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  • Apple TV vs. the competition -- how does it stack up?

    Although it's only just been revealed and won't actually go on sale for four long weeks, Apple's new hockey puck is far from the only media streamer on the market -- and with Sony's Netbox and the Boxee Box on the way, the sub-$200 set-top box market is exploding with options. So let's line up the revised Apple TV against the (post-price cut) Roku HD-XR, Popbox, and even an LG Blu-ray player in the same price range and see what you're actually getting -- and more importantly, getting access to -- on each device. Oh, and there's some choice words from Roku after the break.

    Update: You asked for them, so we added the PS3, Xbox 360 & WDTV Live as well, after the break.

    Device:AppleTVRoku XRPop BoxLG BD550
    Price:$99$99$129$130 - $150
    Form Factor/Size:3.9 x 0.9 x 3.95 x 5 x 1.758 x 1.4 x 6 inches16.9 x 1.8 x 7.9
    Available Content:HD TV shows from ABC & Fox ($0.99), HD Movie rentals ($4.99/$3.99), Netflix, iTunes, YouTubeNetflix, Amazon VOD (now with $0.99 HD TV show purchases from Fox & ABC),, UFC, NBA GameTime, YouTube, PandoraYouTube, Revision3,, h.264 / XviD / MPEG-4, MKV / AVI / WMVBlu-ray discs, VUDU, Netflix, CinemaNow, YouTube, Pandora, Napster
    Apps / SDK:N/ARoku Channel / SDK availablePopapps Store / SDK availableNetCast widgets
    Connectivity:WiFi N, EthernetWiFi N, EthernetEthernet, optional WiFi adapterEthernet, Disc
    Video Quality:720p, 5.1 audio720p (1080p upgrade coming soon), 5.1 audio1080p, 5.1 audio1080p, 7.1 audio, DTS-HD MA / Dolby TrueHD audio

    Device:AppleTVSony PS3 Slim 250GBXbox 360 S 250GBWDTV Live Plus
    Form Factor/Size:3.9 x 0.9 x 3.911.42 x 2.56 x 11.412 x 3 x 104.9 x 1.5 x 3.9
    Available Content:HD TV shows from ABC & Fox ($0.99), HD Movie rentals ($4.99/$3.99), Netflix, iTunes, YouTubeBlu-ray, PlayStation Network, Netflix, Qriocity, DLNA, DivX CertifiedHD DVD (lolz), Zune Marketplace, DLNA/PC streaming, XviD/DivX, Netflix, ESPN3 coming soonNetflix, DLNA streaming, AVI / MPG / MKV, YouTube, Pandora
    Apps / SDK:PlayStation NetworkXbox Live, Community GamesN/A
    Connectivity:WiFi N, EthernetWiFi b/g, EthernetWiFi N (no 5 Ghz), EthernetEthernet, USB, optional WiFi or Powerline networking
    Video Quality:720p, 5.1 audio1080p, 7.1 audio, DTS-HD MA / Dolby TrueHD1080p, 5.1 audio1080p, 5.1 audio

    Response from Roku
    Roku created the category for streaming players over two years ago with the original Netflix player for $99. Since then the category has continued to grow rapidly with large hardware entrants like Xbox, PS3, Wii, blu-ray players, and now AppleTV adding streaming capabilities. At the same time, content is becoming more readily available thanks to Netflix's increasing popularity, but also from Amazon, MLB.TV and most recently Hulu Plus. During this time Roku sales have continued to accelerate as the overall streaming market grows, and customers enjoy our simple interface, low cost and large selection of services. Our customers are using the box more and more. Two years ago the average Roku customer used our product 11 hours a month, but now it's 43 hours a month.

    Beyond Netflix we have introduced over 50 additional content partners on our open platform that offer customers access to over 100,000 movies and TV shows, live sports, music, photo and video sharing, and more - all while continuing to reduce the cost of our products. Today, a customer can get a Roku player for as low as $59.99 and an HD-capable model for as low as $69.99, plus a 1080p model for $99.99. By selling direct to customers (on we can offer more while maintaining lower prices.

