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  • Dick Smith, to Receive Make-Up Artists Lifetime Achievement Award

    Two-time Academy Award winning make-up artist Dick Smith will receive the Make-up Artists Lifetime Achievement Award at the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Awards. The award honors make-up artists whose body of work in the film industry consistently enhances make-up and hair styling artistry.

    Dick Smith, known as “the godfather of make-up,” won an Honorary Academy Award in 2012. He also won an Academy Award and a BAFTA award for his work on “Amadeus” (shared with Paul LeBlanc).

    “Rarely have there been make-up artists with the legendary inventiveness, creativity and artistic excellence of Dick Smith,” Guild President Sue Cabral-Ebert said in a statement. “Dick’s transparency and willingness to share the secrets of the craft have been the catalyst for young make-up artists all over the world to follow their imaginations and dreams.”

    Smith worked on numerous award-winning films, including “Taxi Driver,” “The Godfather,” and “The Godfather Part 2,” and is »


    - Francesca Bacardi


    See full article at Variety - Film News

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  • The walking dead (Episode recap): Rick gets gangsta and takes over a prison..

    So folks we got five new survivors, a peeping tom and carol going to medical school on a much to cover..yet so few lines to do it.

    Tonight's episode introduced fans to the series a hard boiled Rick who early on establishes the change in nature during an exchange with Lori.

    Lori: What will you do?
    Rick: If I have to I will kill em

    This was in reference to the newly discovered prisoners at the very end of last weeks episode. Tomas who is well documented in the books makes an appearance and stands as the leader of the 5 prisoner pack that survived due to the generosity of a prison guard who secured them in the cafeteria while also leaving a revolver for them to protect themselves with. From the opening you can tell Tomas is going to be an issue for Rick, the alpha male hormones are roaring on all cylinders. After much back and forth the prisoners are a given an option of picking a cell block wing for themselves or to leave the prison altogether, they choose to stay. In exchange Rick demands half of the food they have left which is more food than he and his group have seen in a while. Herschel is barely hanging on at this point and his daughters are dealing with the emotions of possibly losing a father, Maggie shares a tender moment with her ill fated father in which she utters the words "It's ok you don't have to fight anymore" signaling her readiness for his passing. Carol who has done a phenomenal job in keeping Herschel along decides to confess to Glenn that she needs to practice cutting a stomach in order to help Lori deliver her baby when the time comes, pretty gross. Carl discovers an infirmary but is chastised by his mother for wandering off on his own, which leads to an emotional confrontation with mother and son. This is an example of the disconnect between her and Rick's perception of Carl's role in their survival. Rick is encouraging he become more self reliant while Lori still feels the urge to protect him. Rick, Darryl, and T-Dog decide to assist the prisoners with clearing out a wing for themselves which leads to the first and only comical moment in The walking dead series. Rick advises the prisoners on how to attack the zombies to which they become dismissive, as they two wandering zombies Rick counts down from three and the five men descend upon the zombies in full prison riot form, the looks on the three survivors face is absolutely priceless. After another coaching on how to kill zombies they open passage towards a group of the dead, while they hack and stab away one of the prisoners big tiny breaks the ranks and gets cut by a zombie. While the survivors wonder what to do Tomas takes matters into his hands and bashes Big Tiny over the head to the point no head remained. Oh oh we have a problem the three men realize but now it's too late to turn back so they forge ahead. Near the end point of their prison cleansing Tomas opens a door leading to waves of zombies, he attempts to attack Rick and plays it off as if it's nothing. Rick lets the first one pass, when Tomas launches a zombie onto Rick that Darryl has to kill you recognize the awkward moment. Rick starts to walk away only to turn around and split Tomas' head with a machete, Big Tiny's friend and fellow prisoner (His lover in the books) takes off running and Rick pursues him down some halls and out of a door..the door lead to a closed off prison section full of Zombies when the prisoner tries to get back Rick slams a gate in his face and lets him die. Rick is now officially hard boiled. The remaining two prisoners one known as a meth addict named Axel in the books pleads for his life, and the other surviving prisoner "unidentified" prefers to take a stand and not plead for his life. In the end Rick spares them and leads them to their new home. Herschel stops breathing, Lori attempts CPR only to have Herschel start attempting to chew her mouth off but no wait..he's got a pulse again...what??!!?? Herschel breaths!! After a few more moments of characters gathering in the cell he's being treated at, Herschel opens his eyes and greats everyone in the room...while Carol remains outside practicing medicine we see what seems to be someone checking out the prison...could the Governor be next?
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  • Mayweather vs Pacquaio: The fight not worth the wait or the price

