What is the Best SEO Tool for Affiliate Marketing?


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Hello, today I'm going to talk about what is the best seo tool for affiliate marketing. The single best tool for seo is to have the best user experience.

I know there are programs that you can buy to trick the search engines to getting you traffic, or buying back-links those are all bad. They most likely will backfire and are not worth the money.

All you have to focus on is giving someone the best user experience. This is what Google is going after and if you go after it as well, then your content will be seen more.

What is the best user experience? One idea is if you are writing an article or making a video answer the question as quickly as you can. Another idea, is to try to stick to the topic, and I've been guilty of doing this and I've heard some people complain.

If you are writing an article break up the text a lot, include pictures, videos and make it as fun as possible.

How long should your article and video be? As long as necessary to get your point across. You don't want to add irrelevant stuff just to make your content longer and you don't want it to be a few sentences.

You want to be as helpful as you can. Another idea is not only answer the question, but try to guess what the next question would be after that, be very helpful.

The game plan is not tricking the machine, but giving Google what it wants. 10 years ago, you could spam keywords and backlinks, now those methods will probably hurt you.

The second single best seo tool for affiliate marketing is to go after low competition keywords. For example if I was in the weight loss niche I would not want to go after weight loss tips.

If you put weight loss tips in quotes you would get 19 million results. That is an insanely competitive keyword to target.

It's much better to long tail keywords with much less competition. You could go after how many calories should a 55 year old woman eat to lose weight. That has 185 results. Big difference and it's better to get found with a long tail keyword than one with 19 million results and your on page 2 million of Google.

Plus, you can get found in YouTube if you make a video about it and Bing which are all search engines.

If you are wondering how do you find these keywords to write about. How about going to Forums in your niche. What do people need help on? Another idea is Quora, which is a question and answer site.

Another great tool is to re-purpose your content. Linkedin is a search engine, just like Pinterest those are 2 other places where you content can be found. There is YouTube, Medium there are podcasting platforms like Soundcloud and Anchor.FM.

Plus there are a whole lot more like Amazon.com. Yea, you can get found on Amazon's search engine and you can write an ebook on the topic. There is slideshares and really many other ways to re-purpose content. There are many ways to get found and that is the goal right? We want to get found, by the right people.

When It comes to your website the search engines can be more strict. Google just came out with something called EAT. This stands for expertise, authority and trust.

One tip that I just recently got is to get an SSL certificate and it's usually free from your hosting company. This helps in the eyes of Google as well as with people.

You need enough EAT for your industry and the level of website you have to rank that website. Sharing personal experience is a form of everyday expertise and this is from Google.

If you have experience in an industry or with a product you have authority on that topic. Some topics they will be more strict on for example think medical. Again, this depends on what your writing about, and a lot of it is common sense.

Also, if your honest like I just started with this and here is my experience so far that can work depending on what your writing about.

Another thing is you can make good money with affiliate marketing without a website. This might be a better idea for someone just starting out and who has not made a lot of money so far.

I've been in affiliate marketing for 10 years. There is 1 person I highly recommend when it comes to learning the fundamentals and basics. Whether you are brand new or have been in internet marketing for many years, I guarantee he can help you.

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I hope this video or podcast benefited you. If so, please hit the thumbs up button and as always your feedback is always appreciated. Do you have any ideas on improving seo, please share in the comments.

Bye for now.

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