    Roku is completely confident that our strategy of offering more features and lower cost than competitors continues to be the right plan. Read more
  • FCC tears apart the new iPod touch, while iFixit wistfully looks on

    new itouch
    We're not quite sure when the Federal Communications Commission got into the habit of tearing deviceslimb from limb after testing their wireless radiation levels, but we have to say we're loving the trend -- and there's quite nothing like peering into the juicy innards of a new Apple device. Here, the FCC got its greasy paws on the new Retina Display-packing iPod touch, aka "Apple A1367," and in the gallery below you can see exactly where Cupertino keeps that A4 processor, 3.44 watt-hour battery, internal antenna, and 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz WiFi.
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  • Dustin Hoffman Back In Little Fockers

    Dustin Hoffman Back In Little Fockers

    A couple of weeks ago there were reports that the second sequel to Meet the Parents was back in the studio for significant re-shoots, and that a missing star from part two was being wooed to return. It's now confirmed that Dustin Hoffman has agreed to shoot some scenes forLittle Fockers.

    Six new scenes will be filmed next month, and four will feature Bernie Focker, who was initially written out of the script when the production couldn't reach a deal with Hoffman. The film wrapped a while ago significantly under budget (although incredibly, we're still talking about $100m) so clearly Universal feels comfortable putting that spare change to use.

    Deadline's insider tells them the role is not dissimilar to the one offered to Hoffman in the first place. The "pivotal" scenes will see him play opposite Barbra Streisand once again, and he'll also be part of a big scene at the end of the film that involves everyone. 

    The spin from the studio is still that the movie was fine as it was (actually born out by test screening scores of "54% excellent, 85% total favorable, 73% definitely recommend"). But, says Mr Insider, "We want to make it better; it's an investment for the future of the franchise".

    Aside from Hoffman and Streisand, Little Fockers stars series regulars Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner and Owen Wilson, plus newbies Jessica Alba, Laura Dern and Harvey Keitel. Paul Weitz is directing John Hamburg's script, and Jay Roach is producing. It's out in the series' traditional Christmas slot on December 22.

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  • Angelina Jolie to Direct, Write and Produce Love Story

    Angelina Jolie to Direct, Write and Produce Love Story

    Angelina Jolie

    Samir Hussein/Empics Entertainment/Abaca

    Angelina Jolie's life just got a bit busier. 

    The actress, mom of six and humanitarian is adding several other titles to her repertoire: Director, producer and screenwriter. 

    The Oscar winner, 35, will be jumping behind the camera to direct a love story set during the Bosnian War. "The film focuses on a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman who meet on the eve of the war and the effect the war has on their relationship," Graham King's GK Films announced. 

    The movie, based on a screenplay Jolie wrote, will also be produced by the actress, who, as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador,visited war-torn Bosnia in April. 

    As for casting, Jolie will apparently be looking outside of Hollywood. The actors for her new film will be from "various ethnicities from the region of the former Yugoslavia," says the film company.
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  • Apple cross into draconian rule:Apple attempts to patent kill switch that roots out unauthorized users, detects jailbreaks

    244diggsdiggJust about every mobile operating system manufacturer can remotely delete apps from the smartphones they help provide, but if a recent patent application is any indication, Apple's looking to lock down the whole enchilada on future devices. The basic concept is as simple as the diagram above -- certain activities trigger the phone to think it's in the wrong hands -- but the particular activities and particular remedies Apple suggests extend to audiovisual spying (to detect if a user has a different face or voice than the owner), and complete remote shutdown. While the patent mostly sounds targeted at opt-in security software and would simply send you an alertor perform a remote wipe if your phone were stolen or hacked, jailbreaking and unlocking are also explicitly mentioned as the marks of an unauthorized user, and one line mentions that cellular carrierscould shut down or cripple a device when such a user is detected. Sounds great for securing phones at retail, sure, but personally we'd rather devices don't determine our authority by monitoring our heartbeat (seriously, that's an option) and we're plenty happy with the existing Find My iPhone app. Read more
  • Our Gadgets Wouldn't Like Us When We're Angry

    Our Gadgets Wouldn't Like Us When We're Angry

    Our Gadgets Wouldn't Like Us When We're AngryHere's a comforting truth: the next time your gadgets make you angry enough to pout, stomp, and scream, know that you're not alone. In fact, you're in the majority.