    With all the hoopla and questions that plagued both fighters for the better part of six years most of the world came to a screeching halt in order to shatter records of attention paid to one single event between combatants. Many tuned in to see if their arguments over the past six years held any weight, would these guys be too far gone, could the Filipino warrior dethrone the undefeated? So much fanfare had been made over this fight that there was no way it could live up to the expectations shy of a stoppage by either fighter. Mayweather for some reason decided that stepping onto the scales on fight night made no sense, of course him doing so would probably end all the nonsense that he himself does not put on ten or more pounds between the weigh in and fight night which is obvious to anyone with a brain. Secondly the cable networks completely screwed the pooch by letting their networks come crashing down just before the main event was said to start. I still stand by the fact that Kenny Bayless was indeed the wrong man to select for the officiating of this bout, while some may argue that he did a decent job there were plenty of illegal veteran tactics he practically played blind to. I'm not a fan of Bayless because he floats about the ring in unusual positions that prevent him from looking at the action straight down between his two charges and misses a ton of stuff in the process.

    As if those issues weren't enough we come to the two fighters of the night, both fighters who have obviously seen better days. One known for his amazing defense and the other known for his almost maniacal offense. This was supposed to be a barn burner of sorts, all the talk about Floyd chopping wood and teaming up with Alex Ariza led to absolutely nothing but more of the same. We got more of the usual Floyd Mayweather Jr recipe of boxing, jab, check hook, right hand, back peddle. It's a recipe that has worked now in 48 bouts and is for some reason heralded by his most ardent fans and the most vocal of all fans. Manny Pacquaio for his case had promised to shatter Mayweather and end the reign once and for all. What we got was a fighter who had his moments but had truly lost the fire in his belly for the sport. In other words this was a paycheck bout for both men and nothing more. Today we learn that Pacquaio was actually injured for the bout and had needed the approval of medications to deal with a tear in his shoulder from the group at USADA. Pacquaio's people claim they considered cancelling the fight but weren't allowed to due to contractual obligations. The only problem I have with this is that had they put that information out back in March when the injury occurred the public would've demanded the fight be put off and the fighter given time to heal. Nobody would've chucked out a hundred dollars to watch a fighter of his caliber fight the biggest bout of his career at half mast, and I do mean nobody. Is it an excuse? No, there is proof that such an injury did occur despite the denial of NSAC, considering there was a strong testing method for this fight all medications had to be disclosed to that entity and that entity has confirmed that they did indeed get informed of the situation. The difference between USADA/VADA/WADA is that the first of the bunch has a clause that prevents them from disclosing anything to the public before a fight takes place. This was evidenced by the situations with Erik Morales a few years back.

