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The Twilight Zone Radio Show, Episode 4 - The Man In The Bottle - AUDIO BOOK

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A bad senior woman gos to Arthur Castle, an unsuccessful antiquarians, bringing a bottle she located in a trash can. It has no worth, yet he buys it for a small amount out of pity. The bottle verifies to have a genie, that supplies to grant four desires to Castle and his partner. They utilize their very first wish to fix a broken glass closet, confirming the genie's power, and after that get a million bucks in cash money upon making their 2nd dream. After they have actually provided 10s of thousands away to their close friends, an IRS worker sees the store as well as provides the Castles with a tax expense that leaves them with only $5 once they pay it.

The genie alerts them that every desire has effects, which they need to believe carefully prior to making their next one. Castle decides that he wishes to be in a placement of world power, as well as wants to be the leader of a contemporary as well as effective country in which he can not be elected out of office. He is become Adolf Hitler as well as transferred to the last days of World War II, hiding in the Führerbunker as one of his males brings him a vial of cyanide so he can eliminate himself. In despair, he wishes to be returned to his old life, tossing the vial to the flooring.

In a split second, Castle is back in his store as well as the bottle shatters on the flooring. He as well as his better half have nothing to reveal for their experience other than a repaired cabinet-- which Castle unintentionally damages once more as he scoops-- and also a transformed point of view on life. He dumps the pieces of the container into a trash can outside; they amazingly change right into an entire container, waiting on somebody else to select it up and release the genie.

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