• CBS reveals it's fall premiere dates and lineup

    CBS, which has traditionally rolled out just about all of its fall series during premiere week, is mixing things up some this year by stretching out its launches over a six-week period.

    “The addition of ‘Thursday Night Football’ provides the flexibility to strategically roll out our fall season in multiple waves, maximizing promotional platforms and scheduling opportunities to give our new and returning series the best possible launch,” Nina Tassler, chairman, CBS Entertainment, said in a statement.

    The fall schedule rollout, announced Tuesday, will see the Eye net using the season finales of summer dramas “Under the Dome” and “Extant” during premiere week. The initial week of the television season (Sept. 22-28) will also include an hourlong premiere (two back-to-back original episodes) of “The Big Bang Theory” on a Monday.

    The net’s fall gets underway on Sept. 11 with the premiere of “NFL Thursday Night Football,” and its first entertainment »


    - Rick Kissell


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  • wants your twitch stream channel!!!

    Here at we love to bring our users new content as soon as we possibly can. Games make up a great source of steadily updated content. We are looking to partner up with gamers who stream on Twitch constantly and want to increase their viewers. We are looking for reliable streamers in any game category they chose. If you stream every day between 8-9 pm that's perfect, we know you stream at that time consistently and thus can help promote you better as well as alert our users when you go live. We stream too! So we know how tough it can be to expose your channel to the millions of users who have literally thousands of channels already available to view. We plan to keep our stream count to just under 1,000 vastly improving your chances of being spotted and joined. Cinema Haven serves over 2 million unique viewers a year on average over it's 7 year existence. We aren't going anywhere. If you are interested in having your channel added and/or featured on this site please email us at [email protected]

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  • Jason Ritter said to be making an appearance on "Girls"

    Jason Ritter spawn of famous funny man John Ritter is said to be making a cameo appearance on Lena Dunham's baby "Girls". Jason who stars in ABC's "The Parenthood" has long been a hit with fans due to his boy  next door looks. Nothing has leaked out of what Jason's role will be in the show but it has been said he will make his appearance in the sixth episode of the fourth season coming later this year. Let the rumors begin of what Jason's ties to the show will be. Personally we think he'll play someone's love interest, or they might throw us for a hook and tie him into some Lena awkward scene. Season three of Girls was met with mixed criticism as Lena took to the show to make it mostly about her, the ratings took a small hit but expect things to be shaken back up this year to get back to those numbers HBO has gotten accustomed to.


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  • Lupita Nyong'o Joins Star Wars cast, continues her break out run

    Lupita Nyong'o's meteoric rise continues to hit new highs as she joins the new cast for the gigantic Star Wars franchise. A better career move couldn't possibly be made, Disney is sinking huge amounts of cash towards the new installment of Star Wars after it's purchase of the rights to the entire franchise. Lupita will join several other heavyweights and original cast members on the silver screen. Lupita has been on quite a role these past 12 months with her many award wins and even being crowned the most beautiful woman alive by many style sites around the world.

    Lupita at the moment has her choice of roles, hollywood loves her and the fans cannot seem to get enough of the young actress who broke through with her amazing performance in 12 years a slave. Ms. Nyong'o can seen in 2014's "Non Stop" alongside Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, and other big film names.

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  • Explosion of baby naming after Game of Thrones Characters

    When it comes to naming your kid after a character in pop culture, Game of Thrones rules.

    The epic HBO drama inspired 1,135 Aryas, 241 Khaleesis, and 67 Daeneryses born in 2013, according to the the Social Security Administration’s list of baby names in the United States. Emilia Clarke’s character had inspired 146 baby Khaleesis and 21 Daeneryses born in 2012. Her power grows stronger!

    Boys receiving Got-inspired monikers included 15 Theons and five Robbs. Hopefully, it’s a long, long time before those little guys discover the fates of their namesakes.

    In the list of most popular new girl’s names of 2013, the animated »


    - Amber Ray


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  • Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones set to play Bonnie in "Bonnie and Clyde"

    It appears we finally know who the Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty of our day are: the Queen of Dragons and the hairy blue X-Man. Word is coming out of Cannes that Emilia Clarke and Nicholas Hoult are set to play Bonnie and Clyde in Michael Sucsy's adaptation of Go Down Together. Unlike how they are popularly portrayed, author Jeff Guinn found America's favorite bank-robbing couple to be inept criminals, capable only of ripping off mom-and-pop grocery stores. Sounds like an interesting new angle on these iconic American characters, but would it hurt to have them travel on at least one dragon? »


    - Jesse David Fox


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  • Mayweather vs Pacquaio : Now possible due to plummeting ratings for both

