education a fact that often goes ignored. Palin attended 5 mediocre colleges over 6 years before graduating from the University of Ohio, I guess somehow she's more prepared to be president. Donald Trump graduated from the school of silver spoons and trust funds I guess he represents the 90% of the u.s. population that is considered working class. Mc Cain became a senator because he was a war hero, I guess war prepared to run a country. Rudolph Guiliani was a mayor during crisis but spent his time in office embroiled in claims of racial discrimination and spent more time worrying about the Yankee's getting a stadium than improving his city and benefitted from changes implement by David Dinkins. I'll take Obama any day over any of the moral backed candidates you want to shove on us.
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  • NYPD tricking pot smokers into volunteering to be arrested (Learn how to avoid this)!

    So today I saw a shocking statistic in 2010 the NYPD performed 601,000 plus stop and frisks (many illegally I may add...considering they can only stop you if they suspect you of carrying a weapon or for matching the description of someone they are actively searching for).

    Marijuana while illegal without a prescription in many states is not one they can arrest you for if it is concealed on your person. They can confiscate it and write you a summons. Yet 140 individuals per day are arrested in NYC for pot possession. So how do the cops arrest so many people? The typical question asked by an officer of the law is "If you have anything on you that you shouldn't right now is the time for you to hand it over" that right there now takes you from receiving a summons to being arrested. As long as your pot is not visible to the naked eye it cannot lead to an arrest, so in other words it's better to let the officer find it on you. The law indicates that in a stop and frisk an officer is only allowed to pat down the suspect and only if they encounter a hard object are they allowed to reach into your pocket to identify it..marijuana generally by nature is in bush/bud form so unless you have large amounts even that shouldn't lead to your pockets being searched. If you are arrested for possession without volunteering to hand it over or without it ever being visible to the officer you may have just cause for filing a complaint and quite possibly a lawsuit. 

    So folks will ask, why is nothing being done about these illegalities on the part of the officers? Well for one the city makes a ton of money off these arrests and cops fill their monthly quotas. The mayor doesn't care, nor did his predecessor..more shocking is the ethnic makeup of these arrest with whites only being responsible for less than 10% of these arrests. This all goes back to having the means to hire an attorney to look into these cases. They know minorities are less likely to fight these charges and have less means towards acquiring an attorney. The situation in NYC has gotten so bad public defenders have started to raise an issue in what they deem to be illegal practices within the police ranks that continues to go ignored.

    My advice to you is educate yourself with the law. Know your rights and don't fall for the tricks of those who are employed by the people to protect them and are wasting tax payer money inflating stats. If a cop finds a joint in your sock and wants to take you in remind him of what the law really is and if he still insists on taking you in ask to speak to a captain and remind them that you can read and are willing to fight the case and file grievances.
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  • After Dancing With the Stars: Karina Explains Her Tumble, Romeo Kisses and Tells

    Wow, this has been a rough season for the pros on Dancing With the Stars! First Maks' knee collapsed, then Cheryl Burke had a leg injury, and last nightKarina Smirnoff slipped on the dance floor. What's going on, and what didKarina tell E! News about her very public trip-up? Plus, why did Romeo put the moves on his partner last night? Find out what the stars shared in our exclusive postshow interviews! Playboy cover girl Karina told us about her fall, "I'm Ok. I'm more embarrassed than anything else at this point." As for her partner Ralph Macchio's lightning-quick move to rescue his lady after her stumble, he explained: "Instinct, it's the only way to go." As »

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  • Katie Couric finally makes it official: She's leaving

    Katie Couric finally went on the record to People today to announce her decision to step down from CBS Evening News.  â€I’m really proud of the talented team on the CBS Evening News and the award-winning work we’ve been able to do in the past five years in addition to the reporting I’ve done for 60 Minutes and CBS Sunday Morning,” she told the magazine. “In making the decision to move on, I know the Evening News will be in great hands, but I am excited about the future.”

    As for what’s next, Couric said, â€I am »

    - Lynette Rice

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  • Call of duty: Black ops Escalation map pack ps3 (BOYCOTT)

    There is an outcry across the internet of treyarch's biggest supporter yelling foul at the top of their lungs. Ps3 gamers have been dealing with TreyArch's monopoly deal with microsoft for it's xbox 360 system that gets 360 users first dibs at all new content released by TreyArch.

