• Bob Hoskins to retire after Parkinson's diagnosis

    Bob Hoskins is to retire from acting following a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease last autumn, it was announced on Wednesday. A statement, issued on Hoskins' behalf, said:"He wishes to thank all the great and brilliant people he has worked with over the years, and all of his fans who have supported him during a wonderful career."It continued: "Bob is now looking forward to his retirement with his family, and would greatly appreciate that his privacy be respected at this time."Hoskins, one of Britain's best-loved actors, known for his gruff bonhomie and diminutive size, has been working consistenly for more than 30 years. He first found fame on the small screen in Dennis Potter's Pennies from Heaven, and then in cinemas as a London gangster-turned-businessman in The Long Good Friday (1980). Hopkins had leading roles in Brazil (1985), Mona Lisa (1986), Mermaids (1990), Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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  • Gillian Anderson and Mark Griffiths Split

    Gillian Anderson is single again. The former X-Files star, 43, has parted ways with Mark Griffiths, her partner since 2006, her rep confirms to People. They have two children, sons Oscar, 5, and Felix, 3.This is not the first serious relationship that has ended for Anderson. She split from husband Clyde Klotz- with whom she has a daughter - in 1997, and with second husband Julian Ozanne in 2006.

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  • Fifty Shades of Grey Scoop: Bret Easton Ellis Out, New Products Released

    Ready for more Fifty Shades of Grey scoop than you could shake a riding crop at?! Well, gird your loins and remember your safe word, because—as if pop culture weren't saturated enough by the sexy novel—today was an onslaught of news concerning Christian Grey and his erotic ways. First up, Twitter was abuzz with who will bring Anastasia and her mysterious man to the big screen...or, more precisely, who won't. American Psycho and The Canyons (the latestLindsay Lohan movie) writer Bret Easton Ellis has made it no secret that he wanted to adapt Fifty Shades for the big screen, even picking his dream Ana and Christian. Alas, it looks like Ellis will have to content himself with being a lusty fan just »

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  • The stimulus reality: maintain or fall... (part one)

    One of the most important elections in our lifetime stands before us. The importance of the facts versus the fiction is even more important. All over the country debates amongst friends, families, neighbors take place and the key topic is "what is wring with the economy?". One political party says this, the other says that. Each finds a way of validating their version of reality and in the process often misinform the public. The reality is that today's citizen often gravitates to the first absurdity they read and registers it as factual. The networks have a field day fighting for ratings and running the gossip angles to the ground hike barely offering timem for actual facts. The truth is the anchor, the producer, the writers..someone in that chain of handling information has a bias or preferrence, afterall we are human beings with free will.

    The stimulus packages that have been offered during President Obama's term in office have spawned more rumors and misinformation than I care to even jump into. So for the sake of sanity I will say it how it is in terms everyone and yes even those in denial can understand.

    Too big to fail: the truth here is that a stimulus was needed, investment corporations although u deserving are so tied into every aspect of our economy that unhinging a relationship with them overnight is impossible without seriously jeopardizing the prosperity of the nation on a global scale. The republican party themselves realized this as the first stimulus package was put together under former president Bush's watch and finalized by Obama's administration as contingency of continuance in a transitional period between presidents. The one aspect of this package that's oft criticized is the lack of government control over how issued funds would be used, that was not agreed to by our current administration. That aspect of the package was put together by the former presidents staff long before Obama took office. Too big tO fail was crippling in that the average business that depends on a credit line to make payroll would no longer have it, thus leaving hundreds of thousands of citizens unemployed overnight. The cost of the stimulus would in the end be more cost effective as an alternative to the government services providing unemployment assistance funds. The original stimulus package was not to create jobs but to save them.

