• "Purge" creators sued for $5 million

    As “The Purge: Anarchy” prepares to face off with “Sex Tape” and the “Planes” sequel this weekend in theaters, Universal Studios is gearing up for a battle of its own. Screenwriter Douglas Jordan-Benel filed a lawsuit against the studio, writer and director James DeMonaco, and United Talent Agency (to name a few), claiming they stole his idea for last year's Ethan Hawke horror breakout, “The Purge.” Also read: ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ Review: Horror Sequel Looks Dumb by Trying to Appear Smart According to the documents filed in court on Thursday, the concept at the base of the franchise about a faux Utopian society that. »


    - Travis Reilly


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  • Game of Thrones Season 5 Director finally named

    Writing this article sort of bums me out because I’m reminded that there are another nine months or so before Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres.  That being said, the gears on this show run year-round and the directing staff seems to have been firmed up.  And it appears that, in addition to a certain character many people were expecting to see at the end of Season 4, a few of the directors of your favorite episodes won’t be coming back for Season 5. For instance, Neil Marshall (who handles a lot of the big battle episodes) is skipping this season.  So is Alex Graves. Even showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are staying behind their laptops (and away from the cameras) next year.  Hit the jump for more on the Game of Thrones Season 5 directors list. As Entertainment Weekly points out, David Nutter is the only returning veteran of the show. »

    - Evan Dickson


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  • Disney' 'Jungle Book' rebook finally gets its lead

    Disney has cast newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgli in “The Jungle Book.”

    Jon Favreau is directing the live action film from a script by Justin Marks.

    The 10-year-old Sethi, from New York, was chosen from among thousands of kids who auditioned for the role in the U.S., the U.K., New Zealand and Canada.

    “The Jungle Book” will be Sethi’s first acting role.

    “Casting is the most important element of any film and finding the right kid to play Mowgli was imperative,” Favreau said in a statement. “Neel has tremendous talent and charisma. There is a lot riding on his little shoulders and I’m confident he can handle it.”

    Casting director Sarah Finn described Sethi as embodying “the heart, humor, and daring of the character. He’s warm and accessible, yet also has an intelligence well beyond his years and impressed us all with his ability to »


    - Marc Graser


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  • Seth MacFarlane Sued, acused of stealing the idea for "Ted"

    The creators of web series about a foul-mouthed teddy bear with a penchant for drinking, smoking and prostitutes has filed a copyright infringement suit against Seth MacFarlane, Universal Pictures and the producers of Ted, the 2012 film about a foul-mouthed teddy bear with a penchant for drinking, smoking and prostitutes. Bengal Mangle Productions claims that Ted “is an unlawful copy” of its own animated teddy, who was featured in two different web series, Charlie The Abusive Teddy and Acting School Academy. The suit (read it here), filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, states that those web series aired in 2009 […] »

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  • How to get 3D at home without spending much or buying a new tv

    I fell in love with 3D back in the late 80's to early 90's upon landing in a seat at Disney World and watching the Michael Jackson experience. It was my first taste of 3D and it was ahead of it's time, like ten years ahead of it's time. The eye popping visuals and the feeling of being immersed into this video world was flat out amazing. Over the next decade or so I experience 3D gradually at game locations that offered VR games, it was to say the least an all new experience. Consumer end 3D has never been cheap, getting the same results as you  would in lets say a multimillion dollar 3D theater from the comfort of your couch is a very expensive task.

    Most people I have heard complain about 3D mostly do so for two reasons. One, the glasses they aren't designed specifically for one user and they are mostly one size fits all. Second, motion sickness that makes individuals feel like they need to find the nearest bathroom. There various formats for 3D video, the most commonly known one is Anaglyph 3D. It's the 3D that you see while wearing often disposable glasses with one red and one blue lens. This version of 3D could easily be found in cereal boxes for Saturday morning cartoon stuff. This version of 3D works well because it's a cheap version of coming the content without spending much money. Stereoscopic 3D is mostly based around solid frames that either use polarized lenses, shutter glasses, or a variation of the old Anaglyph styled lens but with darker shades.  The difference between those 3 are price, usage, and comfort with the viewer. Polarized and Shutter glasses are more commonly on the expensive end because they come associated with direct television sets. Shutter glasses in particular require battery charging as they are motorized shutting off one lens at a time giving you more of a pop out in your face 3D experience or about as close as one can get to movie theater type quality. The anaglyph modern version approach is the easiest and cheapest way of consuming 3D content but you don't get things jumping out of the screen and are less likely to experience motion sickness.