    The fight certainly did not live up to the hype for a number of reasons, personally I never wanted this fight to happen after 2012 as I didn't believe either boxer was at their top form anymore and I still stand by that regardless of how good Floyd looked sauntering around the ring last night. Second, the size disparity was known even back in 2008 when the earliest rumblings of this fight started. The only way I wanted this fight to happen is if there would be a stoppage. One man can't make the count, that to me is worth the hype of this magnitude. I wanted and expected Floyd Mayweather to beat up on his opponent and send a message and instead I was treated to sights of a man just comfortable enough to do just enough to win a fight.  I like both fighters, I have enjoyed both fighters tremendously as athletes with their outside of the ring antics ignored completely. The fact remains that I have seen more action at golden glove bouts than I saw from the #1 and #2 boxers of the sport. People may argue about the sweet science but the sweet science has a place and time. Its time is not at the biggest event of your sports history. Prime example is Vasyl Lomancheko a fighter who is arguably the best amateur fighter in the history of the sport, yet as a professional fighter he's changed his style to suit the platform he fights at. Utter dominance is hard to argue against when you beat on your opponent to the point even he is convinced he's fighting 3 or 4 people. While Floyd is an amazingly talented fighter he had all the tools to do exactly that and instead we got the opposite. How are you such a big man and yet so cautious as to not even want to get in the pocket and trade with a man who looks so inferior to you physically? For all the arguments of greatest ever, he sure didn't look like it last night. Even before this fight I stated this wasn't a legacy fight, it was a generational standing fight and he had the chance to change that but did not. Watching Mayweather follow the count of the referee would've made it a legacy fight but instead coasting and running down the clock seemed to be his idea of showing he's a class above any other generation. I can't picture anyone in my top 5 list historically not going for the kill,I just don't see them satisfied with winning on points when they had almost every advantage possible to win a fight and moreso against an opponent they knew two months in advanced was injured. Floyd will undoubtedly go down as the greatest fighter of his generation but realistically it's an achievement he could have and should've easily eclipsed. The result of this fight leaves more questions than answers but in the minds of each individual fans one has to wonder if they are actually satisfied it happened.


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  • Gta Vice City: 10 years later...

    GTA: Vice City turned me into a hard core gamer more so than any other game before it or after. Such was the experience of taking over the character of one Tommy Vercetti the ultra slick retro 80's felon. It was the first time I had experienced directive violence, running drugs, car jacking, union busting, and story driven aerial assaults. While GTA 3 gave us some of those features it wasn't until Vice City that Rockstar perfected the forum with a balance still unrivaled since. Cruise the streets of 80's miami, populated by beautiful women, fast cars, and the fabulousness of the criminal underground.

    The game encompassed the era of cocaine cowboys from the eyes of someone new to the area with ties to organized crime. It introduced us to a sleazy attorney with a severe cocaine addiction with a massive dosage of paranoia. It introduced us to the battles of neighborhoods vying for control of the drug trade. It showed the highs and lows of the drug induced era that was miami in the 80's. Bright colors, empty pockets, and tons of opportunity to become the big dog. This was the setting for one of the greatest games ever created.

    In all fairness this is the most challenging title in the Rockstar series, it wasn't as easy to escape a police chase as it was in GTA 3. It wasn't as simple as driving into an alley way, the landscape being so expansive left much room for chasing and attempting to get away. Old reliables like Ammunation were placed strategically across the map in key locations that made it harder to empty a clip and run to go buy more. It took the stunt jumps of GTA 3 and put them on steroids, I found myself spending dozens of tries attempting to hop across a river on a motorcycle..only to go splat into a brick wall..eventually I achieved this but it was well worth it. The game featured vengeance, sex, and rock and roll. My favorite places in the game were the mansion and the club..nothing like a cheesy neon club to make the gamer in me go gaga I must have this. This game was an excellence of open world environment, grab a chopper land on top of a building, and snipe away..ahh pure bliss. For it's ten anniversary Rockstar Games is releasing the game for mobile devices. Lets hope they redesigned the game for sharper character detail...I pray and pray to someday play this game again with a modern engine. How about an HD remake folks?

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  • Halo 4 defines the xbox 360 in so many ways that next gen consoles can wait...

    Note: We will not be destroying the mysteries of this game, we will be discussing the fundamental aspects of 343 and Microsoft's latest installment into the Halo franchise.

    Many people have been angrily speaking about the end of the current generation and asking for the next generation consoles. Well Halo 4 serves as the industries response to the critics. Halo 4 defines the current cycle of gaming consoles by pushing the boundaries of this life cycle beyond what anyone could image. PC graphics are awesome but usually put up against consoles which is unrealistic in expectation of comparison. You can buy a new video card whenever you wish for your pc rig, this is something you cannot do. Even in that case taking one look at the coloring and textures within Halo 4 should shock even the biggest of console critics. Halo 4 is absolutely beautiful, the cut scenes are better than anything I have ever watched on Blu-ray and closer to what one expects from 4k video content. 343 certainly didn't mail this in one in they put their foot, elbows, and shoulders into this one. I think Microsoft should be extremely proud of this crowning achievement. If tomorrow they decide to push out a new console i'd happily carry Halo 4 on my shoulders as one of the most beautiful video games I have ever laid eyes on. As much as I want to crow about how amazing the mechanics and the response time are wow..but we'll save that for after November 6th.
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  • September: Three great shows on Netflix/Amazon Prime you may been missing out on