    A recent survey by Harris Interactive showed that 60% of Americans were driven to yell or swear at a gadget out of frustration. Which frankly seems a little low, given how many times a day I feel like this:

    The condition is known as "Hourglass Syndrome," a term coined by Intel and loosely defined as the agony inherent in waiting for our gadgets to quit stalling. 62% of us swear or yell, 29% resort to physical abuse of mouses, and 24% slap around our screens. Me? I'm in that 1% that turns bright green and just breaks stuff. It may not be cost effect, but it sure is cathartic.

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  • Malware Blamed For Disastrous Plane Crash

    Malware Blamed For Disastrous Plane Crash154 lives were lost when Spanair Flight 5022 crashed moments after taking off from Madrid-Barajas International Airport in 2008. Now documents from an investigation into the incident are showing that a malware infection may have been to blame.

    According to the investigation, the computer system used to monitor technical problems on the plane was infected with a trojan. As a result, there were no alerts or warnings for three technical issues which "if detected, may have prevented the plane from taking off."

    The investigation is still not complete and authorities are trying to determine just how the malware got onto the computer system in question. [MSNBC]

    Photo by Andy Mitchell

    Update: To clarify, the computer system in question is described as being on the ground—not on the plane itself—and used to monitor the state of critical systems prior to take off.

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  • Contest: Win $500 for uploading videos

    We are accepting all video uploads and looking for the best uploaded video of 2010. Members of this site are entered automatically by uploading a video. We offer you the capability of storing video files up to 500 mb in size. All uploads for contest entry must be completed by December 1st 2010. A panel will then select the best 20 videos and then turn over voting to the site community. Streams, audio, and other none video uploads are restricted from this contest.

    It doesn't matter if your video is 5 seconds short or 50 minutes long. Any video uploaded is a qualifying one. Spread the word. We also have prizes for the runner up contestants.
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  • Recap: 'Big Brother' Wednesday: Pov and other twists

    So my colleague tells me that tonight’s episode is supposed to be all kinds of crazy… and lo and behold, the promo to the show reveals that RACHEL is back. What? How exactly is BB rationalizing that move? Part of me thinks, yay, lots of screaming! And the other part of me thinks, ugh, lots of screaming, because Rachel may be dramatic and mentally unstable in the way that makes good television, but she’s also ear piercingly shrill in the way that makes permanent deafness and migraine headaches. But oh well, she’s back, so let the games begin!