    Much debate has been made over why 8 division titlist Manny Pacquaio and undefeated p4p king Floyd Mayweather Jr have never faced each other. Many people believe a variety of reasons for the bout always falling apart, most will blame the fighters themselves incorrectly. The reality is that each man is the trump card for their promoter (Yes Mayweather is technically his own boss, but he doesn't cut the checks) and their respective network of choice. The fact that GBP used Floyd as it's leverage with networks and used him as a carrot to lure fighters to their stable. Top Rank which has had quite great success with a minimal roster needed Pacquaio for the very same reason. Either man losing the bout would've derailed the run and momentum both companies enjoyed. Much can be said about perception being reality and it is not that farfetched that either promoter spent the past few years whispering a litany of excuses into their fighters ear about the possible opponent. Some point to the $40 million dollar offer Floyd once made as proof that he wanted the fight, I call that hogwash. The phone was passed on to the advisers and managers and the call ended there. The same people who use that offer as their argument in the same breath turn around and say "Well Pacquaio isn't his own boss". Well if that's the case wouldn't he pass the phone off to the people who decide who he fights? Why not talk to a Koncz or the other adivsor Pacquaio mostly works with out of the Philippines where the call was made to? We all know Pacquaio's only input in who he fights is whether he agrees with the purse and date  that's it.

    Now that we have a spectrum of the recent ppv numbers or speculation of said numbers for both fighters latest events, we can see both losing massive ground with the viewers. Pacquaio has not hit a million PPV buys in two fights recently doing less than 850k buys for his winning effort versus Timothy Bradley. Floyd hit over 2 million with Canelo but the latest "leaked" numbers indicate that his fight with Marcos Maidana also did less than 1 million buys and closer to 850k placing him in pretty much a dead even tie with Pacquaio and hindering that $70 million dollar payday he hoped Maidana would bring him. Now with Showtime dolling out millions to Mayweather and HBO not exactly happy with the two latest Pacquaio numbers things get interesting. Clearly there is a pressure on the promoters to make peace, this is evidenced by Oscar De La Hoya willing to risk losing Richard Schaeffer to salvage what he can. The reality is that Espinoza sold the land to get the house over at Showtime, they literally made one of the worst business deals in television history. There is no way that the investors at Showtime are happy with the losses coming in the boxing division of it's media powerhouse. The amount of overpaid fighters on Showtime is astonishing, and even worse these fighters are not bringing the viewers. To save face Espinoza and HBO will have to come to an agreement to make this fight happen, they are the only ones who can put enough pressure on the promoters to get it done. Arum is in a humongous pinch himself, his refusal to load up the undercard of his events is finally catching up to him. He's going to have to adapt to boxing as it now stands, it's no longer just about the stars of the show, every person in the ring on a ppv card should be a star. Premium cable fights should be limited to up and comers, and guys building up a brand. Bernard Hopkins, Peter Quillin, Adonis Stevenson, Adrien Broner aren't doing huge numbers but are being paid as if they are. Guys like Rios, Bradley, Alvarado, Crawford just don't bring in viewers either but HBO has been smart enough not to pay those boxers ludicrous amounts of money for their shows. HBO has the money and Showtime has the media parent company to push a fight between Floyd and Manny into something unseen before. If the Alvarez vs Mayweather fight did anything it left investors and stock holders salivating at huge ppv numbers. In reality if you credited each network with half of the buys for another mega event they'd still each break over 1 million buys, yes each. If Floyd could get 2.2 million buys for Alvarez, I expect at the very least another half million to a million buys for a Pacquaio showdown.

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  • Xbox Games with Gold May 2014 (Speculation)

    So every month there seems to be speculation as to what games with gold will offer xbox 360 users, while the same program has been discussed for Xbox One it'll be at least a year before we see it. Right now the games with gold for may 2014 seems to be along to the lines of a Tomb Raider and Skulls of the shogun. If this is actually the two offerings for the month of games with gold it would follow the now seemingly permanent big game first arcade game second patterns we've seen developing. For one, I have enjoyed some of the games offered in this perk system but let's be honest Sony is dismantling MS on the perk and discount section. This past week saw sales for Nba2k14 and Need for speed Rivals, two games which did well upon release but have since fallen off big time on the game sales chart.

