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  • The Xbox One months later still a hit or miss experience

    I wasn't fortunate enough to test out the system at CES or any other tech show so I wasn't exactly what to expect when I cracked open my factory sealed Xbox One recently. Based on my experiences with Microsoft branded consoles I expected a specific consistency which I am sad to say just isn't quite there yet. Many arguments can be made regarding why that's the case, mainly the fact the entire operating system had to rewritten in a matter of two and a half months after the always online fiasco of 2013. The system is attractive and serves as a great center piece for any entertainment center, it's uses regarding television, app switching and background operational snap system is exciting. It's really revolutionary in many ways but primarily this is a console, it's meant for games.

    I started out my run at the new system with two titles, Dead Rising 3 a franchise which I have supported through every entry and DLC. To say this game is a fantastic starting point is an understatement, the game packs great replay value and a pretty decently lengthened story line. The game gave me purpose towards using game dvr and upload studio for the first time. My second entry into this console was Call of Duty, i'm  Call of Duty faithful even though Ghosts leaves much to be desired. I ran through both of these game in probably record time, the controller is amazing. It compliments the upgrade of system very appropriately. Then I ran into the real problem with this console.

    What do I do now? I've played through my games, surely there are some demos I can play that would keep me entertainment until more DLC for my games comes out. Wrong. The basic offerings in the demos section is limited to a handful of games, 6 as of this moment to be exact. Two are kids games and the rest are sports games. No demo for Ryse. No Demo for Forza 5. Where are the arcade titles? I mean surely Bejeweled, Monopoly, and other family game makers are investing in making games for this system. Surely those games don't take as long as a $50 million dollar triple A massive function game takes to make. I mean, even the Walking Dead Season 2 is not available. Now i'm not exactly the biggest shopper of Xbox Live, but the options have always been interesting. It makes a consumer feel well invested when they have many options. Now i've read quotes regarding publishers having the option to make game demos or not. So where are they? How do I know if your game is good enough for my $60?

    The Xbox One is under massive redevelopment and perhaps was a system that was rushed into retail before it's time. It's an ambitious undertaking. One that is at it's core near perfection. It's sluggish pace at producing content is jarringly slow. Microsoft Studios should've had at least 6 additional titles ready for the months the console would need to spare publishers in order to finish their projects. Perhaps they do, perhaps they are spacing them out. As it stands right now, you'll either end up spending $300 on five worthwhile titles to fill in the void until the real gems start coming out. Let's hope that team Xbox plans something big to keep us in check until then.


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