    [Full recap of Wednesday's (Aug. 18) "Big Brother" after the break...]
    Ragan is about to have a level 5, full-blown meltdown (is there any other kind?) because he’s on the block. Poor Ragan. Lane thinks Brendon’s lost his friggin’ mind, and you know what? I have to agree, though Lane was actually an inspired choice. Yes, I know, Brendon’s all kinds of tough guy, Medieval knight-vengeful for his lady, The Duchess of Artificial Tresses, but who in their right mind would find Ragan to be a threat? Why not put up, oh, two physically strong members of the (b)rigade (I’m sticking with lower case for these doofuses, sorry)? Or the deceptively sturdy Matt, who keeps winning HOH despite looking like a soggy, growth-stunted weasel? But no, Brendon’s still playing for Rachel, who is worth so much more than winning. Whatever.
    Anyway, here’s Brendon’s explanation for his picks. Lane is a pawn, because Brendon really wants Ragan to go. In his love (and possibly hair dye-addled) brain, he thinks Britney, Matt and Ragan are his worst enemies. Oh, Brendon. Everyone’s your enemy, because the whole house hates you.  
    Time to pick players for the POV competition! Brendon picks Enzo. Ragan picks Kathy. Lane picks houseguest choice, which for him is Hayden. Brendon’s just happy that Matt and Britney don’t get to play. Britney, of course, is not happy. Britney is rarely happy, actually, being a strangely bitter little person, but that’s another conversation.
    Next, a robot enters the house. Yes, a robot. “BB” is starting to feel like an Ed Wood movie. The robot is a Don Rickles kind of creation called the Zingbot 3000, which insults the hamsters and will be hosting the POV competition. The Zingbot 3000 seems to work harder than anyone else in the house, which makes me hope it will stick around for a while, maybe doing light maid service or consoling the hamsters when they have their little breakdowns while offering mild comic relief.
    For the POV, the winner has to walk a balance beam, then stand on a spinning wheel and put together a puzzle while the Zingbot lobs insults. Oh, and the competitors have to dress like robots. Lane seems to have an in, as he knows how to do-si-do. But Ragan takes an early lead.
    First out? Can you guess? Kathy! For an able-bodied person, she seems to actually have some kind of undiagnosed brain injury. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where I needed help from the sheriff in her town. You’d be best off asking her if you could just shoot yourself with her revolver, really.
    Brendon is determined to win, but Ragan is even more determined. And Ragan wins!
    Lane is horrified. Oh, is there any chance that Brendon will accidentally luck into breaking the (b)rigade? Of course not, since Matt has that stupid diamond POV and Brendon still thinks he’s friends with Enzo and Hayden, but it’s nice to dream.
    Apparently winning the POV makes Ragan all kinds of weepy, because he has to tell Britney he thinks she’s a kind, beautiful, intelligent human being and he really loves her. Then Britney cries, because she’s thinking about having to go kiss Brendon’s ass. Ragan seems like a genuinely nice guy, which really makes you wonder why he wanted to be on “BB” and, more importantly, why he actually thinks anyone else in the house isn’t evil incarnate and lying to him, but I guess his being the saboteur kind of evens the score a bit in any case.
    Hayden hasn’t told anyone how he thinks about Matt. But here’s the truth -- he’d be happy for him to go home! Enzo agrees! Yup, it seems the (b)rigade is snapping apart regardless of who goes on the block!
    Brendon walks into his HOH room and discovers Pandora’s Box. He can get a trip for two to someplace tropical. And the suggestion is that he might get to see Rachel. Well, that sells it for Brendon. He opens the envelope and learns he’ll have a 24-hour break from the game in Malibu. But who cares about that? He’ll get to see Rachel and her hair extensions! Whoo-hoo!
    Except he won’t. While he’s in Malibu, she’s back in the hamster house for 24 hours. Psych!
    Rachel, of course, comes barreling into the house like a drunken hurricane, and immediately everyone wants to kill her. But Ragan would like to kill her a little more than the other hamsters. Ragan and Rachel immediately start sniping at one another. This is pretty fun, as it’s like watching a tennis match, except instead of balls they’re just lobbing big wads of hatred at one another.
    Ragan tells Rachel she has no friends in the house. So Rachel has to ask if everyone hates her (oddly enough, this makes the hamsters uncomfortable). Then she has to ask Ragan if he has to be a bitch because he’s gay. Ragan tells her she’s a bad person. Rachel promises to make the next 24 hours of Ragan’s life miserable. Rachel, you overestimate your powers, seriously.
    Brendon arrives at the Malibu estate and can’t find Rachel. Oh no, he discovers she won’t be coming to him after all! Brendon is sad. So, he has a massage, floats in the pool and has a nice dinner. That’s what I call dealing with disappointment.
    Back at the hamster house, Rachel and Ragan fight some more. Ragan tells Rachel she’s a wicked witch and the only thing real about her are the pimples on her chin. Rachel tells Ragan his game play sucks and he has no real friends. He calls her a devil child. Rachel tells Ragan he sucks at being gay. Ragan tells her she’s going to get what’s coming to her. I am waiting for the hair pulling to start any minute. This is just too much fun!
    Rachel decides to leave a pretzel message for Brendon suggesting Matt for elimination. I will say, Rachel does have some good instincts. If not for that stupid diamond POV, this would be a brilliant move.
    Brendon returns from his spa vacation and discovers Rachel’s pretzel message. He KNOWS it must have been left by Rachel, because who else would leave a message in pretzels? Um, I don’t know. I would think anyone could do that, Brendon, it’s not much of a skill set. But he’s touched just thinking Rachel left a message for him. Isn’t that the cutest? Squeee! I’m actually surprised Brendon doesn’t eat the pretzels while sobbing hysterically, the saltiness of his tears dripping all over his bittersweet snack.
    Brendon talks to Britney and Matt about which one he should put on the block. Britney swears he can have faith in her. She swears on her relationship. Britney would slit the throat of a Labrador puppy to stay in this game, so really, Brendon shouldn’t put a lot of stock in her swearing on her fiancé.
    Ragan tries to give Brendon a little help by suggesting that Matt isn’t a good pick, because Lane could go. Of course, Ragan’s advice is so convoluted that at first it sounds like he wants Brendon to evict Matt, which may have something to do with his torn loyalties, but Ragan probably should have just stayed out of the HOH room altogether.
    The saboteur! He tells everyone to get some sleep to prepare for a competition the next day. Then wakes the hamsters up at 2:41am. Then at 3:08. Then at 3:16. You get the idea. Then, the saboteur reveals there’s no competition. Waaah-waah. It was pointed out to me that Ragan has kind of sucked as a saboteur because he never takes any kind of physical risk, the way Annie did. I’m wondering why “BB” is letting him phone it in, but hey, that’s their fault for giving him easy Facebook suggestions.
    Time for the veto meeting! Ragan uses the POV, then Brendon names his replacement: Matt.
    Ragan is devastated. Enzo thinks it’s time for Matt to wear cement shoes. I’m not even kidding, he says that. Britney’s relieved. Lane can’t believe two members of the (b)rigade are on the block. Oh no!
    But Matt, of course, isn’t sweating a thing, because he can’t wait to use his diamond power of veto. Shut up, Matt. I hope he’s allergic to that stupid diamond POV amulet and breaks out into a rash. It really couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
    Who do you think Matt will choose to evict? Do you think Ragan has been a good saboteur or has he taken the easy way out? Do you think we’ve seen the last of Rachel?
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  • Justice Served: Snooki Charged With Annoying People. For Real