    I recently searched for a solution to get 3D as inexpensively as I could. After many searches, read reviews, and consumer reports I found one particular item on amazon that caught my interest. It was a box that promised to convert 2D content to 3D, that wasn't it's only promise but it was an attractive one. 2D to 3D conversion is possible on some modern television sets but most don't actually handle it well, this box didn't do it well at all. The other features it provides were as promised, I could watch SBS (side by side) 3D from HBO on demand. The box is called "3D Video Wizard console" and can be found on amazon and other sites for under $35. The experience takes a bit of getting used to as I don't normally wear glasses, the sensation of having them on my nose really distracted me. The more time I spent using them the more comfortable they became. I enjoyed several animated movies which looked wonderful via the glasses, but it wasn't an all enveloping experience. I then grabbed a pair of wireless headphones, put on a copy of avatar 3D, and sat back to watch it in 3D. I was absolutely blown away, these glasses work amazingly better with Bluray 3D. The depth layers of 3D were nothing short of dazzling, the forest scenes in Avatar completely left me flabbergasted. Gravity not so much, perhaps i'll write about that one. To end this post I will say, don't expect the same 3D experience as a $1000 native 3D television may provide but this device gets me pretty close to that experience.


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  • SNL continues firing it's freshmen

    Heads are rolling like a Game of Thrones finale at Saturday Night Live this week.

    Hot on the heels of firing rookie Brooks Wheelan yesterday, NBC’s sketch-comedy series has dropped fellow featured players Nöel Wells and John Milhiser heading into its 40th season this fall, according to Deadline.

    Wells and Milhiser were among eight featured players — alongside Wheelan, Beck Bennett, Mike O’Brien, Kyle Mooney, Sasheer Zamata and Colin Jost — who debuted during SNL‘s critically maligned Season 39.

    Milhiser was mostly relegated to the background during his SNL tenure. Wells got a strong start in the Season 39 premiere playing »



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  • Scandal, Once Upon a time, Dancing with the stars get fall return dates

    ABC is the final broadcast net to reveal its premiere plan for the 2014-2015 season, and, for the most part, the network is sticking to a traditional rollout strategy. The latest cycle of Dancing With the Stars is out of the gate first on Monday, Sept. 15.

    New drama Forever will get a special sneak preview in Castle‘s Monday-10/9c timeslot on Sept. 22, before settling into its regular post-S.H.I.E.L.D. perch the following night.

    Photos | Fall TV Preview: Your Guide to All of the New Shows

    ABC’s newly-christened Shondaland Thursday — featuring Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal »



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  • True Blood Recap: Underground Roller-Coaster

    For those of us last remaining True Blood loyalists, season seven has felt like nothing so much as sneaking into an amusement park after hours. It's dark, it's scary, and it'd be nice if we had more friends here, but man, has this all-night joyride been exhilarating. This dark park is Ours, and we should maybe feel bad for anyone who got back on the charter bus too soon, you know? Because "Death Is Not the End" was probably the best True Blood episode of the entire series so far. I realize these are bold words, but just go ahead and deal with it, hater. This episode was apex True Blood. And that's without male nudity.Okay, I guess I should at least attempt to defend my argument here. First off, no season of True Blood has been more consistently coherent than this one.  Season seven has basically thrown its »


    - Price Peterson


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  • 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' crushes the box office

    Fox's critically acclaimed sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes roared its way to a stellar $73 million debut at the domestic box office, well ahead of the $54.8 million debut of Rise of the Planet of the Apes in August 2011 and furthering the studio's winning streak this summer. The movie's successful opening, however, wasn't able to stop revenue from continuing to tumble over last year. North American box office revenue was down nearly 24 percent from the same weekend in 2013. Fox is enjoying a bountiful summer nonetheless, and will become the first Hollywood major to

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    - Pamela McClintock


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  • 'Extant' Premieres tonight on CBS, will it live up to the hype?