    Part 2: stimulus 2 "lobbyin interests" coming soon
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  • Phelps goes gold, plants exclamation point on brilliant career

    (CNN) -- Michael Phelps rounded off his record breaking career with his 18th Olympic gold medal as part of the winning U.S. 4x100m medley relay squad Saturday.It was his fourth gold in London -- two individual, two team -- and extended his all-time Games record to 22 medals.Phelps swam the third butterfly leg and helped overhaul surprise leaders Japan to give Nathan Adrian a small lead for the freestyle finish.They won in three minutes 29.5 seconds from Japan with Australia in third place.He had started his final Games with a disappointing fourth in the men's 400m individual medley behind teammate Ryan Lochtie and was pipped in his trademark 200m butterfly by South African Chad le Clos.But ever resourceful, Phelps, who won eight gold medals in Beijing in 2008, ended the meet as the leading swimmer with four golds and two silvers.Fellow American 17-year-old Missy Franklin ended as the top female swimmer in terms of medal tally in London as she joined Allison Schmitt, Rebecca Soni and Dana Vollmer to win their medley relay in a world record time of three minutes 52.05 seconds.Franklin also broke the world record in winning the 200m backstroke, one of her four gold medals, backed up by a bronze.The most emphatic victory on the final night of swimming finals came courtesy of China's Sun Yang in the men's 1500m, the longest race in the pool.A shout from a spectator distracted Sun and he false started, but was quickly reinstated in the race.Once underway, it was a procession as he added to gold in the 400m freestyle by smashing his own world record with a time of 14 minutes 31.02 seconds."I thought I was going to be disqualified," Sun told gathered reporters. "I didn't expect the false start and I was very worried about being disqualified."Sun ended with two golds -- the first man from China to win an Olympic swimming title -- and a silver from the 200 free.Canadian Ryan Cochrane was more than eight seconds back with Beijing champion Oussama Mellouli in third.The other gold of the night went to Ranomi Kromowidjojo, who took the women's 50m free from Aliaksandra Herasimenia of Belarus and Dutch teammate Marleen Veldhuis. Read more
  • Conservative billionaires are Romney's biggest allies

    Mitt Romney the poster child for the rich and elite has decried the current administrations lack of growth and job creation. The man who himself has danced circles around requests to release his tax returns continues to hide the truth. His campaign isn't truly supported by Jane and John doe, his campaign is funded by you guessed it...the same people who are scared that the 99% is threatening their elite greatness. The public fallout of this information is a well guarded secret, notice the really expensive commercials during tv hours most politicians in history have not been able to afford. The fact is there is a two prong attack, create disention via misinformation and make our friend the more likable candidate. Even the biggest of checks won't change the fact Romney is a friend to Wall Street, he's a friend of tax shelters, he's a complete fraud. Billionaires can conspire to pull a veil over the eyes of Americans all they want, they can blame Obama for a situation their party is responsible for. The common cry amongst conservatives is stop blaming Bush...wonder why? Read more
  • President Obama's revenge: "I gave you my birth certificate, give me your tax filings"

    Remember 4 years ago when the Tea Party and the Republicans were all claiming anything and everything under the sun to attempt to keep Obama out of office even going as far as demanding his birth certificate? Well now it's their turn and the democrats are loving every second of serving karma right back at their rival party. There is a great discourse in this country amongst low income and middle income republicans in this country that they believe they are backing the right party, that the republican party actually cares for the average joe. Yet in the past 3 decades there has been only one republican president that's actually done anything for middle income families in north america, that was reagan with his 30% for every one campaign.  In my 3 decades of life I have seen the Republicans demand too much and offer little when the same is demanded of them. I have seen careers derailed, homes lost, jobs shipped off out of the country due to some shifty law passings, and have seen millionaires protected by millionaires in office. Mitt Romney as it stands right now is just another one in the long line of republican candidates with deep rooted ties to the private sector, a private sector I am absolutely sure he'd love to build even more favors from for the future of his own children. 

    The fact remains Mitt Romney is hiding something, and by now anyone with enough sense to have alarms going off can predict that analysts hired by his campaign have found something in his tax filings that would easily cost him this election if not his freedom as well. So the apprehension to release his tax filings continues. This is not only making him look bad but it's bringing to the surface a ton of animosity the intelligent portion of the 99% have towards the republican party. It's one thing to go around screaming about job loss while blurring the lines that your party is completely responsible for it, it is easy to blur the line screaming about deficits when your party spent a surplus in under 2 years of white house control and then spent the next 6 years digging the hole to see just how deep it can go. The truth is there was a ton of money made during the Bush Jr years, illegal money at that. Questionable contracts, questionable changes to corporate law, military presence used to protect private holdings abroad. You get away with what they did in their 8 year run and you sort of feel invincible and a sense of disproportion in what is reality and what is flat out thievery. 