    So I like to watch a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime, well all in all honesty.. Netflix/Amazon Prime all of the time. There are quite a few great shows on Netflix I often bring up with others only to find out they've never heard of it. Mostly because these shows may have been minor priorities to their networks when they first aired. So we are starting a monthly post featuring three or more items on Netflix and Amazon Prime that you might want to check out.


    1. An Idiot Abroad (Netflix)


    This show is absolutely a brilliant practical joke turned into great television. Follow along as Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send "An idiot abroad". To give you a little background on this show we need to take a time machine back nearly a decade to when Ricky hosted a radio show alongside Stephen Merchant. During the course of their run they hired Karl Pilkington who turned out to be so peculiar that they eventually decided to place a mic in front of his face and share him with the world. The result was some of the best comedy to emerge out of England. Karl is so far off the grid in his thoughts at times that it is absolutely hilarious to sit there and listen to him and Stephen argue. The radio show was so successful they decided to release it in podcast format. That became so popular that Karl ended up with his own television show. An idiot abroad sends a Karl across the globe to some of the most remote and unnerving places he could possibly be placed in. The guy complains, he enjoys, he laughs, he gets mad, and it's not the least bit scripted. Watch the trailer below and judge for yourself.


    An Idiot Abroad: Episode 1 Preview


    2. Foyle's War (Netflix/Amazon Prime)

    Foyle's War is a British detective drama television series set during and shortly after World War II. The show is part of the Masterpiece series when you can catch it on PBS, it's also available on both Amazon and Netflix. The series episodes are like mini movies themselves offering you a crime, investigation, and conclusion unlike most detective shows this one has an elegance of the era that does not bore you to death. The lead character Christopher Foyle is ever the wise gentleman who along with his driver and sidekick take you through a maze of crimes over the course of a war period in england. One of the most amazing things about this show is that you start falling in love with the characters, it is a very well balanced cast that works amazingly well in portraying the era and making the story more interesting itself.  Check out the trailer below for a better idea of what to expect.




    Foyle's War Season 1 Promo

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  • Top things to watch on Netflix February 2015

    1. Mash: I know this show might not be everyone's cup of tea but this was the number one show in America for so long it's become sort of a cult of it's own. This is the first time M.A.S.H will be available for digital streaming, i'm not sure how netflix pulled this off but we tried to license this show for streaming years ago and ran into a brick wall. This show has an amazing cast that mixes comedy, drama and suffering all into 23 minute episodes that stand the test of time. Starring Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce and featuring many actors who made appearances on the show only to go on and have successful careers of their own (Pat Morita, George Wendt, Shelley Long). I'm not sure how many of the eleven seasons will be available right away but rest assured that however many episodes they give us it'll be worth your time to watch.


    2. Spartacus: This show was a monstrous success for both Starz and Netflix, it was easily the most watched series ever on Netflix prior to the releases of House of Cards and Orange is the new black. Spartacus follows the story of a Thracian man forced by Rome to serve in it's ranks only to be betrayed, enslaved, and forced to become a gladiator. The show features lots of drama, gore, betrayal, and sex. I am a fan of this show for it's supporting cast more so than the lead characters. Lucy Lawless and John Hannah absolutely steal this show, add to the equation perfect acting execution from the non-gladiators and you have a great recipe that provides one hell of a ride start to finish.
    3. House of Cards Season 3: Kevin Spacey returns (February 27th) in an all new season of the award winning and critically acclaimed series that pits him in the halls of the White House. At the end of the last season Spacey's character ascends to the position of Vice President all while the walls and crimes of his past seemingly are closing in on him. How will he manipulate himself out of this situation? One can only wonder but based on the amazing team behind the show you can expect it'll have you watching closely the whole way through





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  • New changes to Cinema Haven