    I can't quite recommend CBS' science fiction miniseries Extant, which debuts tonight. I have misgivings about it — the lead performances are a tad opaque, and the script feels as though it's telling two separate stories that don't immediately seem as though they'll connect in a graceful way — but because CBS only sent the pilot to critics, who knows how well-founded they are? Future episodes might put my worries to rest and make the opening chapter seem like brilliant seed-planting in retrospect, or Extant could lose air slowly, like a ruptured spacecraft's hull.At least tonight's premiere gives you a sense of what mode Extant is working in — creepy-atmospheric, early Polanski horror — and verifies that CBS has indeed thrown a ton of money at the production, hiring Oscar-winner Halle Berry to play the astronaut heroine and Goran Visjnic, Camryn Manheim and Looper's Pierce Gagnon to back her up, »


    - Matt Zoller Seitz


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  • Orphan Black coming back for Season 3

    BBC America has handed a third season renewal to its critically acclaimed series, “Orphan Black,” and a second season for freshman drama “Broadchurch.” The announcement was made during the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday by the cable channel's general manager Perry Simon. “Orphan Black” will go back into production in September to shoot 10 new episodes set to debut in the spring. And “Broadchurch” will return sometime next year. The “Orphan Black” renewal follows the award-winning thriller's highly-watched second season. It became the first ever ad-supported drama series. »


    - Jethro Nededog


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  • Kanye West' Epic Wireless rant in detail

    On July 4th, Kanye West, wearing his face mask du jour, started singing "Runaway" from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy for the crowd at the Wireless Festival in London before getting sidetracked with an Epic fifteen minute rant in which he called out Nike, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, the media, and everyone else in the world who doesn't believe in The Genius of Kanye West. His diatribe is sprawling, long, and very Kanye with its auto-tune and made-up words. We here at Vulture love you so much that we transcribed the entire thing.[singing/autotune] Don’t let nobody tell you what you can do, what you can believe, what you can achieve. Don’t let nobody but you. You know, people be looking at me like I got a problem or something. Like I’m uncontrollable or something. Like I don’t do what I’m supposed to do. You know it » - E. Alex Jung See full article at Vulture

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  • Columbus Short arrested for Public Intoxication

    Former “Scandal” star Columbus Short was arrested Friday after allegedly getting into a drunken fight with several off-duty police officers, TMZ reports. Short reportedly began scuffling with a security guard at the Katy Trail Ice House in Dallas after it appeared he was about to leave without paying. Also read: ‘Scandal’ Star Columbus Short Slapped With Lawsuit Over Alleged Bar Brawl Witnesses say Short started screaming at the bouncer before two off-duty officers intervened. They later detained him for public intoxication. “He was like a dog with a bone who wouldn't let it go,” one witness told TMZ. Also read: »


    - James Crugnale


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  • Transformers crushes Tammy at the box office

    Transformers: Age of Extinction” is far from extinct in its second weekend, bringing some heat to a less-than-explosive Fourth of July box office.

    The sequel grossed $10.6 million Stateside on Friday, dominating Melissa McCarthy’s “Tammy,” which earned $6.4 million.

    The fourth installment of Paramount’s ever-growing franchise is the only release so far this summer to come in no. 1 in the box office for two weeks straight. The lack of a reigning summer champ is partly to blame for the nearly 15% drop in earnings from last summer.

    The traditionally busy holiday weekend was also less explosive than last year’s Independence Day, which brought in $230 million thanks to the $143 million launch of “Despicable Me 2.” “The Lone Ranger” flopped with $48 million. However, last year’s movies benefited from the Fourth falling on a Thursday, meaning audiences were free to go to the movies on Friday.

