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The Twilight Zone Radio Show, Episode 2 - The Lateness of the Hour - AUDIO BOOK

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Jana, the delicate daughter of a creative genius, Dr. William Loren, is anxious over her parents' dependence on her daddy's five seemingly excellent robotic slaves, complete with configured memories and individualities. Jana repetitively takes a look at the household photo album in dismay, asking her parents concerns regarding the images.

She begs her papa to take down the robots prior to he and her mom become entirely based on them. When her demand ends up being a last chance, Dr. Loren conforms to conserve his partnership with his child. Upon buying the robots to visit Dr. Loren's basement workshop and wait to be taken down, the robots verbally express concern by asking if their service was substandard, as well as even pleading that they are the best possible slaves. Dr. Loren is not thinking about hearing it and again orders them downstairs.

Once the robots are out of the image, Jana is delighted and also eagerly anticipating a new life with travel as well as events and also the possibility of finding a man, weding and have kids. Seeing the shocked expressions of her parents, integrated with a series of abrupt understandings, including the reality that the family photo album includes no photos of her as a kid, she comes to the surprising awareness that she, too, is a robot, albeit far more mentally innovative than the ones that were dismantled. Like the servants, every one of her previous memories were developed by Dr. Loren.

Dr. Loren attempts to explain that they were childless and also wanted someone to love. Jana is encouraged that she was developed as absolutely nothing greater than a prop, as opposed to be enjoyed by the Lorens. She says loudly, "I'm an equipment," and consistently bangs her arm against a barrier while yelling "No pain." She understands that she can't also feel love. The discovery causes Jana such suffering that her "dad" understands that Jana can't go on in this manner chooses to erase the memory of her former "identification" and utilize her as a substitute for Nelda, the house maid proficient at providing Mrs. Loren her shoulder massages, with the exact same empty expression as her predecessor.

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