    Snooki is criminally annoying. But don't take our word for it. And don't take the word of advocates of quality television.

    Take the word of New Jersey prosecutors, who have slapped Jersey Shore's lead guidette with the geniusly appropriate charge of annoying people (seriously), along with disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance as a result of her arrest last month.

    Snooki, unsurprisingly, disagrees with that assessment: an attorney for the reality diva today entered a not guilty plea on Nicole Polizzi's behalf for all three charges, which stemmed from a particularly rowdy day of filming capped by her doing a face plant on the beach.

    She's due back in a Seaside Heights court for trial on Sept. 8.

    But don't expect a Lindsay-esque outcome. A conviction on all counts would only result in fines ranging from $500 to $2,000—chump change after her season-three pay raise.

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  • USA announces premiere dates for 'Burn Notice,' 'Psych,' 'Facing Kate' and more

    USA announced some of its major programming decisions for fall and early winter, including when "Psych," "Burn Notice," "Royal Pains" and "White Collar" will return after their summer seasons wrap, and when new drama "Facing Kate" will debut. "Psych," which wraps its summer run in early September, will be back on Wednesday, November 10, and will air an "It's a Wonderful Life" parody on December 15. "Burn Notice," which airs its summer finale on Aug. 26, will follow on November 11. "Royal Pains" and "White Collar" fans will have to wait a bit longer, as both shows will return in January  Read more
  • Steven Tyler Inks Idol Deal—Who's Next?