    Mitt Romeny is a suit, he's a patsy for the establishment. If you sit around cursing out your tv every time you see a report on a CEO earning multimillion dollar bonuses while his company loses money and employees are laid off but you support Mitt Romney then you have your priorities backwards and are a complete hypocrite. Romney is one of those CEO's only difference is he's bringing his brand of flavored kool-aid to your voting booth while hiding the truth of who and what he truly is.
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  • Canada officially legalizes prostitution

    The top court in Canada’s Ontario province on Monday legalized pimping and brothels in an attempt to make prostitution less dangerous for those employed as sex workers. The landmark decision noted that prostitution is very dangerous and existing laws prevented sex workers from banding together and hiring security guards. The case will most likely be appealed to Canada’s Supreme Court and a final decision is thought to be at least a year away, according to the Globe and Mail.

    Starting in 2013, sex workers will be able to work together in a brothel in any part of the province, the newspaper reported. On April 25, prostitutes will be able to hire body guards, the court decided. Communicating for the purposes of prostitution will still be illegal, according to the judgement, the newspaper reported. Keeping this part of the current law in place will likely help assuage fears that the new laws will encourage sex workers into overtly propositioning clients in public, the newspaper added.

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  • Variety is up for sale

    The entertainment industry trade publication Variety is on the sales block once again. On Friday, Reed Business Information announced it was looking to sell the venerable trade paper, which is the last in a group of business magazines it had owned. (The others were sold in 2008, but Variety was not because Reed said it couldn't get the price it wanted.) The potential sale comes as The Hollywood Reporter has changed the entertainment business news landscape dramatically. In November 2010, the 80-year-old daily was transformed into both a new weekly magazine and the leading entertainment website.

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  • Whitney Houston's autopsy report

    The question of how Whitney Houston died has been answered. Accidental drowning combined with effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use have been revealed as the official causes of the pop icon's death on Feb. 11 at the rather young age of 48. There was cocaine in her system when she was found submerged in water in the bathtub in her fourth-floor room at the Beverly Hilton, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner. And cocaine wasn't all the coroner found. Traces of marijuana, the antianxiety drug Xanax, the muscle relaxer Flexeril and the antihistamine Benadryl also turned up in her system, but they did not contribute to her death.

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  • Help save Cinema Haven

    In the weeks after the arrest of the owner of Megaupload and the shuttering of his sites the internet has changed drastically. Not in terms of piracy but in terms of how hosting companies are now treating webmasters. We are under a ton of new scrutiny from both law enforcement and companies who exist solely to sell hosting. Sites such as this one with any level of streaming content whether legal or illegal is dealing with nasty business practices at the hands of their web hosts. Over the past week or so our own web host has been tampering with this website rendering it completely useless on many occasions, last night going as far as to outright delete critical files that makes our web player work. They denied and denied and denied and finally gave in to admitting as much (I have it all documented), now mind you Cinema Haven does not host any videos at all, nor do we have any pirated content on this website at all. 

    I started this website over 4 years ago with the intension of being ahead of the streaming curb legally. I for one felt like people's entertainment wouldn't be one provide by their cable/satellite provider but one where the internet and television became one. I have poured countless thousands of hours into building this website and countless thousands of my own dollars. My mission was free content for the world and never to pirate or violate any copyright laws. The majority of entertainment out there is already free but scattered, my idea was to simplify the enjoyment of all of this content removing the need to visit a ton of different websites. We achieved this goal as a team of developers and just flat out fanatics of the web. Now today I speak to you as someone on the verge of losing this all because of a web host. We could go to a company like godaddy but we wont because of their own business practices, but we do have options of where to move the website to that will keep it running without interruption. Unfortunately we do not have the financial resources to do so, and I am reaching out to our users in hopes of raising enough capital to make this move and sustain it for at least the next year while we secure private funding for the community.