    Fans of xbox have taken to major nelson's website and twitter to complain about the lack of competitiveness that MS has shown to its loyal users. Particularly over Playstation offering a ton of games at a dollar a piece to which Microsoft only countered by discounting NBA2K14 by 17% for xbox one users. The discount is laughable and not even worth buying from, the fact remains that MS is still selling many of its games digitally at higher prices than they can be found online via other retailers. The fact also remains that tons of xbox games are delayed, it seems that the folks at xbox may be applying pressure on devs to get their games up to snuff in terms of resolution after all the backlash over the lack of titles at 1080p on a supposed next gen system. I reached out to Phil Spector the new head of Xbox but at the time of publishing this article have not received a reply. Since he claimed his focus is games and expanding the enjoyment of the new system one can't help but wonder when that will actually happen. Games like Assassins Creed Black Flag should've seen a sale by now, any game now 7 months old or older should've at least seen on sale just to drive up units sold. We hope to get an answer from the folks at MS but that's unlikely considering they seem to be focused solely on E3 instead of the fallout that is taking place amongst a huge portion of its user base. Personally I have taken to using Gamefly for xbox one games because I find the prices ridiculous, It's actually cheaper for me to buy games from Gamefly than Microsoft.


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  • Adam Levine, Kiera Knightley Join "Once" rip-off based in NY

    Fans of Once, the 2007 musical romance that melted hearts and won an Oscar for Best Song, could be singing a new tune when Once director John Carney unveils Begin Again in July. Set in New York City instead of Dublin, the film features similar lonely souls who find each other through music. Mark Ruffalo plays a washed-up record exec, and Keira Knightley plays the heartbroken songwriter who sniffs at fame but might have the talent to redeem them both.

    Knightley’s character, Gretta, is heartbroken because her boyfriend and musical collaborator, Dave, has become famous practically overnight, thanks to a Hollywood movie featuring his songs. »


    - Jeff Labrecque


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  • "The Killing" Final Season finally headed to Netflix

    The final season — the real final season this time — of The Killing has a release date.

    Netflix will unleash the last season of the murky, rainy crime drama on Aug. 1. The final fourth-season batch is only six episodes, so this is one binge you can easily polish off in a single night.

    As we’ve previously noted, The Killing, which stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman as Seattle detectives, was AMC’s true zombie show — a series that was canceled twice and then revived twice. More details about its improbably resurrection. »


    - James Hibberd


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  • Final ‘Hobbit’ Movie Gets New Name

    Peter Jackson, director of the “Hobbit” movie franchise, announced on his Facebook page Thursday morning that the third and final “Hobbit” movie has a new name.

    Originally titled “There and Back Again,” Jackson wrote that the new name will be “Battle of the Five Armies.” Rumors of a name change have been circulating for the past week, sparked when fan site reported that New Line had registered the name “The Hobbit: Into the Fire.”

    The franchise’s studio Warner Bros. confirmed the change.

    In the “Hobbit” franchise, the now titular battle refers to epic showdown in which many previously introduced characters and creatures, including goblins, dwarves, elves and men, emerge to go up against each other.

    While only two “Hobbit” films were originally planned, a third was added after Jackson borrowed characters from the “Lord of the Rings” franchise and added some original story. “An Unexpected Journey,” the first “Hobbit” movie, »


    - Alex Stedman


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  • ‘Everest’ Movie Crew Ok After Tragic Avalanche

    Exclusive: While the second unit crew shooting Everest were in the vicinity when a tragic avalanche struck Mount Everest and so far has killed 13, there were no injuries or fatalities on the film, I can report. Principal photography on the Baltasar Kormakur-directed film is nearly over and they are finishing in Pinewood in England, but the second unit was setting up to go and shoot at Base 2 on Mount Everest near Nepal. Fortunately for the crew, they were acclimating at the foot of the summit and weren’t up where the disaster took place, when a wall of ice 1,000 feet up fell off at the left shoulder of the mountain and crashed down on Base 2. Most of the fatalities were experienced sherpas that guide climbers to the summit. Several of the sherpas involved with the Everest production rushed to help. The production will now have to wait to assess whether »




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  • Gwen Stefani in Talks to Join NBC's 'The Voice'

    Gwen Stefani may be headed for The Voice. The No Doubt singer is in talks to join the NBC competition series for season seven as a coach, multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. She would take over for Christina Aguilera, who announced in February that she was pregnant with her second child. Photos: 'The Voice': Meet the Season 6 Singers The season, which begins shooting in June, will also see Pharrell Williams taking over the big red chair for Cee Lo Green. Coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are expected to return. Last Saturday at Coachella, Williams brought Stefani out as

    read more - THR Staff


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  • Bryan Singer Accuser's Lawyer Says More Sex Abuse Lawsuits Against ‘Hollywood Insiders’ Coming in CA

    The attorney for Michael F. Egan III, the man who is suing “X-Men” director Bryan Singer for sexual abuse, says that there is more legal action coming — not just in Hawaii, where the first lawsuit against Singer was filed, but potentially also back in California. “I'm going to file three more lawsuits Monday in Hawaii alleging three other Hollywood insiders who were participating in the abuses of Mike Egan… did the trips to Hawaii and he was abused there as well,” Jeff Herman, a lawyer who specializes in sex abuse cases, told TheWrap late on Friday. Also read: Bryan Singer's Lawyer:. »