    Steven Tyler is signed, sealed, and Idol'd. While Fox officially says "no comment," a very-inside music source confirms the flamboyant Aerosmithsinger finalized negotiations late last week and is officially signed on to be a judge on the 10th season of American Idol. Whew, now we have somebody else to wear wackier makeup than Paula Abdul ever did, too fab! And as far as that other glitzy gal rumored to be seated at the judge's table... Idol-wise, Jennifer Lopez's diva demands haven't totally put her out of the running for the gig. But supposedly asking for pay north of $20 million—plus her own hair, makeup, styling team and "dressing room compound"—isn't in Read more
  • Ryan Reynolds Entering Safe House?

    Ryan Reynolds Entering Safe House?

    Okay, this is getting more than a little ridiculous. We realise that when an actor or actress gets tagged with the “hot” sticker and is approached for every role out there, they take a load of meetings even if they wouldn’t have the time to do all the movies. But Ryan Reynolds’ phantom schedule is beginning to look more crowded than the Twilight lines at Comic-Con. The latest project that he’s being considered for? Thriller Safe House, with Denzel Washington.

    The film has had something of a storied history so far – bought up by Universal as a spec script from Us Weekly editor David Guggenheim back in February, it has attracted Washington and sought-after Snabba Cash director Daniel Espinosa.

    Part of the appeal might be a compelling high-concept plot, which sees the only survivor of an assault on a CIA safe house (Reynolds) trying to get a dangerous criminal (Washington) to another secure location before even more violent forces kill them both.

    But Reynolds’ film future has already been filling up, with the likes of a possible Green Lantern sequel, merc-with-a-mouth Marvel outingDeadpool, fellow comic book pic R.I.P.D. and comedy The Change-Up all vying for his attention.

    Should he pass on the film, though, there are lots of other possible candidates lining up to take his place, as most of Known Young Male Hollywood has had a meeting about the part. That list, according to the Heat Vision blog, includes Chris Pine (who just worked wth the Denz onUnstoppable), Taylor Kitsch, Tom Hardy, Sam Worthington (natch!), Shia LaBeouf, James McAvoy and Zac Efron.

    Surely the only way to decide this is to make them all battle it out for the role with giant padded sticks on raised platforms, Gladiators-style…

    James White
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  • Jennifer Aniston Sticks It Back to Bill O'Reilly

    Bill O'Reilly has proved himself to be no friend of Jennifer Aniston.

    So the actress obviously had no problem dishing it back to him after the Fox News fixture lambasted her on his show for having the audacity to say in public that women are, more and more these days, taking the matter of family into their own hands and choosing to have children without being in a relationship.

    O'Reilly, who has two kids with wife Maureen, called Aniston's comments "destructive to our society."

    So what did Aniston, the society destroyer, have to say in return?

    "Of course, the ideal scenario for parenting is obviously two parents of a mature age," Aniston told People today. (We're kinda sorry she even gave O'Reilly that much.)

    "Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth," she continued. "And, of course, many women dream of finding Prince Charming, with fatherly instincts, but for those who've not yet found their Bill O'Reilly, I'm just glad science has provided a few other options."

    An example of that science is on display in Aniston's new comedy, The Switch, in which she plays a single gal who utilizes a sperm bank when she decides it's time to have a kid. Or she tries to, until Jason Bateman gets drunk, destroys her purchased specimen and substitutes his own.

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  • Ben Affleck Replaces Christian Bale in Terrence Malick’s Next Movie

    While Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life continues to look for a release date and/or a festival at which to premiere, the director is currently casting his next project.  In February, we reported that Malick had cast Christian Bale, Javier Bardem, Rachel McAdams, and Olga Kurylenko in the untitled movie.  Today, TheWrap reports that Ben Affleck has replaced Christian Bale and that Rachel Weisz will also join the cast.

    TheWrap’s story follows a report from [via AICN] that Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner were spotted at a local store buying fishing supplies, and that Affleck had told a store employee that he was playing a fisherman in a movie that was shooting in Bartlesville.  Production is slated to begin the first week in October in Oklahoma, but TheWrap also reports that “The head of Oklahoma’s Film & Music office would not confirm that Malick would be shooting a movie in the state.”  As for the movie itself, not much is known other than it’s a love story.