    "I bought the first map pack only because I thought the xbox 360 exclusive was limited to the first map pack" said TonyFury213 "This time around i'm taking my call of duty game and trading it in, enough is enough"

    This new way of sucking money out of console makers in addition to the actual gamers has turned really sour. Gamers have become increasingly demanding of equal rights standing behind the notion that they are paying an average $60 price for premium content only to be told they are second class gamers if their console maker isn't willing to play hardball with the game creators. Treyarch has now joined other game manufacturers who are trying to nickel and dime every possible consumer or company willing to do business with them. I say join the boycott and enjoy that first map pack until you get bored and then toss the game in the trash. I personally will not be purchasing any games from Treyarch in the foreseeable future nor will I purchase games from companies trying to implement the famous mmo mandatory monthly service charges that we've seen popping up in games over the past 12 months. I guess I will join other gamers in making better use of both my time and money. I purchase at least 20 new titles a year with a price tag of $1200 USD, instead i'll be switching to gamefly and paying $300 and playing everything I want. I've been a gamer for well over 20 years and while I understand business evolves the gaming field has evolved in the wrong direction. We now pay more to get less than ever before and considering the growth every year in this market you'd expect game creators to be happy with record setting quarters. Nope! 
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  • 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' lands director Craig Gillespie

    Craig Gillespie, who directed Lars and the Real Girl and the upcoming Fright Night remake, has been tabbed to helm Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, according to Lionsgate. “We are so excited to have Craig on board this film,” Alli ShearmurLionsgate president says in a statement. “His sensibility spans from genre bending horror to elegant character driven comedy, which is perfect for this movie. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is precisely the kind of movie I came to Lionsgate to make: sophisticated yet youthful and edgy. Our movie will be all of those things — with zombies — and it will »

    - Jeff Labrecque

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  • Man In Electric Wheelchair Chases Lady On A Bike For 3 Days

    ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - Police arrested a 67-year-old man after a woman said he “charged” her in his electric wheelchair, crashing into her bicycle after chasing her around a parking lot for three days.

    The victim earlier this week told Fort Pierce police she was on her bicycle when Harry Lee Gray “charged her in his electric wheelchair” at an address in the 600 block of Avenue B, according to a recently released arrest affidavit.

    She said Gray purposely crashed into her leg and bicycle, knocking her off. Further, she said he picked up the bike, which her late father gave her, and “slammed” it down, causing the front tire to come off.

    “(The victim) stated that Gray has chased her for the last three days around the parking lot, but she never called the police,” an affidavit states.


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  • Floyd Mayweather demands $100 million dollars to fight Manny Pacquaio? Wow!

    "We went through a negotiation that nobody really knew about with Mayweather. Some group came in wanting to put it in a particular country and Mayweather asked for a number that was so high that he indicated that he didn't want to fight," stated promoter Bob Arum, who suprisingly revealed that he and fellow Hall of Fame promoter Don King had a private negotiation in hopes of putting together the fight we've all been waiting for, the highly anticipated showdown between pound-for-pound champions Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. While most fans have speculated that King and Arum were working behind the scenes in hopes of making the fight a reality, this is the first time that either promoter have openly admitted that discussions actually took place. Unfortunately, it sounds like the fight may be even further from taking place than we ever imagined, as Arum says Mayweather is looking to get even more money than what's been offered in the past.

    "Take a guess at the number he asked for himself. 100 [million] for himself. Fuck, who's going to pay him 100 million? I mean, unless Manny fights for nothing," Arum explained as he spoke to members of the media in an exclusive video from Wow! $100 million? If true, it sounds as though money, not random blood testing, is the real issue holding up the biggest fight in the sport

    credit to
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  • Britney Spears Calls Relationship With Jason Trawick “Really Normal”

    The rumors about Britney Spears and her former agent/current boyfriend Jason Trawick were never too positive in 2010, with Britney’s ex-husband Jason Alexander claiming Trawick was abusive and others suggesting Trawick’s hanging around to keep Brit from freaking out over father Jamie Spears’ legal conservatorship over her finances—which still remains in place three years after it began. But Spears wasn’t airing any discontent while promoting Femme Fatale onRyan Seacrest‘s show—she swears their relationship is “really normal.” “We just like to watch movies,” she explained. “We work out a lot, we take walks.”

    While Ryan and Britney were happy to talk about Trawick’s improved abs (“He’s definitely ripped.He just got on this health kick”), we have to wonder what happens if these two ever decide to make it official. Will Jamie give up running her financial affairs? Will Trawick take them over? »

    - Anthony Miccio

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  • 21 Jumpstreet is on the verge of making a comeback to the airwaves

    "21 Jump Street" just a got a little more crowded. Deadline reports that "United States Of Tara" star Brie Larson (who you might recall as Envy Adams in 'Scott Pilgrim') has joined Jonah HillChanning Tatum and Ice Cubein the film. The R-rated adaptation features a script by “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” writer Michael Bacall who had previously and excitingly described the pic as “John Hughes meets ‘Bad Boys,’” with “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord at the helm for the story of “a couple of dudes who haven’t quite worked out… »

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  • Charlie Sheen's Lawyer Reveals When He's Going Back to Two and a Half Men

    Charlie Sheen's going back to work—and we know when. The actor's attorney, Yale Galanter, exclusively reveals to E! News that the actor will be returning to the set of Two and a Half Men before the end of the month. "We are thinking Charlie will be going back to work two weeks from today," he said. Galanter refused to comment on Sheen's current rehab whereabouts, but he did say, "Charlie is fine healthwise and doing really well. Things are looking good. Everybody's intentions are to get him back in the swing of things as soon as possible. And despite recent troubles, Sheen's family is sticking by him. "They are a very close-knit »