    We are in the process of updating our backend to make all features of the site easily accessible. You'll soon be able to sign in and submit videos with accounts from google, twitter, facebook if you choose to not create an account. So we hope this simplifies your life. You can also now submit videos you host or found on facebook. We have removed VK videos due to the piracy taking place on that service and to avoid receiving anymore dmca requests for removal which reflects negatively on our service. We want to remind our users again that we will not tolerate piracy of any kind whatsoever, things have gotten so bad that we've received piracy complaints for things provided by hulu. Yes Hulu licenses content from the networks and yet the networks (FOX) have hit us with DMCA complaints for Empire. We are looking to avoid having to waste time explaining to companies such as FOX that this is not a source of piracy, nor is any of the content listed here hosted here, or submitted from sites circumventing hulu's licensing rights or it's players. With that said we are adding new video sources throughout the rest of the year to expand what sites you can submit from but will first make sure that pirated content cannot be submitted or hosted there.

    If you have a site you want to see added to our submission list please name it in the comment section and we will work on adapting their api so you can submit their content.

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  • Big Brother 13 Contestant's family receiving death threats over elimination

    (We welcome your comments, you can use facebook to login or register)

    Contestant Shelly Moore a married mother of one and contestant in this season of CBS summer hit Big Brother apparently has now put her family at risk by eliminating one of BB's most beloved players of all time the all too famous "Jeff". It seems that fans of the show and their cult like love of Jeff have gone a bit too far in sending death threats to Mrs. Moore's family. This is a very serious situation for CBS and in all likelihood prevent Jeff or Jordan from appearing in anything related to CBS this is the 3rd outrageous situation related to the beloved couple. The first time Jeff appeared on the show he made some colorful comments that forced CBS to issue a public apology. This season he has already made comments regarding people's sexual preferences that have rubbed the public the wrong way. Now this. To you J/J fans what you are in fact doing is hurting their potential to earn any sort of living past the big brother season. Considering neither will win this season I am sure they will need jobs post the show's finale. Take to twitter and you will find thousands upon thousands of classless messages attacking the Moore's and their daughter. I understand being a fan of the show but this is pure trash on your behalf and indicative of the cult obsession many have with this tv personality. 

    I am sure Jeff nor Jordan want this for Shelly's family and will make a public statement sooner or later. This is putting big brother in serious jeopardy as is considering the rigged scandals that have plagued several HOH and POV results so far this season. I suggest some of you people go get a life and leave innocent bystanders out of your shooting range. It is against the law to make such threats and you will be tracked down. People think the internet provides a safe guarded level of anonymity until the authorities show up at their doors with warrants. The facebook pages that have popped up showcasing vile comments and expletives don't help the situation. It shows a level of ignorance that the world is watching. Considering Big Brother is an international brand this is being seeing by all who follow the show in all languages and all walks of life. Please act like human beings and realize that Shelly's own fans can turn around and do the same to your beloved Jeff and Jordan. Have some class, act mature, and enjoy the show. After all neither Jeff or Jordan give two shits about you in the real world.
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  • Halo 4 ban hammers are well underway..

    Saw Halo 4 was leaked? Couldn't resist the urge? Downloaded it a month early? Put your xbox online even while not playing it? Yep if that's you sorry to say I highly recommend you open up your email and check for the much hated and oft critiqued Xbox Live Ban Hammer of hell...yes you read it correctly. So far it is report that Microsoft is making a clean sweep of all Halo 4 early adopters if that includes you and your system has been online at any point since playing halo it's either waiting for you or it's sure to be on it's way to you by weeks end. We've already started to see the first waves of social media crying by those who chose to play the game, figured it was ok to still go on Xbox live because "I'm not playing it while on xbox live, so I should be fine". What most forget is that Halo 4 has for some a hidden gem of a nugget..wait for it..wait for it.."A dashboard # dependency" if you don't have the dashboard and you played it ever! Do yourself a favor and skip xbox live altogether. There is a work around for some that has worked and has helped them avoid being banned..but we won't get into that because if you don't know how to do it you probably shouldn't be on a modded console in the first place. How do you know if MS is onto you? Go to login and look at your recent activity..if Halo 4 is listed there then my friend it's been good gaming with you but it's a console ban for you.
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