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  • AMC Adds New Crime Series to Strong Line-Up

    AMC, with 26 Emmy nominations, continues to bolster its strong line-up--led by Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Rubicon and the upcoming The Walking Dead---by adding a new series. Wednesday the cabler green-lit 13 new one-hour episodes from Fox and exec producer and showrunner Veena Sud (Cold Case) of crime drama The Killing (which will be retitled). The pilot, directed by Patty Jenkins(Monster), was based on producer Mikkel Bondesen's hit Danish procedural Forbrydelsen. The series weaves several stories around the murder of a young girl: it follows the detectives assigned to the case, led by Mireille Enos (Big Love), the grieving family--the mother is Michelle Forbes (True Blood)--and the suspects, as well as local politicians such as Billy Campbell (Once and Again) as a City Council president Read more
  • Neil Patrick Harris Gets Last-Minute Emmy Nomination

    Despite all his success on the small screen, Neil Patrick Harris has never won an Emmy Award. Now, even his nominations seem to be requiring extra work. After getting a head's up from the Los Angeles Times, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences noticed this week that Harris, 37, was inexplicably missing from the list of people collectively nominated for an Emmy for CBS's 2009 Tony Awards broadcast, which Harris hosted. So, the Academy resolved the oversight, adding Harris's name to the existing nomination (alongside the show's producers) and bringing his Emmy nomination tally this year up to three. Read more
  • Is American Idol Dumping Jennifer Lopez Already?

    Wow. Has Jennifer Lopez been eliminated by American Idol before she ever even took her seat on the judges' panel? Not even William Hung got the hook so fast! Lopez was reportedly a candidate to join Idol as a replacement for Simon (and most likely also Kara) but talks have quite possibly collapsed. Here's the latest: According to a source, plans to hook up Jenny from the Block with American Idol collapsed because—wait for it—J.Lo is kind of a diva. According to the source, "Her demands got out of hand...Fox had just had enough." Network Fox and production company Fremantle Media both replied to request for comment with a big, fat...wait for it..."No  Read more
  • Cinema Haven transition to hosting full time

    Over the next few days Cinema Haven will make its final transition into becoming a full time host. We have been working hard to give you the best experience as a video host possible.  There are certain measures that are being taken to reward our users but as of now we are not ready to roll out the point system and the rewards plan. There are measures being taken to prevent copyright infringement by our users. Moderators will be falling into behind the scenes in attempts to monitor the quality and integrity of your videos. While you will still be able to share media from other sources we encourage that you do so within the same guidelines of rules provided by our website and your original host.  Below are 5 things you can expect from us in the near future.

    1. Video hosting of files of up to 1GB in size.
    2. Hosting of audio files in multiple formats.
    3. Hosting of Software, PDF's, and Images. (You will be able to privatize these files.
    4. Forum: We will be unleashing our blog/forum so that users can communicate their issues and discuss feature requests.
    5. An overall faster site wide experience. The transition to new servers will serve us well in speeding up page transitions and upload speeds. Our converters which have been operating at full capacity will now run with little effort and server resources.

    We hope you continue to support Cinema Haven and that your time on the site is an enjoyable one.

    Founder- Cinema Haven
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  • Motorola-Verizon tablet will have FiOS TV, ten-inch screen?

    Sure, we've heard Verizon discuss Android tablets once or twice, but it's just now that we're getting our first real juice about Motorola's companion deviceThe Financial Times reports that Verizon and Motorola are teaming up on an Android tablet with dual cameras, Adobe Flash support and a ten-inch screen, plus mobile hotspot functionality (which implies Verizon cellular data) and -- get this -- access to pay TV. As it so happens, Moto makes a Verizon FiOS set-top box, and sources tell the Times that the television tablet may get grandfathered in to the very same technology. No word on processing power or price, but the rumor mill says we could see it as early as fall of this year. And given the timing, here's hoping the Android inside will have some Google TV mojo, too.
    Courtesy of Engadget
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