    Last weekend, “Transformers” became the first »


    - Maane Khatchatourian


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  • Big Brother 16 ratings bombing big time (Blame casting)

    Big Brother‘s live eviction drew 5.1 million total viewers and a 1.6 rating on Thursday night aka July 4th Eve, down sharply week-to-week and off two tenths from Wednesday’s telecast, but still topping the night in the demo.

    A Big Bang Theory rerun opened CBS’ night and drew Wednesday’s largest audience — 6.6 mil.

    Related What to Watch Friday: July 4th Specials, Marathons and More

    Overall TV usage for the holiday weekend-adjacent night was down 15 percent, while numbers are especially subject to change due to holiday programming preemptions and Hurricane Arthur storm coverage.


    NBC | Undateable‘s triple-pump finale night averaged »



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  • 'Turn' Showrunner snitches secrets of season 2

    The first season of AMC’s Turn wasn’t exactly the shot heard ’round the world. Facing a slate of popular Sunday-night competition like Game of Thrones and The Good Wife, Craig Silverstein’s Revolutionary War drama had to fight for respect—something it ultimately won with a riveting finale that helped secure a second season. Jamie Bell stars as Abraham Woodhull, a Long Island cabbage farmer initially straddling the fence as the American uprising turns into a full-fledged war. His father (Kevin McNally) and wife (Meegan Warner) are staunch Tory loyalists; his childhood friends, including the love of his »


    - Jeff Labrecque


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  • The Killin on netflix : Longer episodes

    The Killing is finally letting Holder speak his native tongue.

    When the ex-amc drama debuts its fourth and final season on anything-goes Netflix later this summer, Joel Kinnaman’s tortured, streetwise detective will no longer have to watch his language.

    “We can curse now,” enthuses series creator Veena Sud of her newfound freedom on Netflix. “All of us were ecstatic because, in this world, someone like Holder would say the F-bomb quite a lot, which he does this season… Joel, especially, was very happy about that.”

    Holder’s »



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  • CW announces fall lineup, offers Supernatural retrospective special

    The CW is sticking close to form with its fall rollout strategy, on Wednesday announcing premiere dates for its new and returning series designed to avoid head-to-head collisions with the Big Four bows.

    For a third year, CW will kick off the new season with an exclusive telecast of the iHeartradio Music Festival, airing for two hours on both Monday, Sept. 29 and Tuesday, Sept. 30.

    The entertainment series begin rolling out that same week, with the returning Thursday combo of “The Vampire Diaries” and “Reign” bowing Oct. 2.

    “The Originals” moves to its new night, Monday, starting Oct. 6 — the third Monday of the television season. It will be followed by a special retrospective look back at the past nine seasons of “Supernatural,” which returns the next night to kick off its tenth season.

    Leading into “Supernatural” starting Oct. 7 is one of the most buzzed-about new series of the season, “The Flash” (pictured »


    - Rick Kissell


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  • Sarah Jessica Parker returning to television? Very likely...

    Sarah Jessica Parker could soon be back behind the laptop.

    The Sex and the City actress is set to star in a police crime thriller pilot based on the non-fiction book Busted: A Tale Of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love, our sister site Deadline reports.

    Related Showtime Picks Up Roadies Pilot From Cameron Crowe, J.J. Abrams

    Parker will play one of the two leads in the project, which chronicles Philadelphia Daily News reporters Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker’s efforts to uncover one of the biggest police corruption scandals in Philadelphia’s history.

    Sidney Kimmel Entertainment »



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  • 'Community' coming to hulu? No it's not

    NBC canceled the internet's most beloved television series Community back in May, but there was a glimmer of hope that Hulu might resurrect the Greendale Human Beings. Alas, that glimmer is no more: TVLine reports that Hulu has "abandoned" talks for a potential sixth season for the show, meaning all that "#sixseasonsandamovie" hashtagging has likely been for naught. Sony is still on the hunt for a new home for the series, but the clock is ticking — the cast's contracts expire June 30. Somewhere at Netflix, a telephone is ringing »


    - Margaret Lyons


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