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  • 'Harry Potter' to receive special BAFTA award

    The Harry Potter film franchise will be recognized by the British Academy of Film and Television with the Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema honor at the BAFTA Awards on Feb. 13. Author J.K. Rowling and producer David Heymanwill accept the honor on behalf of the franchise, which has grossed $5.4 billion worldwide since the first Potter film was released 10 years ago. »

    - Jeff Labrecque

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  • The Week in Pictures: Rob and Kristen's Twilight Cuddle, Naked Pop Stars and Jennifer Aniston

    Ready for the best pictures of the year, people? Though 2011 is less than a week old, we've already seen Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez get nautical, a Kardashian turn red, a reality mom in a bikini, some engagement ring bling and a fruit salad tossing celeb caught on film. Plus, there's our vested interest in Jennifer AnistonAdam Levine's naked display and this guy, as always, keeping it real...crazy. So check out the eye candy as we kick off the new year in photos... Celebrity New Year's Celebrations Stars' Sexy Winter Getaways Best of 2010: The Best of Absolutely Everything Mug-Shot Mania Kourtney & Kim Bite the Big Apple The Big »

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  • How Harvey Weinstein Got His Groove Back

    It’s never been a good idea to declare Harvey Weinstein dead  --  he has a tendency to rise from the beyond. On Tuesday, Weinstein proved that he is quite definitely reborn, buying with his brother Bob 25 percent of Starz Media in order to ensure a home entertainment deal with their Anchor Bay division, and scooping up Producers Guild nominations for "The King's Speech" and "The Tillman Story." But beyond those momentary milestones, the movie mogul is back in the groove that once made him famous – cutting trailers, reading scripts, hanging »

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  • Pete Postlethwaite: A face, and an actor, you couldn't forget

    Pete Postlethwaite, in his long, sturdy, and vibrant career as an actor, first in theater and television and then, beginning in the late ’80s, in the movies, was the face of a great many things: rage, fatherly tenderness, criminal brilliance. Whatever he was playing, though, Postlethwaite, who died yesterday at 64, was always a face: a face so lumpen and craggy you could never forget it, with its ruddy broken nose and thin-lipped scowl of protest, its flesh that hung down over cheekbones that were prominent enough to look like a pair of jutting apples, and those eyes that burned with »

    - Owen Gleiberman

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  • 'Fockers' Frowned Upon,'Grit' Glows Over New Year's

    The story of New Year's weekend was the same as Christmas weekend: what's supposed to be one of the most bustling times of the year was shattered by a largely poor slate of movies. Little Fockers was the low-flying top draw, but True Grit (2010) continued to be a beacon. Overall business was off around 27 percent from the same weekend last year, when Avatar dominated, and attendance was off significantly from the last time New Year's weekend landed on Dec. 31-Jan. 2, back in 2004-2005. When is passing $100 million in just 12 days not so hot? When the preceding movie did it in eight days and had nearly double the attendance. Such was the case with Little Fockers, which dipped 16 percent to $25.8 million over the weekend for a $102.6 million tally in 12 days. Predecessor Meet the Fockers, which played on the same days and dates six years ago, generated $41.7 million over New Year's weekend, »

    - Brandon Gray <[email protected]>

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  • John Goodman Joins Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

    John Goodman has joined three-time Oscar nominee Stephen Daldry's (The Reader) adaptation of the Jonathan Safran Foer novel, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  Already featuring serious star power in the form of Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, the film will follow Oskar (played by newcomer Thomas Horn), a 10-year old boy whose father (Hanks) dies in the September 11th attacks.  As the story goes, Oskar embarks on a journey to deal with his loss and discover more about the lock-box key left behind by his father.  The lauded script was penned by Oscar-winning scribe Eric Roth (Forrest Gump). Per THR, Goodman will play a doorman in Oskar's apartment building who "goes on a trip to exhume the father's coffin."  In addition to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, he recently appeared in HBO's Treme and can also be seen this March in Kevin Smith's Red State.  To check out a synopsis of Foer's novel, »

    - Jason Barr

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  • Blake Lively's the New Face of French Fashion

    Blake Lively is taking another step on her way to becoming a full-fledged fashion icon. A source tells me… The Gossip Girl beauty will star in a new ad campaign for Chanel. I'm told she was just in Paris shooting for the French fashion house's handbag collection. The ads should launch early next year, the source says. The 23-year-old starlet is no stranger to Chanel. In July, Lively was one of the designer Karl Lagerfeld's famous friends in the front row of the Chanel Hauté Couture show during Paris Hauté Couture Fashion Week. In September, she hit the reopening of the Chanel store in New York's Soho neighborhood. She'll next be seen on the big screen »

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