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  • Jamie Dornan set to play Christian Grey in '50 shades of grey' film

    Well it seems like Jamie Dornan has either hit the big time or has just set himself up for failure, depends on who you ask amongst the rabid critics of the enormously successful book franchise. Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam had been on board to take play the lead role but abandoned the project after creative conflicts and stories of a whopping $150k payday to the actor. This film while having major expectations is banking on up and coming stars to carry it to critical love and box office success. Let's hope Jamie didn't jump aboard a sinking ship because its failures of highly anticipated movies that have notoriously destroyed promising careers. Jamie Dornan is best known for his role in "Once upon a time" and Soffia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette", he will star opposite of Dakota Johnson with Sam Taylor-Johnson set to direct the film. Let's hope they can finally start really filming this time around.


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