    If you have a dollar to spare, own a hosting company, or can contribute in any other way we ask you to reach out to us at [email protected] 

    All donations can be submitted using the paypal button below.

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  • 2 runners die during Philadelphia Marathon

    Philadelphia (CNN) -- Two runners died while participating in Sunday's Philadelphia Marathon, the race's director said.

    Melanie Johnson, executive director of the Philadelphia Marathon Race Weekend, said in a statement that race organizers "are deeply saddened" by the deaths.

    The two runners' identities were not immediately disclosed, as officials were still working to notify their families, according to Johnson. That information will be provided to the public "as it becomes available," she added.

    "Our thoughts remain with the runners' families and friends," Johnson said.


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  • NYPD arrest would be mad bomber in terror sweep (full details)

    New York (CNN) -- Authorities have arrested a man they claim was plotting to detonate pipe bombs, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Sunday night.

    The Manhattan man's intended targets were U.S. military personnel who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as U.S. postal facilities and police stations, a source close to the investigation said before the mayor's announcement.

    The suspect allegedly learned how to make a pipe bomb after reading Inspire, the al Qaeda terrorist network's English-language online propaganda, recruiting and training magazine, according to the source. He is believed to have been acting alone.

    He'd acquired all the material need for the explosive device, going as far as drilling holes into the would-be pipe bomb in an informant's apartment, the source said. But while he'd allegedly made plans for his attacks, the explosive device was not yet operational.


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  • News Corp. Pays Rebekah Brooks $2.7M in Severance

    News Corp. has given Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of its scandal-ridden News of the World tabloid, quite a severance package -- $2.7 million, use of her company limousine and driver and an office in central London – the Guardian reports. Brooks, a close associate of News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch, resigned in July from her post as CEO of News International, News Corp.’s British publishing division. This followed allegations that she knew about the company's complicity in a major phone-hacking scandal. For her troubles, Brooks not only received the....

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  • Occupy wall street: "Mayor Michael Bloomberg is delusional and out of touch with reality

    NYC's Mayor Bloomberg who has been a long time member of the 1% today is quoted as saying "It's obnoxious, it's annoying..they should be out there changing the world instead of protesting". Wait..What? Isn't that exactly what a protest does? Last I checked they weren't down there keeping the world as it is. Last I checked they aren't down there turning a profit. Last I checked unlike hundreds of millions of citizens who've had to change their lifestyle over the past year Mr. Bloomberg did not. In fact Bloomberg actually made a ton of money during a recession (Which I still say should be investigated).

    Funny enough former Mayor Ed Koch had the quote of the day "We have young people going to jail for standing up for what's right and a financial market person who commits fraud but only pays a fine". The look on Bloombergs face was priceless because he thinks we haven't realized that we know most of his social circle would be in jail if politicians actually did their publicly appointed jobs.  Quite frankly it's time the wealthy of the world realize that they are now the enemy and not all of them are guilty of being horrible human beings but most are. We all know why fundraisers exist..not to help a good cause but be added to a list of who's who with toss around money. That's the reality of the world we live. People of wealth using causes to further improve their own stature amongst other wealthy people. You want a reality check? Go live for a week in those neighborhoods you only read about and despise. I'm sure any number of Americans would open the door to their home to you just to give you a taste of how the 99% lives.
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  • America is finally on the verge of being a true democracy and a revolution...

    "By the people for the people" has long been something that's been said but in actuality wasn't the truth. Since earning our independence America has long tried to spread democracy around the world. The issue here is, How can you promote democracy if your own system is flawed? 

