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  • Celebrity gets zombie treatment on "The walking dead"? Justin Bieber? Maybe..

    The internet is abuzz with speculation over which famous star is getting the zombie treatment in this season's "Walking dead". According to the actor who plays Glenn on the tv series has leaked that a famous name will be making an appearance in full zombie garb, since he made these comments we've seen a thousand or so names tossed around. One notable name has been "Bill Murray" because of his movie stealing moment in the cult favorite "Zombieland" but considering that movie was a comedy and this show is more centered around drama and gore it is highly unlikely. Popular opinion around these parts indicate it would be someone under 30 and easily recognizable but not particularly an actor, our guess it'll be either someone famous for paparazzi fame or even a singer. We have an inter office bet going with Justin Bieber getting the majority of votes for being the celebrity who gets zombied, considering Justin is attempting to break into the acting world with numerous appearances on tv shows over the past two years. Time will tell.
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