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  • America is finally on the verge of being a true democracy and a revolution...

    "By the people for the people" has long been something that's been said but in actuality wasn't the truth. Since earning our independence America has long tried to spread democracy around the world. The issue here is, How can you promote democracy if your own system is flawed? 

    I am one of the proudest americans you will ever meet but I am not blind to the fact that our politicians care more about protecting their corporate friends then ensuring that I can educate myself or even eat for that matter. It is on the rare occasion that a fellow citizen can honestly say 'I reached out to such and such politician and he actually helped me". If the government is set up to represent the people and the majority are crying foul over the minority 1%". The only time politicians feel they need the public is come election time outside of that we are just sheep to be shaved of our talents and youth to pay into a system that protects the interest of the top tier in wealth. The rich do not feel they need to pay the same taxes we working class pay, but they feel entitled to use our roads, to use the law enforcement we pay for, to use us and never give back. This isn't about political parties, this isn't about personal beliefs, this is about living up to the jargon we so proudly spew at the world about freedoms and the pursuit of happiness. It's time we as americans take control of our country and demand more for the many and stop this protection of the rich.

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