    - Jordan Zakarin


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  • 'Transcendence' Tanks, 'Cap' Holds Off 'Rio' on Good Friday

    For the second week in a row, the top spot is going to be a toss-up between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Rio 2. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp's Transcendence got off to a horrible start on Good Friday, and is now on pace for an opening weekend around $12 million.Captain America: The Winter Soldier took first place with an estimated $9.6 million. In its 15th day in theaters, it passed the lifetime gross of the first Captain America ($176.7 million). So far, it's earned $184.5 million, and could cross $200 million on Sunday.Rio 2 was a close second with $9.2 million, which is off from the first Rio's $10.7 million Good Friday gross. For the weekend, Rio 2 should wind up with at least $23 million.After putting up strong mid-week numbers, Heaven is for Real continued to attract large crowds on Good Friday. The faith-based true story added $7.9 million, which brings its three-day total to nearly $15 million. »


    - Ray Subers


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  • Michael Bay confirms 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' will launch a new trilogy

    Ready or not, here it comes. "Transformers: Age of Extinction", Michael Bay’s next film about the robots in disguise, is intended to be the first film in a new "Transformers" trilogy. That’s the word from Bay himself. “It’s kind of like a new "Transformers",” he told Entertainment Weekly. “We had three, the first trilogy, and this is going to be the next one.” It’s an interesting development, as the director originally intended to leave the "Transformers" films behind after 2011′s "Dark of the Moon". Bay says he won’t “necessarily” direct the fifth and sixth "Transformers" films, but that’s a softer stance than he’s issued in the past. In other "Transformers" news, a -new "Age of Extinction" TV spot has premiered. Check out the Autobot action and Decepticon destruction in the teaser below: "Transformers: Age of Extinction", starring Mark Wahlberg, hits theaters on »


    - Josh Wigler, Comic Book Resources


    See full article at Hitfix


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  • Glee Will Time Jump—and Won't Be in New York—for Final Season

    Let the Glee mystery begin! Creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy has dropped quite the unexpected little bomb about the Fox hit's sixth and final season: It won't be New York-centric. It will jump forward in time. And it will directly involve only a handful of core characters—although Murphy insists that for the final year, "anybody who wants to come back can come back."  "Everything sort of builds to a head [in the current season's finale]," Murphy explained to a small group of reporters Monday. "I would say explosion is too harsh of a word, but something big happens and then the final season is the aftermath of that." Tonight's episode, »



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  • ‘Magic Mike 2' Gets July Release Date from Warner Bros.

    Magic Mike 2,’ the followup to the 2012 film that starred Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey as strippers, hits theaters July 3, 2015, Warner Bros. said Tuesday. The first fillm was a major hit. Made for $7 million, it brought in more than $167 million at the worldwide box office. It helped fuel the renaissance of Matthew McConaughey and the ascent of Channing Tatum. Director Steven Soderbergh is handing the sequel off to his assistant director, Greg Jacobs. Tatum is co-writing the script. The first »


    - Lucas Shaw


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  • Leonardo DiCaprio Sets Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s ‘The Revenant’ as Next Pic

    After taking his time in figuring out what his next film will be, Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to go with New Regency and Fox’s “The Revenant” as that next pic with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu set to direct.

    DiCaprio and Inarritu have been attached to the project for awhile but could not find the time to fit it into their schedules. The idea is to get the film into production this fall.

    Pic is based on the Michael Punke novel centering on a 1820s frontiersman, who is on a path of vengeance against those who left him for dead after a bear mauling.

    Anonymous Content’s Steve Golin, Keith Redmon and David Kanter will produce along with Inarritu, Arnon Milchan and James Skotchdopole. The film will be fully financed by RatPac and Worldview Entertainment.

    DiCaprio, who is repped by Lbi Entertainment, is coming off a strong 2013 with hits such as »


    - Justin Kroll


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  • Paul Walker’s Brothers to Help Fill in ‘Small Gaps’ in ‘Fast & Furious 7? Production

    In the wake of Paul Walker’s unexpected death in November, his brothers Cody and Caleb will step in for him and help finish some remaining shots for Universal’s “Fast & Furious 7.”

    According to a statement made on the film’s Facebook page on Tuesday, the two Walker brothers will help with some “remaining action” and other shots that were not completed before Paul Walker’s death. The statement reads that he had already shot his dramatic scenes and most of the action, which they called “among the strongest work of his career.”

    “Having them on set has made us all feel that Paul is with us too,” the statement on the film’s Facebook page reads.

    “We are just under a year away from the release of ‘Fast & Furious 7,’ and this film is the most important we’ve ever done together. It will allow the character of Brian O »


    - Alex Stedman


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