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  • Contest: Win $500 for uploading videos

    We are accepting all video uploads and looking for the best uploaded video of 2010. Members of this site are entered automatically by uploading a video. We offer you the capability of storing video files up to 500 mb in size. All uploads for contest entry must be completed by December 1st 2010. A panel will then select the best 20 videos and then turn over voting to the site community. Streams, audio, and other none video uploads are restricted from this contest.

    It doesn't matter if your video is 5 seconds short or 50 minutes long. Any video uploaded is a qualifying one. Spread the word. We also have prizes for the runner up contestants.
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  • How to upload a video

    We currently only allow an 80mb file maximum upload, once we transition to new servers you will be able to upload videos up to 1.5 Gigs. 

    *Note: Upload speeds vary based on your internet connection..downloading is faster than uploading so please keep in mind that your isp has placed limitations that affect your upload speed to this website*

    1. You must sign up for the site, you will not have the option to upload without logging in.

    2. Now that you've logged in take a look at our main menu and notice the new upload tab that is present.

    3. Fill out the form information and voila you are now uploading to our servers.

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  • How to download videos

    We know most of you wish to take videos onto other platforms that do no have wi-fi abilities...the bad news is we don't offer download but the good news is that we can help you download them anyway.

    Most of our members use FLV Pro to download videos from the most popular viral sites online. FLV Pro is a software provided by loudmo 100% free. What FLV Pro does it searches the video page for the link to the actual video location on a server. Once the link is located you can select to save is as a source to play via quicktime,windows media, vlc or any desktop player or you can choose to download the file and save it for later. FLV Pro offers the simplicity we have long wished for as viral video fans. The software has been tested by our team on the top 10 video host in the world and we have recommended it to thousands upon thousands of users. It is easy to install and just as easy to remove.
    What do you have to lose?

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