    I am one of the proudest americans you will ever meet but I am not blind to the fact that our politicians care more about protecting their corporate friends then ensuring that I can educate myself or even eat for that matter. It is on the rare occasion that a fellow citizen can honestly say 'I reached out to such and such politician and he actually helped me". If the government is set up to represent the people and the majority are crying foul over the minority 1%". The only time politicians feel they need the public is come election time outside of that we are just sheep to be shaved of our talents and youth to pay into a system that protects the interest of the top tier in wealth. The rich do not feel they need to pay the same taxes we working class pay, but they feel entitled to use our roads, to use the law enforcement we pay for, to use us and never give back. This isn't about political parties, this isn't about personal beliefs, this is about living up to the jargon we so proudly spew at the world about freedoms and the pursuit of happiness. It's time we as americans take control of our country and demand more for the many and stop this protection of the rich.

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  • ESPN drops Hank William Jr from MNF completely!! (Good riddance)

    Hank Williams Jr controversial comparison of President Obama to Adolf Hitler has just earned him a quick trip to the unemployment line. ESPN announced they have parted ways with Williams over the comments. Hank has since tried to dismiss it by saying "It was his choice"...right...yeah a right winger passing up millions of dollars by choice is not something I see happening...ever. 

    As a fan of ESPN I could not be happier by this news and I stand up and applaud ESPN for taking the steps to separate themselves from political opinions. To those saying this is a violation of his amendment rights, he wasn't on a street corner saying this which he legally can without repercussions but when you drag your employer into a political storm they have the right to fire you and send you packing. Kudos to you ESPN..the comments were so outrageous that even Fox News wouldn't touch it and that's saying something.
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  • High ranking republican "Wall street protestors don't know their place in life"

    Adding insult to injury a popular high ranking gop member has been quoted as saying "Wall street protestors don't know their place in life" only minutes after President Obama made it clear as day that the Republican members of congress have been fighting tooth and nail to protect Wall Street's interest over that of the citizens of this nation. 

    Republicans best known for their propaganda filled speeches about how they represent the average joe of america have a long history of protecting the 1% over the interest of the country itself. This is further evidenced by the fact they want to return to an old system they created that got us into a financial crisis in the first place. Said republican who has been quoted has a long history of being backed by investment bankers and even serves on two fortune 500 company boards.

    Know who represents you and demand more....
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  • Bloomberg's a failure as Mayor of NYC by his lack of reaction to the protests

    So Operation Occupy Wall Street on it's 19th day has gained steam with the support of citizens across America. Union leaders, democratic leaders, and even attorneys have cheered on in support of the rights of the protestors. Yet the originating city in which this occurred which has a Mayor self appointedly nick named "The people's Mayor" is nowhere to be found, has no comment on the situation, and hasn't given a damn at all about it.

    As a New Yorker i've been arguing for a decade that Mayor Bloomberg with his bi-lingual attempts, nerdy awkward charm, and great P.R. teams has completely pulled the wool over the eyes of the residents of the state. This is a statement i've stood by this entire time and finally people are seeing him for what he is. An opportunist who used the Mayor's office to triple his estate (Bloomberg's net worth prior to being Mayor 4.1 Billion, Bloombergs net worth today 18.1 Billion) meanwhile all the city he oversee's has gone straight down the toilet. People can't afford to live in NY, there are less jobs today, crime stats are padded (PROVEN!!) but it's all sunshine and smiles in the world of Bloomy. He's refused to address the public over these protest and the behavior of his goon squad the "NYPD".

    Most are shocked by the pictures and video of cops assaulting innocent bystanders, macing them, arresting them and so forth. This isn't new..the only thing new is that it's now happening in Manhattan instead of exclusively in the other boroughs. Ask people of the outer boroughs whether this is new to them and they'll say no. I personally can attest to that, after being illegally stopped, questioned, and frisked for no other reason than being of color. Welcome to the New York they keep out of the newspapers, welcome to the new york you don't see in your travel brochures, welcome to the New York anyone outside of the borough of manhattan is all too familiar with.

    What do you expect a member of America's 1% club to do? Stand up for the poor? Stand up for the people who's taxes actually keep New York running. Bloomberg may say he's independent but he's a republican til the death of him. Let him sit in his townhouse and continue to ride the subway trying to give the public the impression he's one of them, the true nature of people has a way of revealing itself regardless of how many hundreds of millions they throw at public relation guru's to change public opinion. Mr Bloomberg you and your cronies are the real reason this country has fallen from grace.
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